What is Freelance Writing – A Beginner’s Guide!

Freelance writing is becoming a popular way to earn for those that are passionate about it. However, there those that are interested in it but do not know what it is exactly or how they can get started in the right direction.freelance writing guide

If you are such a person, you are going to find this beginner’s guide to freelance writing useful since you will get to learn the basic essentials on freelance writing including what it is, how it works, popular genuine freelance sites that pay writers, benefits of freelance writing and frequently asked questions as well as great tips on freelancing.

So, without further ado let’s dive right in.

What is Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is any form of writing that you do for pay. Here, you are not managed by a boss like a 9-5 job and so you get to decide who you want to work with, when and on what writing projects.

So what do you get to write about? Well, how does anything you want sound?

With freelancing, you can write about literally anything you want. Whether it is something based on your passion or your hobby or anything you find interesting in life.

You can direct your efforts towards that area and you can manage to get writing projects that can go along way for you.

Ideally, with freelance writing you can write magazine articles, blog posts, research reports, newspaper articles, webpages, radio scripts, press releases, marketing emails, and so many others depending on what area you want or choose.

Freelance writing can be done both on a full-time or part-time basis depending on what you find the best fitting for you.

If you want it to be topping up your main hustle, it can. If you also want to fully immerse yourself into it, you can still get to make a full-time career out of it.

However, if you are going to make it a full-time thing for you, you will want to put more work into it so that you can establish yourself as a high-quality writer sooner so that you can be getting many writing projects.

You have to ensure that you put in the work to provide good content and you are very professional with your work to soar to greater heights.

There are several options as far as where freelancers find writing jobs is concerned.

There are job boards, content agencies, and freelance market places where you can get lots of writing projects to work on.

Freelancers are responsible for finding their clients and that is why it’s important to be at per with the above sites to find projects freelance writing upsides especially for those that are just starting out.

Freelance writing is usually a win-win situation for the three parties involved in it, that is, the clients, the writers, and freelance websites.

The clients are connected very fast to writers that meet their needs and this saves them a lot of time than they would with the usual hiring process.

For the writers, they get to earn money, build their portfolio on the sites as well as grow their skills and this increases their chances of getting other projects out there.

As for the freelance websites that connect clients with writers, and make money through this connection while ensuring that both the clients and writers are satisfied with their business transactions.

How Freelance Writing Works

The concept of freelance is quite simple.

To start with, as previously mentioned, there are three key parties that facilitate the whole freelance writing activity.

These are the freelance website, the writer, and lastly the client.

Starting with the freelance websites, these are websites that people who are looking for content writers go to, to get the best writers to work for them.

It is also where skilled writers rely on to get new clients that are looking to buy their writing services.

So we can call them the platforms that make the meeting point of writers and clients.

There are freelance websites that are dedicated to writing only like Iwriter and there are those like Upwork that work with many other online projects such as web design, web and app development, and others.

Also, it is worth noting that there are freelance websites that are specifically for writing and are narrowed down for a specific niche such as business writing.

These websites are specifically created for the sole reason of connecting potential clients to freelance writers, and ensure that a freelance writingclient’s work is attended to within a short time or as per their deadline, and also that writers, on the other hand, are paid for all the work that they do.

It’s important to note that for some websites such as iWriter a freelancer has to work hard to earn much more because there are levels to climb up and the higher one moves up, the higher the pay.

Shifting our focus to writers, they play a major role in the writing process because they do most of the work. Although they work for different clients, they also work in a way that works for them because that is how they can meet their personal needs.

Although writing content for clients is the main responsibility that freelancers handle, picking more work as well as taking the time to find new clients is something they have to do to ensure that they are getting consistent pay.

Next, we have the clients. These are simply the people who outsource work to writers and then pay them once satisfied with their work.

The money they pay for their projects to be done is usually shared by clients and owners of freelance websites at agreed rates.

When it comes to payments for freelance writing, they differ from one website to another and also depends on the client one is working for.

Some clients prefer to pay a part of the money upfront and then complete the rest based on how the project will be finished and some will pay after all work is completed.

Writers however need to be very keen with some clients because they can delay paying you or poorly compensate you for your work. That is an eventuality you have to consider but lucky for you some websites such as Upwork protect you from such clients and ensure that you get paid.

Let’s take an in-depth look at the best freelance writing websites that do their best to favor all the 3 sides.

Top 10 Freelance Websites That Pay Writers

1. iWriter


This is a very popular website in the freelance writing world and guarantees writers of 65% of the price of each article.

All you have to do is, sign up for a free account, take a short test and then if chosen you can start writing.

As a beginner writer, you get to start on the first level, the standard level.

And as you write more articles and receive good rankings from the clients you work with, you are promoted to the next levels, which are the premium level, elite level, and the elite plus level respectively, where you can even more from a single project.

2. Upwork

upwork freelance website

This is another legitimate marketplace for freelance writers.

To get started with the website, you need to create a profile so that clients can see you and the work you do, apply for projects, get interviewed by the clients, and if you get hired start working on projects.

However, Upwork must take a percentage of your pay so as you bid for projects keep that in mind.

3. FlexJobs

flexjobs for online work

This one also allows writers to connect with clients for gigs.

To get started with the site, you will need to sign up for a paid subscription to access job details.

Each subscription is different from the other and so are the costs. You just pick which one you feel suits your needs and then get started.

Below are subscription plans:

– $6.95 for 1 week

– $14.95 for 1 month

– $29.95 for 3 months

– $49.95 for 1 year

4. Linkable

linkable online website

This is a site that links writers to clients.

To get started first create an account then choose your niche, get your account approved, and then start writing.

You get paid $100 to $750 per project depending on the sites you can work for and make it very clear to clients that the platform has slightly higher rates than most other platforms out there.

5. Constant Content

constant content official site

This is a service that connects freelancers with companies that need their content written.

They help writers find work with various clients on their platform as well as grow their skills.

On the payment part, payments are done the first week of every month through Paypal and to be eligible for payment on the next payday, a writer must earn at least $5.

6. Freelance Writers Den

freelance writers den website

It’s a resourceful platform for those looking to start and grow their career in freelancing.

On their website, work is posted on their board twice a week so you are guaranteed work each week.

Writers pay a fee of $25 per month to access training materials.

7. Blogging Pro

blogging pro official website

This freelance site helps connect bloggers and freelancers to businesses.

Businesses must ensure that their work pays and should pay freelancers at least $15 per hour or 500 words.

You get to be writing for blogs, for the most part.

8. Solid Gigs

solid gigs official website

This is a website that critically checks on available legitimate freelancing jobs and then compiles them for writers.

Freelancers, however, have to pay to do a subscription fee of $2 for 30 months for trial and then from there a fee of $19 per month.

This gives writers access to unlimited job opportunities on their platform as well as lots of training information.

9. Writer Access

writers access official website

This site pays freelancers to write on various topics and getting started with them is very easy.

All a writer needs to do is create a good profile, then take a writing test.

From there, the website experts scrutinize your skills and then connect you with available writing opportunities.

10. Guru

guru freelance website

This freelance site requires a writer to create a profile and then state specifically what freelance services they offer so as to be located by clients who are looking for those specific writing skills.

Writers are not at all limited to only certain writing gigs but they can apply for jobs in any category.

Payment options include their payment system called Safe Pay, Paypal, Wire transfer, credit/debit card, and for the US only, echeck.

Benefits of Freelance Writing

Here are the advantages that come with doing freelance writing

You are in charge of your schedule

This has to be one of the greatest advantages of working as a freelancer because you get to choose where and when you want to work from without a hustle!

Also, since you are not confined to a 9-5 schedule, you have more control over your lifestyle.

Also, you get to choose how many projects you want to work on at a particular time. This ensures that you are not overwhelmed by work and get to focus on other important areas of your life.

It’s very easy to start

To get started all you need is a computer and internet connection. You don’t have to invest heavy amounts of cash as you would when starting a business.

Even though most job boards ask for a connection fee, the fees are not as expensive. There are some job boards that are free too which you can work with.

You get a lot of client exposure

You can work with many clients on which exposes you to many projects. This breaks the monotony of working on only one type of project.get more exposure

You have the freedom of choosing the kind of clients you want to work with

You can decide to work with all clients that present projects to you or choose specific ones that you want, who seem to be in line with the kind of writing skills you feel more comfortable working with.

As a freelancer, you are not afraid of being laid off from work

You don’t have to worry about losing your job because you are self-employed and in control of how you work.

Also, you are not limited in terms of payment because you work on as many projects as possible hence your pay varies monthly. Any profits that you make are all yours.

It’s self-fulfilling

This is especially in the case of those that write on areas they are passionate about in life such as lifestyle, fashion, education among many others. This makes them feel accomplished and even motivates them to write more.

You get to work in a peaceful environment

Let’s be real, not everyone gets to work with kind, teamwork-oriented people and so with freelancing, you get to avoid noisy and annoying workmates.

You save a lot of cash

You don’t need to pay for a taxi or fuel for your car or lunch when going to work as you would usually do with a normal job. You most probably will be working from home or a hotel so everything is almost free.

Allows you to improve your skills

This is mainly because you write on different topics or the same ones and in doing so, you keep practicing your skills.

Also, because of having to make each article appealing, you discover new creative ways to work on new projects which have a positive effect on your skills.

Many diverse freelancing options

There are many freelancing options you can work with such as those are only take up a specific category of writers, those that take any writer out there, and those that work with writers for a given niche.

This means that you can choose the path you want to take and work with it or decide to a jack of writing trades.

How To Get Started With Freelance Writing

First and foremost, a writer has to acknowledge that nothing comes easy, and therefore working hard to make it work for them is very key.

So you have to be prepared to put a lot of effort into making it work for you.

Other than that, here are a few things to consider as you get started.

* Choose your path. It is important to be sure of the kind of writing you will be doing.choose your writring options

Do you want to take up all types of writing including business writing, blog writing, and others?

Or do you want to focus on one niche and be best at it?

Also, you have to be sure which niche you prefer writing for as it gives you clarity as you get started.

* Start looking for jobs. After getting the first step out of the way, it is not time to start hunting for jobs.

Since you already have certain writing skills, you should hunt for those jobs that are in line with that as you also seek to progress your skills by learning the other types of online writing.

I mentioned the top websites you can work with to get good clients, so make use of them. Start bidding and applying for jobs and work on them

* Keep growing and improving. As you look for jobs and work on them, you are going to have challenges. Learn from them and come out stronger. Don’t ever give up.

These problems will increase your experience and improve your skills as well.

Frequently Asked Questions on Freelance Writing

Question: Can I really make a living out of freelance writing?

Answer: Yes. You have the option of deciding to work as a freelancer on a full-time basis. However, you have to ensure that you are working hard and developing a good relationship with clients because with that, your portfolio grows and this increases your chance of getting opportunities much faster.

Question: How will I get paid after I complete my work?

Answer: Payment will depend on what you agreed on with the clients that you work for and the freelance websites that you will use. Take time in choosing a website that you feel compensates well for your work.

Question: Do you need any special qualifications?

Answer: Not at all. You only need to be conversant with the English language or the language you will be writing in, in terms of grammar and general rules, although most content will be written using the English language.

Question: What are the rewarding writing tips for freelancing?

Answer: Well, here are some things you should keep in mind so that you deliver a good job and become a topnotch writer:

– Do thorough research using well-established sites on how you can write good content that will earn you good cash.tips for success

– Pitch your ideas to your friends too so that they can correct you on areas you need to improve on.

– Always aim to make your article better than the last one and then don’t feel discouraged if you fail. Just take that as a learning experience and use that to grow.

– Keep in mind that practice makes perfect and so you have to keep writing until you get better. Avoid procrastinating on ideas as much as possible.

Question: Why am I not getting any freelance work?

Answer: The common reasons are;

* You don’t have any proof of your skills and so clients don’t know what you can do.

* Your pricing is either too cheap or too expensive and so clients are put off. What you can do is price your work considering the value of what you will put out and what the industry standards are for a particular niche. You can also ask for help from a freelancer with experience on the same.

* You are not putting yourself out there. You cannot expect work to come to find you, no. You must put the effort into finding clients that will offer you a job.

* You don’t take your work seriously and this happens mostly if you are just working to get paid. You need to ensure that you work with your clients and not for them to see you deliver well.

And that is the gist of freelance writing.

All you need to do now is make up your mind to just start and then take the tips and instructions provided here as a push in the right direction and make it happen!

I wish you the best as you get started and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments below and I will answer them as soon as possible.

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