30 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019 – My Personal Experience and Advice!

  1. John Rico

    I heard great things about wealthy affiliate and I’m interested on trying it. I’m a college student and I have plenty of spare time to put into it but limited amount of money to invest. I wanna try wealthy affiliate, do you think that it would be great for me given my situation is?

    1. Dave Post author

      Hey Rico, 

      I am also a student now and I still get so much value from wealthy affiliate. I started out with this platform still as a student and I can say it is well worth the time and the money they ask for. Furthermore, you don’t need so much money to get started with. 

      You only need $49 for your monthly membership and about $17 for a domain name for your affiliate website, and that’s it. From there, it is your hardwork and commitment that will be needed. 🙂

  2. justin

    Hey i really enjoyed your article, it is really good to make a long wealthy affiliate review so as to best inform those who want to know about it. I am glad i have found WA when i did.

    I also learnt that success with affiliate marketing takes time and hard work and we need to make sure people understand that before joining. I always see new people in the chat trying to say its a scam because they’re not making money. But they should work hard and be patient. Keep up the good work!

    1. Dave Post author

      Thanks Justin, 

      Most people think, or have been led to believe that it is a walk in the park when doing affiliate marketing with wealthy affiliate (WA), when it is quite the contrary.

      I guess everyone starting out with online stuff especially affiliate marketing need to know that it really takes time before you can make money with it. You need to build the foundation and then build upon it everyday as the lessons with the certification training of WA teach.

      Don’t you think?

  3. Attlee

    This is a well packed review of wealth affiliate that gives a personal touch and easy to follow. I like the way you have summarised the different membership options, highlighting the attached benefits to each.

    For someone who would want to make an informed decision about Wealthy Affiliate, you have given a precise description and a true reflection of what the program really is all about. I am a member of wealthy affiliate myself and have seen all that you have mentioned in this review.

    My recommendation is for anyone who would want to get a better experience with Wealthy Affiliate, to follow your foot steps and do the research from the inside. No matter how hard you try to explain to somebody, all can’t be said within a single but people who want to get all the benefits will need to taste it themselves.

    Thank you for this honest and informative review.

    1. Dave Post author

      You are right Attlee, 

      There is so much to be said about this company that can’t be exhausted in this post alone. 

      Folks should really test it out and get to see how reliable it is in making a passive income online with affiliate marketing.

      Thanks for stoppping by and for proving that wealthy affiliate really does work. 🙂

  4. SJ

    Hi Oscar

    I’ve been with Wealthy Affiliate for a while now and I have not looked back.

    It is truly quality and value for money. There is nothing quite like it out there on the market today.

    The only thing I’d say is that affiliate marketing is definitely not a get rich quick scheme and you need to stick with the program for a while to see results. You don’t make $20,000 overnight that’s for sure~

    1. Dave Post author

      You are right SJ, 

      That’s what I keep stressing on. People have to put in the effort, be focused and remain patient so that they can see a substantial amount of results.

      They have to work hard to get google and other search engines to notice their websites, amd they have to work even harder to have the actual search engines ranking their posts on the first page so that they can get traffic and make sales.

      I am also happy to hear that you are a part of wealthy affiliate and you are getting immense value out of it. Surely, as you have said, there is no other program that can measure up to wealthy affiliate.

      It is the best platform on the web. 🙂

      Good luck with your websites.

  5. Norman


    This is a very clear, well thought out explanation that sheds a refreshingly objective light on the Wealthy Affiliate program. As with any venture of value, time and effort must be put in up front in order to create a solid and lasting result based on providing your audience with something they really need and appreciate. Affiliate marketing is no different. There are no shortcuts, but with proper guidance and structures, the way to your goals can be smoothed out considerably.

    Thanks, and best regards,


    1. Dave Post author

      You are so right Norman, 

      I couldn’t explain or stres on that any better.

      Best of luck too. 🙂

  6. DorcasW

    Hi Oscar; I am thrilled reading your review. I am most glad about how you have stated categorically that WA is not a scam.

    I can say that like any other business The profit that one will make here at Wealthy Affiliate via Affiliate Marketing will not come overnight. But if affiliates will work when it comes it could be excitingly surprising.

    Oscar; I am not earning as yet but I am working for my business here at WA for I know without a shadow of a doubt; that my business here at WA will be working for me!!!


    1. Dave Post author

      Hey Dorcas, 

      It is great to have a fellow member of wealthy affiliate here. I am totally with you on the overnight success thing. Wealthy affiliate says clearly that it is going to be hard to succeed in affiliate marketing without having to put in the effort and practising patience for you to get your website indexed and ranked in Google.

      I always remember what Kyle, the co owner told us in the beginning of the training. If we work and follow the steps he teaches, and take immediate action on them, a few months down the road we would be making commissions. 

      And that is what I see happening now.

      Even though you are not making commissions now, I can tell you for sure that you will also be earning in a short time to come, and you will probably make more than you ever thought.

      Good luck with your business. 🙂

  7. Hilary Bassakaropoulos

    This is a very fair review about Wealthy Affiliate. It is very motivational to hear from someone who is making a consistent income.
    You have described the process so well that you have made me realise that it’s all down to me doing the work and being consistent. All the resources we need to be successful are inside WA.
    Thanks so much for sharing your results.

    1. Dave Post author

      You are welcome Hilary. 🙂

      And yes, it all boils down to hard work and being consistent and focused on doing the best work within your niche. If you follow the training word for word and do your best in everything you are surely going to make more money than you would have imagined.

      That’s how things work.

  8. Grant

    HI, Dave. Thanks for your review of Wealthy Affiliate. I’ve heard quite a bit about the training offered in the platform. What I enjoyed most about your post was your personal story about your road to financial success as a member. There are all kinds of people, so there will be all kinds of different levels of success or failure. You’ve inspired me with your post.

    1. Dave Post author

      You are welcome Grant, 

      You are also right. There are different stories of success online. People approach it differently and for this they are bound to have diffferent results and experiences.

      However, I would advise you to keep your mind focused on the training and following everything that it teaches, that’s the key to getting yourself a good success story soon, and a better one, for that matter.

      Cheers 🙂

  9. Jerry

    A really positive review about the workings of Wealthy Affiliate.Looking at your rating, I would say that this is the best internet business support program in the world. When have they established themselves? How long do they plan to go on?
    I heard that the free membership’s purpose is to experience this opportunity for one week, after which you can become premium or decide to stop or stay a free member, but with reduced options in the program. Is that correct?

    1. Dave Post author

      You are right jerry, 

      Wealthy affiliate has been in business since 2002, and they keep growing every year. This means that they are not going to go away anytime soon. 

      On the membership accounts, yes, there is a free membership that allows you to have access to the platform for a whole seven days to help you get the experience of it.

      After that, some of the privileges are taken away as they are for the premium membership. You can choose to go premium or stay as a free member, although you won’t get as much value with free membership as there is with the premium membership.

      I always recommend the premium membership for someone who is super serious about making a sustainable business and full time income online.

  10. Aaron

    Hey Dave, I really enjoyed reading your wealthy affiliate review. I love how you went into detail to give as much information as possible for everybody so they know what the product will do before the purchase. I’m a WA member myself and I got to say that you really have to put in the work, but if you do not, you will not get around having a successful blog. 🙂

    1. Dave Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Aaron, 

      Yeah, you got to invest your time and effort to building the business and getting it noticed and loved by popular search engines like Google. 

      As with all businesses out there, time, hard work, commitment and persistence are required to be successful.

  11. Emonne

    Awesome Review Post! I really appreciate how you took the time to show us, the readers, all that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer and more. I also appreciate the fact that you give us your personal take on the program. And you actually give proof that WA works. Really nice work. This is a great example of a thorough review.

    It has made me trust you and wealthy affiliate as well. 🙂

    Thanks for this!

    1. Dave Post author

      Hey Emonne, 

      I always do my best to help people know a program thoroughly before they join it so that they know what they are getting themselves into. I ensure that I inform others out there as much as I myself would want to be informed about such a program.

      Wealthy affiliate is a really helpful program for a person who is really interested in making a passive income online, on the long term. It has helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their financial life for good. And  am sure you are also going to find it very valuable. 🙂

      Good luck.

  12. Richard

    WA was the first online affiliate marketing platform that allowed me to test the product before investing a single cent in the process. This was enough to convince me of firstly its suitability and secondly, that this product was indeed legit and not like so many other products that scam you out of your money using up-sells.

    I would recommend this product to anyone looking to start this type of business online.


    1. Dave Post author

      You are so right, Richard.

      Being able to test out wealthy affiliate before investing in it was something that also made me trust it.

      Personally, I have been on other programs that ask you for money first even before you are sure what you are paying for is the right fit for you.

      And when you pay and find out it is not for you, the refund process is made so complicated that you just give up on it. 

      Wealthy affiliate is pretty much the real deal.


  13. Ayockson

    l am glad to read this article,  you reminded me of being patient at wealthy affiliate, i was at the verge of giving up. i was so happy when i heard about WA, all i was thinking of at that moment was to join and start earning money but that was never the case. 

    To be successful online you needed be patient, have determination, focus and hard work “it pays pretty good with time.”

    I would live to be grateful to all members of the wealthy affiliate community for their help and support all the way, though it has not being easy, I will not give up after reading your article, its really huge encouragement to me. thanks so much for sharing 

    1. Dave Post author

      Hey there, 

      I can relate with your situation.

      I was there in the first few months after joining the program.

      I actually thought I would be making money within a few days or weeks, at most. But It ended up being after a few months.

      The good thing about wealthy affiliate is that, you will make money if you follow the training there.

      It may take longer than you expected based on how you are implementing the training on your website but in good time, you get to see the results.

      Keep working hard and success will catch up with you real soon.

      Have an awesome day! 🙂

  14. Jay

    Affiliate marketing is no easy task which I believe that for anyother intending to go into this line of business would need to be mentored on exactly what to do to acheive success which is why your recommendation of wealthy affiliate is spot on. I have been in that platform for quite some time so I can personally attest to what have been mentioned in this post and every detail here is absolutely correct. 

    It is kind of a complete platform that has almost everything needed to succeed in the online world. It is a most join platform for anyone looking to build a successful online business.

    1. Dave Post author

      Hey there Jay, 

      Nice to have you stop by.

      Thanks for seconding my post. 🙂

      Have a fantastic day!

  15. Antonio

    Hi Dave

    You wrote such a glowing account of Wealthy Affiliates that you make it sound the best thing since sliced bread. Wow, so much to offer for such a reasonable price.  I really like how you broke down what Affiliate marketing is and how you must be in for the long haul. To be successful you must be provided with the right tools and the programme seems to do that.

    I am glad that help is very much part of the system, as this can be a problem for people who are travelling untested waters.

    How does wealthy affiliates compare to other Affiliate marketing programmes?

    Thank you


    1. Dave Post author

      Hey there Antonio, 

      Nice to have you here. 🙂

      I have to say that Wealthy Affiliate is the best thing I have seen in terms of quality since the time I came to know of it in the affiliate marketing space.

      I had tried a few other programs which were popular at the time when I started off, but they are nowhere close to what WA offers.

      Personally, I find wealthy affiliate to be the real deal training and the best place to get started when you really want to master the skill of marketing things online not to mention getting insights from other experienced experts in the industry.

      I hope this answers your question.

      Have an awesome day mate . 🙂


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