Tomoson Review: Our Unbiased Review!

Blogging and product reviews has become a thing in the modern world and has become very beneficial.

Many people who are passionate about this have ventured in the area and most are proud to say they earn a full time income from the comfort of their homes.

Are you a blogger or a person interested in doing product reviews?

Well, Tomoson has an opportunity for you to make even more money. And through this tomoson review you will find out exactly how.

I will be helping you learn important things about this website like, what it really is, how it does its operations, what is included in their opportunity, its benefits, user reviews, its cost and my thoughts on it.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Name: TomosonTomoson review


Cost: Free

What it Does: pays you to do product reviews.

What Really is Tomoson?

This is a website that connects brand influencers and bloggers to brands that need their products or services out there in the public eye.

The website targets two groups of people, one being bloggers that want to make some extra cash and two, businesses and brands who need their products and services promoted.

The site acts like an intermediary because it connects you to businesses or brands that want their products pushed in areas such as social media or blogs.

You get paid for writing blog posts for services and products, which can be very lucrative if you are an expert in this. 

So if you are a blogger, why not make some more money on the side?

Although there is little information on the company, many people who have used it are happy and say it is definitely legitimate. You will get paid for the work you do.

How Tomoson Works

To get started with the company, you first need to sign up as an influencer.

It is quite easy (and is completely free). All you do is choose whether to sign up with your Facebook account or email address.

Once you are done with that, your account will be set up and you can fill out your profile.

Here, you will be asked basic questions such as your name, your How Tomoson works Paypal email address, information on your blog as well as how much you would charge for a sponsored post.

Next, you will be asked to connect your social media accounts to Tomoson so that it helps in promoting the products on social platforms as well as help the involved brands see how much traffic you generate on specific products.

After that, you can now find promotions to apply for on Tomoson.

Once you see something you feel is your fit and get accepted for it, you can start working on it right away. 

You will be paid via PayPal, where payouts are done twice monthly, on the 1st and 15th, and all your Paypal fees are catered for.

Benefits of Working With The Company

* It is really easy to join the company.

There is nothing required from you in terms of things like application letters or something like that.

All of us have had our fair share of troubles when trying to get a job or joining certain platforms, but with this one you will have a smooth experience.

* There is no minimum cash out limit.

This means you can cash out your money whenever you want without worrying about hitting certain minimum withdrawal thresholds as it is with other websites. 

This is really good because it also shows the transparency of thepro's and advantages company. It is good to know that you are sure to get your money regardless of how little it is.

* The company is legitimate.

Your work will not go into waste because you get paid and there are NO scammy procedures that might have you lose your hard earned money.

You get what is yours without any hassles.

* It’s free to sign up with the company.

You therefore don’t have to worry about investing lots of money into the company so that you can benefit from it.

* The website provides you with an opportunity to earn some extra cash.

Let’s face it, with all our financial needs and goals in life, the regular salary can prove not to be enough.

Thanks to companies like this, you can earn some extra cash just to help you out with a few of the things.

The Downplays

* The opportunity they offer is really not for everyone.

I honestly feel that the opportunity is for people that are passionate about blogging and writing product reviews, and are also experienced experts at it.

Although, if you are determined to work with the company, you can surely make it, but with some extra effort to compared to the experts in the area.

* Paypal is the only means of payment.

This limits people that do not have a PayPal account and it would be good if the company seriously worked on this.

* Some campaigns are limited to people that live in the United States only.

This limits people from other countries and slows the growth of the company too.

* Many people have complained about the company’s customer American online jobs reviewsservice.

I don’t know why some companies don’t take this seriously but it is extremely important because it makes clients, and in this case, influencers, feel important and also creates trust.

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Cost of Joining Tomoson

It’s absolutely free to sign up with the company.

You don’t pay anything at all.

Video Reviews

Here is a video that you can watch to learn more about Tomoson. It is about 17 minutes long but well worth your time if you are really interested in knowing how the user experience is.

User Reviews on Tomoson

Positive Reviews

People who have used and loved the website gave this feedback on it:

* Liked the website and most of the reviewers were really nice.

* The website has a good concept.

* Glad to be working with Tomoson.

*  A good website for bloggers.

Negative Reviews

And as with many programs like this, some complaints:

* Did not like doing business here.

* Had a horrible experience with the company.

Tomoson customer reviews

* Website does not respond to emails.

* The company’s rating system is not so good.

My Final Thoughts

To start with, the website is genuine. They do pay you when you offer them your  services.

However, I feel the opportunity is solely for those that understand the blogging world completely well.

For such people, I highly recommend this opportunity as a way to make some extra cash.

Please note that am not entirely discouraging those that feel want to try out the website regardless of them not really being bloggers, no.

It’s just that it might give you a hard time and you might also not be considered once they check your profile.

However, the decision is yours to make on what you want to do and I sincerely wish you the best in what you decide.

Do you want to know how to blog and make more money than what you get in Tomoson?

Then I would strongly encourage you to check out my #1 recommendation. It helped me learn to blog like an expert and has really helped me create a reliable income online (income proof included).

That’s why I recommend it to you.

And this is where I come to a screeching halt.

I hope this quick review has proven to be helpful.

Let me know your thoughts about the company below. Also, feel free to ask me anything about it as well as anything related to making money online. I’d really love to help. 🙂

Stay beautiful!


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