Zilok Review: Smart Choice or Total Waste?

Do you have stuff that you would love to rent out and don’t know how exactly to do that? Read on this review and you will find out if there is a good way for you.

Allegedly, there is a company that helps you do this.

And what’s interesting is that they do pay you to rent out whatever you want.

Zilok is the company, and I will be deeply reviewing it here to provide you with adequate information on it regarding what it is actually about, how it works, what is included in their program, the customer reviews, benefits, its cost and some closing thoughts on it.

So without further ado, let’s jump into this Zilok review.

Name: Zilokzilok program review

Owners: Marion Carrette

Website: www.zilok.com

Cost: Free to sign up

What It’s Known For: Pay you to rent out your stuff.

What Zilok is All About

This is an online company that allows you to earn some extra cash by renting out your property.

You could basically rent out things such as furniture, electrical appliances or even a car.

The good thing is, it’s absolutely free to join.

What you do is list your items and give a price tag for each. it’s always wise that you check what other people are charging on a particular item so that your price is within the range.

Just ensure you are not under or over pricing because it will only be to your loss.

The online site was founded by Marion Carrette, and was created in 2007.

It is based out of Paris, France.

It is indeed a legitimate company  and you can highly benefit from it, so read more to learn more about it.

How it Works

I will give you a summary of how the company works, but before that, here is a list of people that the company has as its target:

* Those people that prefer to rent items instead of buying them.zilok method of operation

* Those that have items that maybe they don’t use and want to make some money out of them.

So now here is how the site works;

* First, you are required to create an account by providing all the necessary details needed.

* Next step, you list the different items you want to rent out and provide all the necessary details on it while being as specific as possible.

You should also include how to care for that specific product so that renters know how to handle it with care.

What is Included in Zilok

Zilok has a few policies, one of them being the non rentable objects and goods.

There are a few things that the company does not allow to be rented within their platform.

You should not rent stuff that:

* Encourages murder such as firearms and ammunition

* Are products of a crime

* Are not officially recognized

* Have to do with important and sensitive national institutions, territorial safety, interests and/or national defense.

* Show pornographic images of a minor

* Items that are stolen

* Are related to prostitution, misleading and obscene

* Does not respect regulations and legislation pertaining to that category of goods

Benefits of Zilok

1. Provides you with an opportunity to earn some extra cash.

It may not be enough to cover all your expenses but it helps you make some few bucks from that old furniture or equipment that you have been keeping in the house. Sounds good, right?

2. They have an evaluation process that helps protect all the members who are using the site.pro's of lucky day app

What it does is, evaluate the owner of the items, the description of the items and the renter.

This helps the platform tell whether the person renting his or her items is legitimate or not.

On the part of the renter, the process helps them know that the products they are about to rent are legit and match the description given.

This just proves how the company aims at protecting the transactions and make it a safe place to carry out business.

3. The company gives the transactors the much needed business freedom.

The site just provides you with a platform to transact your business but after that, everything depends on the owner and renter, including how much the listed items will be rented at, the place of delivery and payment method.

4. It’s free to list the items for renting.

Meaning that one can list as many items as possible and therefore more money.


* The problem of distance. It can be difficult to transact business with people that rent out items from very far.

* As much as the company has put out an evaluation process to ensure safety when carrying out business, one still has to meet up with strangers and it can be dangerous.

Here, I would advise that if you are a little anxious about meeting strangers, it’s good if you go with a close friend or family member and avoid transacting in places with few to no people just to ensure you are safe.

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Customer Reviews on Zilok

Honestly, I have been searching and searching for user reviews on this company and I never got to see anything.

I don’t know why, but if you have any experience with the company, whether good or bad, kindly share below in the comments.

Video Reviews

Surprisingly enough, the company was featured on CBS news about a decade ago. You can see the video below.


It’s absolutely free to sign up with this company.

However, Zilok does charge a commission for every transaction made.

The commission depends on how much your are charging for your items.

Here are the commissions applied on transactions;

Transaction             Commission

Total Amount           (before Tax)

  • 0-$10                         $1
  • $10-$50                    9%+$0.10    
  • $50-$100                  8%+$0.60
  • $100-$500                7%+$1.6
  • $500-$2000              6%+6.6
  • More than $2000      5%+$26.6

Please note that these commissions do not include taxes.

Closing Thoughts on Zilok

Zilok surely is a good opportunity for everyone provided by a legitimate company.

So, it is definitely worth your time.

I think we all have items that we don’t use at home that are just sitting there in the house and wish we could get them some use.

Well, with Zilok, you can now use them to make money.

I therefore think that’s an opportunity you shouldn’t pass by.

I highly recommend you use Zilok to get some money off of the things you don’t use that often.

Also, if you are in search for a good way to earn money you can rely on to pay your bills, I would strongly encourage you to check my #1 online income recommendation. I’ve used it myself for almost 5 years now and it really does work.

And that is all about Zilok.

If by any chance you have any questions or thoughts on the program, please write to me below and I will get back to you as soon as I see them.

Good luck friends! 🙂


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