14 Most Effective Tips For Writing For a Blog

Blogging can be a good experience if you know how to interact well with your readers through writing.

Creating a good platform and having open communication that is not only educative but also interesting can increase the success blogging tipsof blogs and that is why one must be committed to providing incredible content for the readers.

However, it’s not always easy to come up with amazing content all the time, and that is why through this article, I will be helping you improve your blog writing skills by providing you with the best tips you can use to spice up your blog content.

Without any delays, let’s get the ball rolling

14 Rewarding Tips For Writing For A Blog

These are the steps you want to follow as you write your blog posts for it to be successful;

1. Figure out who your audience is and what they are looking for

This is a very key area because it forms the basis of your work as well as helps you connect easily and provide your readers with exactly what they are looking for.

Always ask yourself questions such as, Who are these readers? What are they looking for? How can I meet their needs? And in so doing, you will be able to tailor your content to satisfy their wants efficiently.

In addition to this, it will be much easier for you to communicate with them and so they will be drawn to your work more. When you do this in the long term, it establishes a good foundation for you as a blogger.

2. Be very keen on your title

This is what will get the attention of your readers and make them click to read your body. Therefore, you want to make your title as interesting and eye-catching as possible so that it gets the attention of your readers.

Here are a few tips you can use to guide you into writing a good title.

– Make your title is intriguing. You can do this by helping readers through something useful, for example, “how to cook pasta even though you hate pasta”. This will intrigue readers who can relate to that and they will want to read more.good website titles

– Ensure your title matches your content. You don’t want to write a show-stopping title only for you to have boring content. Tie your title to your content because this is the surest way to meet your reader’s needs.

– Try as much as possible to have a short and concise title. A super long title tends to put off readers and if they are not the type that likes reading long sentences, well, you can almost be sure that they will not click on your post. Try working around 8-10 words just to be on the safe side.

However, if you still feel the need to stretch that a little then go for it so long as it works. But always try to keep it to the minimum.

– It’s okay to include a keyword or two. This will be instrumental in helping you get ranked well on the searches and it’s so obvious that content that ranks well attracts more clicks.

However, you don’t want to give away too much on the title. Just tease them a bit so that if they want more details, they will have to open the whole post and find what they are looking for.

Learn from other blog writers how you can write perfect titles for your blog posts. You should also try to take influence from influential blogs that are good with their titles.

If they are kind enough to share the things that keep them at the top, you can ask them for assistance and also check how they write theirs.

There is no better way of learning how to do something than asking for help from a person who is better than you.

3. Find your blogging voice

This will help you find a style that is unique only to you and therefore helps establish trust between you and your audience such that, if they want help on a certain topic they will come to you first.

Finding your voice also helps you feel at ease with writing for the blog, which makes it even more enjoyable to write not to mention that it also paves way for creativity flow in your work.

4. Hook your readers to your content by appealing to their senses

If you want your work to resonate with your readers on a deeper level and immerse them in your content, then you want to engage all of their senses.

You want to paint a good image to your readers of the exact thing you are talking about and ensure that you are not only telling hook your readersthem what you are talking about but actually showing them.

A great tip to do this is by using vivid descriptions because it allows you to explain how exactly something looks like, tastes, smells as well as works.

Avoid weighing your readers down with extra unnecessary details. Instead, evoke their senses so that they know what exactly you’re talking about. This, ladies and gentlemen, is how you capture the attention of your readers and maintain it throughout the blog post!

5. Be very consistent with your work

Bruce Springsteen says that “Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, purpose, and of action over a long period.” And this applies to every industry.

So having this in mind, you want to make sure that you put in a lot of hard work into providing your audience with good content often so that your blogging career blooms.

Make sure you are publishing good quality content on your blog regularly.

Make the effort of doing deep research into the topics you address on your blog and write comprehensively about them on a frequent basis.

This not only shows that you are serious with your blog but also makes you appear professional, credible, and reliable in the eyes of your readers.

6. Break down your work well using short paragraphs and subheadings

Writing one enormous paragraph from start to finish will reduce the readability of your work, and quite frankly, such content is not appealing and helpful because you, as the reader, have to keep digging for information that you are looking for.

You will lose your audience very fast, especially those that skim through work before reading it.

You always want to keep your content neat and easily readable by spacing out your paragraphs and having short sentences.

Also, using a subheading when you are introducing a new aspect of the topic you are talking about in your content helps keep the reader hooked as it shows they are about to learn something new about that topic, from where the subheading starts.

Moreover, when you are doing lists, you should consider using bullet points or numbered lists. This helps a lot visually and makes things appear well organized.

Doing these simple things really go a long way for your content and it adds great value.

7. Be as informative as possible with your readers

You always want to be super thorough on the topic you are addressing within each of your blog posts.

Everyone wants a piece of content they can go to, read, and get all the information they need about that topic in one place and feel completely satisfied with what they learned.

And you should be making good use of this insight to stand out from the other blogs in your niche.

To do this, you have to carry out thorough research on the topic you are delivering on so that you have the required facts on it.giving helpful information

You should also make a point of supporting all your points with credible proof so that you create trust with your readers.

Resist the urge to provide facts you are unsure about to your readers because it would be hilariously unfortunate if they researched the same and found something totally different.

In the effort of wanting to be completely detailed with your posts, there is that temptation of wanting to include things you are not really sure about, which can really affect the level of trust people have for your content.

This is something you want to avoid entirely.

At times, it is good that you have a short piece that is well detailed and based on facts rather than having a long article that consists of some true as well as questionable information.

Seek to provide useful content by walking your audience through the facts, providing solutions to their problems and needs, and offering advice wisely and wholly on a certain area.

Make sure by the time they finish reading your post they have all they need and won’t have to go somewhere else to look for it.

8. Spruce up your work by adding images

This aids in making your work brighter and attractive to your readers. It’s a rule of thumb that you use them in your work because they lure in your readers. I will be honest and say that I have skipped a post before just because it was dull and lacked that aesthetic touch.

I clicked on the post and got in to find one long paragraph that was about 1000 words and had no visual representation of what it was tackling to make it visually appealing to the readers.

You don’t want the same happening with your readers.

Other reasons why photos are important in your posts include, boosting up your ranking in the search engines as well as making it easier to divide logical points in your work since you tie a certain photo to a certain idea and this helps to understand your work better.

Readers also tend to remember content more when photos are used.

John Medina, the popular developmental molecular biologist who published the Brain Rules series, states that when we hear something we are only able to remember 10% of it a few days later, but when pictures are used, we can remember 65% of it!. As a blogger, you should exploit this and use meaningful photos where necessary because you also don’t want to have overdone it with lower value visuals.

9. Optimize your blog for SEO

To start with, SEO stands for search engine optimization and involves increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your blog by enhancing its visibility on search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

To make the most of this, your blog post has to appear near the top pages of the search engine because research reports show that 75% of searchers never click past the first page of results, which is pretty staggering.

So how can you optimize your blog so that it ranks up well on the search engines? Well, you could do the following;

~ Do keyword research before writing the content. Here, you could check what keyword your competitors are using to getsearch engine optimization traffic and then get even better. Alternatively, you could use the help of tools such as the Jaaxy keyword tool or Google Adword Keyword tool which helps you find a suitable keyword for your topic.

~ Optimize your visuals. You can do this by filling out the alt text field with a short description of the photo to inform people what it represents as well as include a keyword in the file name of that specific visual.

~ Ask readers to subscribe to your blog. This is where an email subscription box comes in handy. You can add it at the footer of your blog or the sidebar to give people who find your blog interesting the chance to give their email contacts so that they are notified of new content. If you are well versed in technical blog development skills, you can add it on your own. If you are not, you can learn and do it or hire a skilled expert to add it for you and link it with your blog so that you are able to send notifications to your readers easily.

~ Refer to others on your blog posts. Firstly, if you find another blog that has written really amazing content on the topic you are tackling, you can link to the blog so that readers can get more information there. It also helps build good relationships because some of these bloggers might reference you in return and as a result, you could be helping each other and even get to rank up well on the search engines.

~ Broaden your reach by making use of social media platforms such as Twitter or Facebook. This will ensure that you have much more internet exposure.

10. Edit your blog post

The essence of this important step is to make sure that you avoid grammatical errors, repetition as well as any other present mistakes. You can use these tips to help you edit your work;

* Allocate time specifically for editing your work. You don’t want to do it immediately after writing because then you are a little tired and so may overlook some errors. Do it a few minutes after you are done writing the post.

* Read your post so that you easily notice any irregularities and straighten them. This increases the readability of your post to other readers as well.

* Carry out a thorough spell-check. Here you check on the spellings, punctuation, and grammar in your work. You can make use of a spell checker such as Grammarly, or even better, seek the help of an editor.

* Cut on anything that is not relevant to your current topic. Minimize those areas where you have diverted from the topic and talked about other things in as much as you may be trying to help your readers understand something you are discussing within your blog.

* if you hadn’t spaced out your work previously, do it to make it more attractive and readable as well as use a good font size.

11. Use a clear call to action

At the very end of your blog posts, you want to include a Call to Action (CTA) to let your readers know what they should do nextremember after reading your post.

Don’t expect them to know what you want them to do naturally.

Be bold and ask them to either share, subscribe, or whatever you want them to do but do it in a polite and appealing way.

Your call to action must be clear, short, and stand out to your readers.

A good tip to this is, use a different color for the CTA than the rest of your work. For example, you could use red for the CTA to capture attention and then black for the rest of your work.

12. Stop with too many ads!

While you want to monetize your blog, you may want to be moderate with it.

Having too many ads in there tends to make your blog very hard to maneuver, and readers who are very irritated by lots of ads will leave and never come back to your blog because it’s just confusing and distracting.

13. Don’t forget your existing readers

As you seek to target a new audience, don’t forget those that were there on your first blog post.

Keep connecting with them through your content and also make use of the comments section to know how you can keep meeting their needs.

This will grow your blog career very well because you will have established trust.

14. Be gentle with yourself

If your posts are not getting the kind of clicks that you would want, please don’t feel discouraged.

Understand that all things take time to grow then keep working hard to perfect your craft.

You can also liaise with other bloggers preferably those already doing well so that they can advise you on what you can do to soar to greater heights.

Don’t beat yourself down because you are seeing poor results with your blog. Keep writing interesting blog posts, promoting your work, and optimizing your blog.

In good time, you will see it grow to become a well-known blog that people love and come to every so often to benefit from.

BONUS TIP: 15. Let your conclusion be as good as your introduction

Always make sure that you conclude your post in the same energy and creativity that you used in your introduction.

It’s equally important because it helps your readers act on what you have helped them through. It also leads them to engage with you in the comment section. So make sure you end your post well.

Here are a few tips you can incorporate in this section;

~ Use the phrase “conclusion” at the end just to show you’ve come to the end

~ Make your conclusion short and directed to a certain action that will benefit the readers regarding the topic they were reading about

~ Don’t introduce new ideas

~ Avoid visuals

~ Try giving your thoughts in brief concerning what you’ve just written


Now that I have shared writing tips for a blog, I encourage you to understand each tip well and start applying them in your blog posts.

Blogging might seem hard in the beginning but when you are determined to make it work, you can do it.

As you keep writing and doing much practice, you will be a pro sooner than you know it.

I wish you the best in your blog writing career and if you ever need help, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask because I am here to help.

Feel free to shoot me any blog related questions and I will be happy to help.

Also, kindly let me know which tip resonated well with you through the comment section.

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