Wealthy Affiliate University Review, Why I’m Never Leaving This Program!

Before we go any further, I would like you to know that this is a really long review, which covers almost everything about wealthy affiliate. If you want to know deep things about it, this is what you want to read.

But if you want  to get the gist of it real quick and see payment proofs, you should read Wealthy Affiliate Review – My Personal Experience and Advice!

I have seen many reviews of Wealthy Affiliate University out there.

Some of them being complaints, others talking of wealthy affiliate as a scam, others talking of the good things and much, much more.

And that is why I have created this unique kind of review for you.

What I am going to tell you is what I have personally seen and experienced there as a member and show you why I’m staying there for life.

I am also going to tell and show you what is really going on there and then leave the rest to you to judge for yourself whether it’s worth your time and energy as I have seen it.


Awesome! Let’s now take a deep look at it…

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy affiliate, as I see it, is perhaps the most equipped platform online to help you with getting a basic understanding and firm foundation for making money online with affiliate marketing.

What makes me like it is the fact that it uses the simplest and most fun filled way of earning money, and that is your passion, your hobby, your likes or interests.

As they say, they believe that any passion can be turned into a full-time business. And this has been working out well so far for me.

What wealthy affiliate has done is to simply fill in the gap that has been in the online market for decades.

If you didn’t know, there has been a wild demand for a proper training in affiliate marketing since the 90’s.

People have been wanting to learn how to market their own products, help other people sell products and then get a commission out of it, and also learn to talk to people about a common issue or passion (blogging) and still give the people the resources they require, all under the same roof.

But was there anyone willing to provide that?

No website at all was willing to offer as much help.

The ones that were available back then or the ones that have been created in the recent past, try to compete with wealthy affiliate, are either scams or half baked programs (a term I like to use very much as it’s the perfect description of what they really are).

It’s true because they didn’t and still don’t offer a full training instead they give you bits of information and then send you to some other places or supposed gurus to confuse you even more.

So wealthy affiliate brings to rest all the sighs and cravings for …

A real training with full details, a step by step walkthrough actually, on how to build a foundation for your business, how to create a website for your passion, what to put in there, how to get resources to sell to your visitors, how to make money and how to boost it to greater levels.

Isn’t this amazing?

If you are a newbie, it means that by the end of just one course, you will have gotten a clear understanding of how things work and how to do it on your own for the second website you may want to build.

And the thing that interests me the most is that…

They don’t ask for a share of the commissions you make from your website.

No! That is entirely yours.

They make sure that you get the whole amount, as much or as little as you’ve made. No deductions at all.

At least that’s fair, I would say, as there are other programs that deduct your commissions.

Who Wealthy Affiliate University is For

First off, we have seen it’s for newbies, the ones with no experience with making a website, writing online content, optimizing content for the search engines like Google, putting affiliate links to websites and making money from them or anything else done online.

If you are in this category, what you will need is only your hobby or passion and then wealthy affiliate will take it from there.

Secondly, I have seen many stay at home moms and dads there. People that have got lots of free time and are willing to spend it in front of the computer chatting about their passion.

There are lots of these over there.

If you are willing to spend a maximum of 5 hours a day or less (about 45 minutes, depending on how much time you can spare), to work on your website, you are sure to supplement your income.

Also, there are retired people who are looking to increase the figures of their pension.

Wealthy affiliate makes it possible for such people, abandoned or weak as they may be, not to lack something to live on.

They are taught how they could earn giving stories about their experiences in their early lives and talk about what they liked about life or where they were previously working or anything else they feel worth sharing with people.

Another great benefit is that there is no commuting, no money needed to buy things to start working, just a laptop, Wi-Fi or data and your specific interest in life.

There are also young college students who are in school and others are out waiting to get employment. This website helps them survive after college.

I have also seen disabled people, either from birth or as life progressed they were caught up in circumstances that led them to where they are now.

It is made easy for such people to earn themselves a living too without having to feel as a burden to people close to them.

It’s just a matter of taking your talent and skills and discuss them with people that are also in the same thing, and simply make money.

And because I don’t want to bore you with you a long article, I will just mention them so that we can go on.

So there are teachers, doctors, lawyers, policemen, businessmen, people looking for employment, people seeking to improve their income, people looking forward to quitting their jobs, people who like to travel, freedom-lovers, vendors, released criminals, experienced marketers seeking to improve their marketing skills, lecturers and the list is endless.

Ideally, wealthy affiliate is a perfect fit for everyone who wishes to build and run a business that entirely based on his or her interest in life and the one who seeks perfect freedom.

Training and Tools Overview

1. Training

There are 12 courses and countless trainings in wealthy affiliate. Everyone there, in the spirit of helpfulness, is making tutorials everyday to help people solve many problems that usually come about with building any business online.

At least, there are 3 trainings that will serve as perfect answers to justwhat is wealthy affiliate about one question asked by a member, at least three.

You will find even more than 10 answers including videos and step by step instructions on almost all questions you may have on something you are looking to know more about.

If I say I will discuss about all the trainings there I ….

Would probably write a whole book.

That’s why I won’t do it. But I will give you an example of what I am saying.

A few days ago I wanted to help people with knowing how to choose a niche for their business, so I typed “how to choose niches”. And look at the answers I got.

wealthy affiliate reviews

You see, at least 2 detailed videos, 3 posts and 3 step by step tutorials, all of which I am sure will give me detailed Information from different perspectives and help me to understand niches more.

And that is pretty much the same with all the questions you might be having now.

In fact, allow me to dare you to do what I did and see whether I am lying.( Be sure to let me know of your findings in the comments section below)

Do a Quick Search Here and Confirm What I’m Saying

The 12 courses that are offered there, and each have got detailed information that take you from scratch to a whole business that has got a great earning potential.

And most of the time, you will have started making money before you are done with the training.

They teach you how to get rolling with the easiest and most rewarding ways on the web to earn money with your very own business.

And to touch a little bit more on the courses, there are actual courses on:

Getting Started – This is a course that focuses on the starting point of affiliate marketing. One of the co-owners, Kyle, teaches you how to start an affiliate business on anything you like and start earning.

You are taken through every detail with video walkthroughs and you also get the opportunity to ask for clarification on what you didn’t get through live chats and private messages, as we will be looking later on.

getting started course of wealthy affiliate


This is where everyone with a passion is recommended to start.

It helps one to understand the basics of making money through internet marketing and also helps you to do it practically and get to earn at the same time. It is also gives you the confidence and the platform to do much more on many of your other passions.

Wealthy Affiliate Program – This course is specifically designed to help you earn from making refferals to Wealthy Affiliate.

You get to earn money by helping other people make their own businesses and talk about what they love.

(Let me be honest with you, I am going to earn a few dollars if you choose to become a member through my affiliate link. And I would highly encourage you to do that because you will get private access to me, my personal coaching and my bonuses).

Also, you are taught how to approach different people and make them understand what you are doing online and how you can help them do it too, if they can’t seem to underdtand how you make money online.


The best part of this program is the incentives offered here…

There are also many incentives offered to motivate people to work hard on the program.

And some of these incentives include fully paid trips to Vegas, for the super affiliates conference together with a Rolls Royce. A 3 days trip of endless fun and enjoyment. You meet with the owners of wealthy affiliate and hang out with other members.

You also get some “WA swagg” to take home with you.

Keyword, Niche and Market Research – This course is meant to help you to understand your niche (your area of interest), keywords (the word phrases that bring traffic to your website) and market research that is set to give you a crisp idea of how you should run your research based on the market value and competition.

wealthy affiliate niches tutorial


Also, you are taught how to identify the best keywords that could easily give you rankings in the best search engines like Yahoo, Google and Bing which will help you make sales in a matter of minutes once you are ranked well there.

In this classroom, your eyes are shown simple but efficient ways you can use to identify the niche you are well versed with and have the complete ability to excel in it for many years to come.

Identifying niches has been quite a difficult task to perform for many and it has taken most people many years to do it right. And this is why wealthy affiliate handles it and make it easy for new people to do it in minutes.

Everything WordPress – This is the course that gets you familiar with the famous WordPress website building platform. It has been around for years now and it’s the best building platform you can ever use.

Wealthy affiliate has dedicated itself to help you understand the vast amounts of opportunities you have to build 6 figure incomes with without the need to code.

everything wordpress course


And what amazes me about wealthy affiliate is how they reveal in-depth secrets of WordPress and WordPress express that I have never gotten anywhere else out there.

They address major and very minor issues which all have great significance in being successful with your website.

They open things up for you practically, and take you through very key aspects that you never thought of, talk less of knowing.

Although, you should note that, there are step by step wakthroughs here as wordpess is a wide topic, you only get detailed videos and tutorials tackling different aspects of it.

Authoring and Writing Content – There is an entire course that deals with writing articles for your business.

It helps people that don’t have writing skills or experience to be able to learn and perfect the best SEO writing skills with the best strategies and tools that have the perfect search engine touch.

This touch is what will then make your articles get ranked best in the engines.

authoring and writing content classroom


Along with writing online content, they also provide….

The best possible information on how to become an authority without having to cheat your way to the top.

They highly discourage people from following all the instructions given by the sites out there on the web that claim to be ran by gurus who say that the instructions work for them or they’ve got the magic portion for online success.

As I heard one of the owners say, it is better to try things for yourself and see whether it really works.

Again, there is no walkthrough here. You are given videos and tutorials you can take notes on, which will help you discover your own writing style.

And this is the best approach to helping you know how to write content.

Search Engine Optimization – This is what acts as the cornerstone of the success of every business website.

If you don’t know how to put in the right seo strategies in your website, you can then be sure to receive frequent disappointments in terms of rankings.

That’s why a full classroom was created for you to learn about internal and external linking, meta tags and descriptions and such.

seo course in wealthy affiliate


In this course, they say that you will definitely be able to beat the competition in your niche very easily and get most traffic for yourself.

1000’s of people have greatly benefited from this course and I can assure you that, in each niche, there are at least 3 to 5 websites from wealthy affiliate being ranked in the first 3 positions of the first page in Google.

(This is really a big deal for those who understand how hard it is to get there)

Social Engagement and Marketing – This is perhaps one of the most difficult information to find anywhere with complete genuineness.

You will find information out there about it but chances are that the information has been mixed up with few twists and turns that will lead you to believe it will work which in reality won’t.

social engagement and marketing


It’s in WA only you will find the true outline and breakdown of the factors that influence topnotch social engagement and marketing.

So that you perfect your social marketing skills, you will need to be taken slowly by slowly from the simplest terms to the very complex systems that guarantee success all the time.

Ideally, you don’t want to learn a system that will help you only for a few days and then get banned by social media sites.

You will want to get ever-paying techniques that will reward over and over again and even more as time progresses.

Website development and programming – If you have been quite interested in knowing how websites are built and how the code works, wealthy affiliate (WA) is the best match for you.

In this course they give you detailed explanation and the best website development processes as well as the best programming languages that will never run out of time.

website programming and development course


And they also take another step of making it possible for you to…

Understand and keep to date with the lastest versions of programming languages that are always being updated like HTML, JavaScript, PhP and CSS, for the nerds.

If you want to be a programmer, you will get the best training here that will help you learn and practice the knowledge you get there at the same time.

Local marketing – Do you desire to open and run an SEO company of your own? Do you want to know how local marketing stuff work?

There is a guy called Jay (username is magistudios, the name of his local marketing company), who holds weekly webinars (live videos classes) on various topics and he runs a full time job in local marketing. He explains to you in full swing all the best ways to go about everything in this area.

Here is an example of the webinars on local marketing.


And to touch a bit on that, he addresses things like….

Quick ways to get local clients, how to treat your business professionally and efficiently, how to build your client’s businesses with joomla and how to get your clients to love every minute of your work.

Video marketing – Wanna run a full video marketing site that sells like crazy?

By the end of this course, you get a clear understanding of marketing videos down from choosing the best video recording systems, to the lightings, the best set up and you also get to know how to make the perfect quality.

video marketing course at wealthy affiliate


Along with this, another classroom that is dedicated to…

Marketing the videos in the best online stores and making commissions on a daily basis is offered to you. If you want to learn how to earn a living doing video marketing, you should definitely check out this course.

Email marketing – If you have ever touched on this category of earning money online, you definitely know the great importance of building a huge mailing list.

It helps you get mass influence online and you can earn continuously from it without much effort. But the real test is at building the list to that satisfactory level.

And what makes this stand out from other providers is quality.

email marketing training course


In this course, things are much simplified for everyone to get started and within months, to have gotten some very rewarding results.

With this course, you have the path, and you will only need to walk through and get to the end by following what is being taught there to get good at it.

Pay Per Click Marketing – This course outlines the excellent fit for ads and websites that get you paying some few dollars to buying ad space on search engines and on social.

You also get taught how to optimize ads on your website, how to create awesome landing pages and how to boost your conversions and sales.

Pay per click can be awesome once you learn it properly.

pay per click marketing training


And the best place I have seen offering quality education in PPC is there in WA.

Yes, you will find very many other free courses and trainings when you search the web but if you want quality information that is well explained, then you need to get it here.

And that’s about all of the training.

These trainings, as I see them, are meant to help people who want a real job online and want to get the first steps to building authoritative sites and then make experts out of them.

I say this because based on the quality of training, the slightly advanced marketers together with the people I would term “experts”, will still get to learn something new from these, that I assure you.

2. Tools

There are a number of tools that have been brought together at WA to make building an online business a seamless process that doesn’t need too much transit from one site to the other.

What I would say from my personal experience, there is pretty much everything you need to get your business up and running.wealthy affiliate affiliate resources

And for me, I’ve never needed to go to some other resource online to get a provision I wanted that wasn’t there in WA. Everything you need is available under the same roof.

Let’s take a close look at the tools available….

Websites and Hosting – I think I had talked about websites, but if you didn’t get a chance to read about that intently, you should know that there are 1 free websites for the starter members.

You get to work on them for free for as long as you want. But when you get to the premium membership, you get the chance to run 10 websites on your own domain.

And more to that, you are given free hosting for the websites you build on your own domain.


And note that there are no upsells with buying your domain…

Like other websites like GoDaddy and NameCheap.

With these standard hosting websites, you buy your domain and then you are required to pay for the support, privacy and protection, but at WA, they only need you to buy the domain, which is a cheaper price than these other sellers, and then the rest is covered for you; privacy, support and protection of your domain is done for you without asking for an extra dime.

Keyword tool – The keyword tool there is amazing! It offers 30+ keyword results in just a single search.

And in the keyword you get to know the number of traffic you will be getting with each keyword.


They give an approximate amount of the monthly searches done on each keyword. And with this, you get to have an idea of how many visitors you’ll be receiving with the keyword that you choose to use.

And the summary of the competition of each keyword is….

Perfectly calculated.

You are given a 99% accurate figure of the number of competitors you have for each keyword.

And this number is calculated directly from the most popular search engine, Google. This helps your keyword research to be always effective and attract good rankings easy.

Site Content – After having a full course on Authoring and Writing Content, there is a writing provision provided for you to get practical with.

There is a writing tool in the Site Content feature that helps you to write an article efficiently by tracking the keyword density and the quality of your content in terms of keyword density. These 2 key aspects are among what make elite writers of the web.

site content platform for bloggers


With a tool like site content, it is very easy to become….

Among the best writers in freelance writing websites or even get your website to always rank in the first few pages of almost every search engine available.

Link Tracking – This feature helps you to track the performance of every link you put anywhere on the internet.

If the link is an affiliate link that brings money on the table, you get the chance to keep track of every click it gets and how many clickthroughs happen.


This helps much with affiliate links from different companies as it means,

If you have a number of affiliate links from different websites that are willing to pay you for every clickthrough, what you’ll only need to do to see the value of your campaigns, is just to put the links in the link tracking tool.

From there, you will see how each link is doing and how best you can up their effectiveness to make more conversions.

Keyword Lists – There are also freshly updated keywords that are highly recommended for you to use.

These keywords are researched automatically for you in any niche you might be in and then they are given to you freely to use in your site. The keywords are of high quality with good traffic and low competition.


And they are updated every week which means,

If you do have any troubles or don’t have the time to do keyword research, you can always get awesome keywords there that you can leverage.

It helps build quality of your business and bring in lots of revenue, if you are willing to take advantage of them.

Live Chat – To WA community, this is not considered a tool but a helpful section that helps people get live instant help.

In this section, there are always people who are hanging out, getting to know each other and asking questions.


It is also a good place to spend time when you are free as it helps you know people from different countries, probably those who you share the same interest and get to talk about it or even make business deals together.

But the main reason the live chat was brought to existence is,

To give people instant access to help on anything with their businesses.

If you are wondering how to choose your website’s theme or font, you just need to go to the live chat, greet people there and then ask the question.

You are sure to get more quality answers than you need.

This means you can never get stuck on anything because there is ready help day and night.

Other Great Resources in Wealthy Affiliate

Apart from the trainings and tools I have mentioned, I would also like to show you other features that make the WA experience even more worthwhile to me. I have seen quite a number of very tiny features that have got huge effects than you would think in getting your way around things online.

And these awesome features I am speaking of include:

Discussions and forums – There are some sort of groups for discussion that have been set aside for people to discuss various issues.

For example, there is a discussion about “Choosing a domain”, that helps people select domain and domain names that are relevant to someone’s niche and are highly marketable in that industry.

Here is a screenshot..

domain name training discussions


What makes the discussions more entertaining is that….

Everyone is notified when a new discussion has been created and lots of people participate actively in the discussions and enjoy themselves as well as learn new things.

And here is something great: you too can create a discussion and allow people to participate which always they do.

There are 1,400,000+ members there and at least a quarter of them will get involved in the discussion, at least a quarter. These discussions are very informative and enjoying.

Your blog space – The site provides everyone with a space to talk about what they’ve done, their recent success, knowledge and understanding of various things.

Things here are almost similar to a typical blog. You can add pictures, link to a video you love or have created, and then wait for people’s comments.


But what I think this blog space was meant for is…

To have people talk about their small achievements and successes and give inspiration to the rest.

If you have been accepted by Google AdWords, you can blog and enlighten others of how you did it and then get some few complements of your work well done.

If you have gotten an income increase from your business due to your hard work, you share with others who might want to know how to get there and then you also have some people following you for more detailed info.

Ambassadorship – This is a feature that makes it possible for people to get more help on places they regularly get stuck on.

It is a kind of a program where people are ranked according to the activities they do in the site and the help they give.

IMG_20170370_084045Everyone has rankings and the rankings are not permanent. They keep on changing everyday and they can increase or decrease.

The idea behind the ambassadorship program is to …

Have people participate in the live chat, discussions and other places to help people, especially beginners, who are getting problems with their websites.

And there are incentives to help people to do this. If you have good rankings, at least top 10, you are contacted and given rewards, which are very interesting, I can promise you that.

•  “Ask a Question” Feature – I believe so far you can see how WA is serious about giving people help.

There are lots of avenues where you can get help and they still add the provision of asking everyone a question on an area you are facing challenges in.

Here, you type a question and then you choose whether you want the whole WA community to know of your question or ask a specific person.

A good example of this,  I wanted to know how I can create a discussion in wealthy affiliate and have lots of people take part in it.

You can check out the responses I got from the community using the link below.

DISCUSSION: How do I create a discussion here in WA?

If you do that too,  you will get lots of responses …

From people, as they are notified via email that a question has been asked. And this is a good chance to increase the rankings by answering to detail the question asked.

You also get the opportunity to know people who are in the same niche as you, based on the answers you get.

And you can follow those people to be getting quick answers from them instead of waiting for answers from all people.

Private messaging system – This is a messaging system that allows you to communicate with a specific person or people differently and separately without other people in the community knowing of it.

Maybe you want to ask for a favor from a friend or want to know some details about someone else’s website, you can send them a private message with all the confidentiality you need and still get an answer with the same level of privacy.

I will let you in on my private messages, but promise you won’t stare…


This system is highly beneficial to people who prefer….

Working with a specific person to coach them or to be informing him or her about different things of their niche or so.

Also, it helps people form a personal relationship with others and be open and close to each other without the involvement of others.

Credits system – This is a system that allows people to get credits in form of money or privileges to ask for favors from other members.

To be more elaborate, it is a system that gives people money and still the ability to ask people to do something for them, say, give feedback on pages or posts that have been written or something like that.


This is meant to serve the purpose of unity and, a give and take perspective and …

Mentality where, you should give as much or more than you would like to take.

It helps create unity and the desire to help others. This is because you can only get credits if you do something for others like giving feedback and still use them to request the same from others.

SiteRubix Features

SiteRubix is a website building platform that helps people build their websites and get to monitor and work on them as well.siterubix features

It has great features that help websites built under it to have perfect performance and make the websites stand out.

I won’t talk too much about SiteRubix as a whole, instead I would like to jump into the specific features to explain more on them.

So let’s get started….

SiteRubix is the name – Site standing for the websites and Rubix is the brand which WA uses for the website platform.

Site Manager – This is where you get to manage your website or websites, if you have already built a website, which is very easy to do.

You get to access the administration details the site manager’s section.

You can log in as the admin and write a post or a page, change the look of your site or anything you want in your site. Clicking on this takes you to the dashboard of your WordPress admin account.

Site Builder – This is the direct place where you build a website either a free one or one that you own completely.


You get to choose the name of your site (domain name), the theme and then you build it. Actually it’s a 4-click process and It is very easy, if you want, you can try it out within seconds.

Site Comments – This is the place where you ask for comments on your website from the members or get to give comments on other people’s websites and earn yourself some credits and some cash too.


Website comments are very important for a site to be trusted by Google and get ranked in good positions.

This feature helps you to get as much comments as you want and improve the level of engagement in your website.

Site Feedback – Here, you get to ask people for feedback on your website.

You are allowed to ask people for their opinions on the theme that you have used on your website, the fonts and plugins you have used and anything else you need.


And then, people will give you feedback along with suggestions on how you can make the user experience on your website even more interesting.

Site Support – This is the place where any problems with your site are instantly solved.

If your website has any issues like having someone else intrude your site’s privacy and such, you can let the support team of WA know and get it fixed within seconds.


The support at wealthy affiliate has an excellent quick response. Actually, within seconds or minutes at maximum, after submitting your problem, you get a response and everything is solved. I have seen that happen myself.

Site Domains –  This is the last feature in the SiteRubix platform. It is where you find the domains you would like to have for your websites, register them and then manage.


Domains in wealthy affiliate are the cheapest in the entire internet, you can check to confirm that.

If you buy a domain you want to work with, you get to manage it here in all ways you would like. Also, you are shown the domains that have already been taken.

Site Domains helps you buy, register and manage the domain that you can use for a lifetime.

And that’s it with the SiteRubix website building platform.

Price + Exclusive Bonuses

There are 2 types of memberships over at WA, and these include:

1. Starter membership – $0 for life (Join here)

2. Premium membership- $49 a month / $234 for every 6 months / $359 a year (Join here)

1. Starter membership

This is a good place to start and test drive the website to see whether it’s worth and also if it will help you achieve what you want. In this free membership, you get:

– Live help for 7 days

– Access to 2 courses

– Ability to build 1 free websites

– Ask questions

– Video walkthroughs

– Participate in discussions and forums

– Earn while learning

– Limited acess to the keyword tool

– One on one training

This is best for beginners who want the basics of affiliate marketing, building a website, finding your niche, understanding keywords and setting up the framework of your business.

2. Premium Membership

This is where you get access to every bit of what was discussed above. You unlock every feature and you get to use them to your advantage.

It is usually priced at $49 a month or the $234 for every 6 months you can choose to get the yearly membership with $359 a year.

And this is a good deal based on what you get as a trade in. The premium package includes:

– Access to live chat throughout

– Access to all 12 courses

– Get to have 10 websites for yourself

– Free hosting for all websites

– Robust website backup system

– Access to all discussions throughout

– Access to the live video classrooms

– 100% higher commissions than starter membership

– Full access to keyword tool

– Earn more while learning

– Ability to create your own training and get paid for it

– 24/7 support and protection from hackers for all your websites

– Instant access to the support team all day all night

How to Claim Your Bonuses 

If you join the free wealthy affiliate starter membership, I’m going to give you 4 HUGE bonuses once you take things to the next level by going ahead to join the premium membership within the first 7 days.

First off, you’ll get a 59% off price ($19) instead of the usual $47, I will also send a private message giving you a warm welcome into the community, give you more details on wealthy affiliate, how you will be getting private personal help from me, and how you’ll get to claim your bonuses instantly!

You’re going to LOVE this! (Including my special secret stratagem to get Google to love all your work and reward your every effort)

P.S. Extra Special Bonus waiting : After you get your premium account!

This membership is best for those who are serious about making money online and are ready to build a long lasting business.

It gives access to all the resources you need to get started and achieve any level of success you desire.

Final VerdictCompletely LEGIT!

From all the resources I have taken you through this review, I believe you can also deem wealthy affiliate fit for everyone who wants a legit and trustworthy path that has already been proven by others to succeed online.

I believe you too can see that this website can help you create a long term project that will be pay you for a lifetime, if you are willing to be consistent with it.

Website Name: wealthy affiliate

Rankings: 98 out of 100

Price: free to join

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

And that’s all there is to Wealthy Affiliate.

If you have any questions or enquiries, I will be more than glad to help. Just leave your comments or questions below and I will be sure to check them out.


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