Wealthy Affiliate Review – My Personal Experience and Advice!

You have probably heard that Wealthy Affiliate is among the best online platforms out there with the best resources for online success, right?

And you wish to know all about the platform to help you know if it is really true and also to help you make a decision on whether to work with it or not, true?

Well, I have been in wealthy affiliate for more than 5 years now and I have a lot to share.

My wealthy affiliate review here will be walking you through the whole program in a nutshell and will help you understand properly what wealthy affiliate is all about, how it works, what exactly you will be doing there, proof that it works, how long it takes to to start making money, what is expected of you there, the resources you will be using, price and membership levels, support, the good and the bad side, and finally my advice to you with regards to it.

Don’t worry, I will try to be as brief but detailed as possible.

And if you have any questions about it that I may not have answered within this post, always feel free to ask them in the comments below. I will be more than happy to help you out. Agreed? 🙂

Awesome! Let’s get right into it.The Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

Name: Wealthy Affiliate 

Website: www.wealthyaffiliate.com

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Price: $49/ month or $234/6months or $359/year (Get 60% off for 1st month)

Best Known For: Best online marketing resources

Overall Rankings: 98 out of 100

Before I Get Deep Here…

I would want to let you know that I want to keep things brief and tackle the main issues people are concerned about wealthy affiliate so that I save you the time. 

However, if you are really interested in knowing the program from corner to corner, and you actually have the time, I wrote a really in-depth review of wealthy affiliate that goes through every resource there.

(It is about 6,000 words) You can check out the really in-depth review here.

If you want the basic essentials that will give you the gist of it, keep reading.

So, What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy affiliate is simply a platform with over 1.5 million members in 2020 that helps people get started with and grow their online businesses to bring them full time income and make it possible for them to create a strong online presence.

It has among the best online resources to help with succeeding in affiliate marketing.Wealthy Affiliate University Review

By resources, I am talking about a step by step training from scratch to your first pay-check (and beyond), websites, domains, writing tools, keyword research tool, communication platforms (even directly with the owners) to name just a few.

The platform teaches people the basics and some advanced stuff of affiliate marketing to help them create sustainable online presence and a passive income stream.

The people behind Wealthy Affiliate university are Kyle and Carson.

They started out in 2005 as a keyword research platform and 14 years later they have become a huge program offering everything one needs to succeed online with affiliate marketing. (And I mean EVERYTHING, as I will be showing you later).

How Does it Work?

Well, as I have mentioned a few times here, it is all about affiliate marketing.

If you are not familiar with this term, I can try to boil it down for you in a few words.

It is all about you marketing someone else’s products online and getting a percentage commission off of every sale you make on behalf of the owner. 

As an affiliate marketer, you get a special link for the product you are to promote that is attached to your details.

So, when a potential buyer clicks on the link and goes to the product owner’s website and makes a purchase, you get the agreed percentage commission.

Now in wealthy affiliate, you will be taught the rewarding way to find the best high quality products to promote, the proper way to set up a website and make Google and Bing (top search engines) love the website well enough to rank on top search results, the best way to add links to the promotional posts you create for the products, and the best companies that will pay you higher percentages.

This is just scratching the surface, there is more in-depth training that you will get to help you learn how to set everything up to start making a consistent income online.

What You Will Be Doing When You Join 

When you join wealthy affiliate, you will only need to follow through the training.

The summary of the training is:

  1. Choose your area of interest
  2. Build a website (for the products in that interest)
  3. Attract visitors (to have them buy)
  4. Make Money


wealthy affiliate review 2019

In fact, immediately you are in, there is a training called Online Entrepreneur Certification Course, that gets you started on the right foot.

Follow that, and by the time you have fully put into practice what has been taught there, you will be well on your way to getting a full time online business start to pay off (or already paying off).

So, Does This Whole Thing Pay Off? (Proof That it Works)

I believe in a program that brings tangible results.

While I have been a member of wealthy affiliate for more than 5 years now (I joined back in 2015), I have come to see very good results with it through the years.

I am not able to show all my earnings from when I joined, but here are photos of some of them. (I have blurred the personal details for privacy’s sake).


wealthy affiliate review

wealthy affiliate payment proofsI believe you can see how credible the platform is.

And this is from only one website and I have a few other websites I am working on.

Before I joined, I knew nothing about affiliate marketing but now I am far better than most of the people in the area of interest I chose, and am just a regular person who made a decision to learn and apply the training at Wealthy Affiliate.

And I am not the only one who has made money. There are more testimonials and customer reviews from other members that are quite encouraging. Here are some other people who are earning well on a monthly basis:

The Wealthy Affiliate Review



Does Wealthy Affiliate work?

The proof is in the pudding. 

Everyone out there can make money with wealthy affiliate if they are simply willing to take the time to go through the training and implement what they are taught in there. 

It’s that simple.

How Long Does it Take to Make Money?

This is a pretty common question that I have seen with people who are interested in joining wealthy affiliate as well as any other online program out there. 

I was also interested in knowing this too before I took the plunge.

To be direct and brief, it takes around 3 to 6 months to start seeing good results.wealthy affiliate requirements

For others, it may take more or less depending on many factors like the time you put in the platform and the way you implement the training.

What I would want you to know is that, affiliate marketing is like any other offline business.

You have to give yourself time to create a reliable brand. You also have to wait to get known in your area of specialization so that people can trust you and buy from you.

All this business set up and trust creation with potential customers takes time and you need to practice some patience.

So, I would advise you to see this opportunity as a side income which you shouldn’t hasten to bring you money as you are starting out.

If you are looking to join wealthy affiliate hoping you will make money in the next 2 to 5 days, I am afraid you will get really disappointed.

If you are willing to put in the effort, work hard and wait to build yourself as a brand and create an online presence, then you will be smiling all the way to the bank a few months from now. 

What is Expected From You As a Member

Don’t worry, it is nothing crazy. 🙂

It is actually list of self based values that are needed to make money with wealthy affiliate. (Based on my personal experience)

So here is what you are going to want to have:

  1. Determination – Here, just like any other business in the world, you have to be determined to make it work, because it does pay off. More than 1,000,000 members started where you are with determination and they are now dominating many niches with their websites and are making thousands of dollars from it. So you have to be very willing to follow what you are taught and dedicate your time to making it work.
  1. Taking action – This might sound obvious but I have seen its consequences on many folks. People go through the training without putting it into action on their sites and then get discouraged that they are not seeing results. So you will want to take immediate action on the training soon as you get it. That is the surest way to feel fulfilled and eventually start to see results sneaking in on you.
  1. Patience – As I had earlier mentioned, it will require time to establish the foundation of your online business and gain trust with Google and your visitors. This means you need to give yourself time to grow and be known. If you are after something that will pay off in the next few days or weeks, you will be discouraged for sure.
  1. Consistency – Being consistent with the training, learning and applying the knowledge on your side is key. The small steps you take are what will accumulate to one massive successful online business. 
  1. Asking for help – One thing I will assure is that you are going to get stuck at times. But the beauty of wealthy affiliate (which is also what sets it apart from the other online platforms) is plenty of support. The members, the owners and the support team of the program are always waiting to help. And the best part is, it takes minutes and at times, seconds, to get answers when you are having issues. So, don’t be afraid to ask for help (even from me). That is how we all grow.

And that’s pretty much it!

The Resources at Wealthy Affiliate to Help You Succeed

 I have listed all the resources you will get when you join, and have actually gone deep into each in the in-depth review I told you about in the beginning. If you want to know about everything and how they all work, feel free to check out my extensive review of wealthy affiliate.

Here, I will only list some of the resources to give you an idea of how well you are covered when you become a member:

  1. Detailed step by step training
  2. Free websites and self hosted websites
  3. Powerful keyword research tool
  4. Effective article writing tool
  5. Site analysis platform
  6. Website backups
  7. Live chat
  8. Money making comment platform 
  9. Access to super affiliates ready to help
  10. And so much more

Actually, here is a video walking you through the member’s area of Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Costs and BONUSES!

There are 2 types of memberships over at WA, and these include:

1. Starter membership – $0 (FREE) membership for life (create your account here)

2. Premium membership- $49 a month /$234 for every half year / $359 a year (Create your account here)

1. Starter membership

This is a good place to start and test drive the website to see whether it’s worth and also if it will help you achieve what you want. In this free membership, you get:

– Live help for 7 days

– Access to 2 courses

– Ability to build 1 free websites

– Ask questions

– Video walkthroughs

– Participate in discussions and forums

– Earn while learning

– Limited access to the keyword tool

– One on one training

This is best for beginners who want the basics of affiliate marketing, building a website, finding your niche, understanding keywords and setting up the framework of your business.

You want to have this for the next 7 days after joining, not more.

The problem is, you won’t earn with this membership unless you are super smart and know everything about affiliate marketing.

I used it for 6 months when I first joined, and didn’t amount to anything. I never got my website to be noticed by Google, talk less of making money.

Create your free starter account here

2. Premium Membership

This is where you get access to every bit of what was discussed above. You unlock every feature and you get to use them to your advantage.

It is usually priced at $49 a month or  you can choose to get the half year membership for $234 or the yearly membership with $359 a year which means that you will be paying far less than what you should with the monthly membership plan.

That is a huge discount (of about $130 per year) considering what you will have paid in a year if youWealthy affiliate cost pay $49 each month.

If you did a monthly payment, it would come to a total of $498, but you only pay $359 per year which will save you almost $130.

That is why people are advised to go for the yearly membership as it saves more money and helps you focus on your website without having to worry about the payment.

I use the yearly membership myself as I find to be more lucrative and peace giving as it lets you put your entire mind on your website. And this is a good deal based on what you get as a trade in.

 The premium package includes:

– Access to live chat throughout

– Access to all 12 courses

– Get the ability to build 10 websites of your own

– Free hosting for all websites

– Robust website backup system

– Access to all discussions throughout

– Access to the live video classrooms

– 100% higher commissions than starter membership

– Full access to keyword tool

– Earn more while learning

– Ability to create your own training and get paid for it

– 24/7 support and protection from hackers for all your websites

– Instant access to the support team all day all night

This membership is best for those who are serious about making money online and are ready to build a long lasting business. It gives access to all the resources you need to get started and achieve any level of success you desire.

Create your premium account here


How to Claim Your Bonuses 

If you join the free wealthy affiliate starter membership, you are going to receive 4 HUGE bonuses once you take things to the next level by going ahead to join the premium membership within the first 7 days.

First off, you’ll get a 60% off price ($19) instead of the usual $49, I will also send a private message giving you a warm welcome into the community, give you more details on wealthy affiliate, how you will be getting private personal help from me, and how you’ll get to claim your bonuses instantly!

You’re going to LOVE this! 

(Including my special secret stratagem to get Google to love all your work and reward your every effort)

P.S. Extra Special Bonus waiting: After you get your premium account

Get Your Account and Claim Your Bonuses Here

Wealthy Affiliate Support

Having a reliable support system whenever you are starting out is very important so that you are shown the right way to do things and reduce the time you will waste when you are stuck.

And wealthy affiliate has set up a very effective support system to help you have 24/7 support, whenever you need it.wealthy affiliate support system

The support systems you will find include:

  • Live chat (with hundreds of members ready to help)
  • Private messaging platforms 
  • Wealthy Affiliate support team (really fast)
  • Personal blogs to use to ask questions
  • Private access to the owners (Kyle and Carson)
  • Weekly classes with Jay (programming expert)

You can never use any of the systems and fail to get a response, within a day, on the maximum.

Personally, I recommend using live chat and personal blogs to reach out to the members because they are always online and chatting with other members. 

Other than that, go with the support team and you are sure to get a response in less than 10 minutes.

I have to admit that, I have been working online for years now and I have not seen a platform with such a strong support.

The Good and Bad Side of Wealthy Affiliate

Here, I will be addressing the good things I have seen with the program as well as the annoying things.

The Good Side of Wealthy Affiliate 

  1. You get to connect with like minded people and share ideas
  2. You get to learn so much about the online world that you probably won’t get elsewhere 
  3. You get to build stable relationships with people in your interest (which leads to more success)
  4. You get to have a friendly chat with the owners (very humble and easy-to-get-along-with guys)
  5. You get to have a 7 days free trial of the whole program to see what you will be getting
  6. You get a training that is constantly updated
  7. You get free hosting for the websites you build
  8. You get to have an inclusive website building platform under one roof

The Bad Side of Wealthy Affiliate

  1. The live chat is very addictive
  2. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the wealth of information there
  3. The training is good for beginners and intermediate marketers (not for the extremely advanced marketers)

A Few Advice Tips When You Join Wealthy Affiliate

  • Please go straight to the certification course. That’s the place to start. Don’t go to other places orwealthy affiliate training courses you will be overwhelmed.
  • Be committed to the certification course.
  • Never fear asking questions, members encourage one another to ask questions.
  • Help others, as well, where you can.
  • Take your time to learn and create a high quality online business. Don’t chase quick money. Focus on creating a long term income stream.

Wealthy Affiliate REALLY is Worth Your Time and Money!

Trust me. It really is.

When it comes to learning affiliate marketing the proper way, I can’t tell you of a better program. It has all the resources you will need to become successful online and create a firm authority within your niche.

What I advise you is to first give it a try with the 7 days free trial and see what I am telling you.

Start your 7 days free trial here

Personally, since I grew passionate about the web, I have not seen any other system that has paid me better than wealthy affiliate.

This is my fifth year as a member, and I am not leaving. I also believe you have seen what an wealthy affiliate is legithonestly dedicated program wealthy affiliate really is, so get your account there and get started with the training right away as well.

You could be a few months away from making your first affiliate commission, and then a monthly income, if you take action. 

I encourage you to take action now, or forever hold your mouse. 🙂

Join Wealthy Affiliate Here

Plus if you need help, you can always reach out to me within the program. I will be more than glad to help. My username in Wealthy Affiliate is Oscardave.

I’m always networking with new affiliates as well as expert marketers within the program, and it would be a pleasure to network with you there as well.

Also, If you have any questions about wealthy affiliate or affiliate marketing in general, please feel free to use the comments below to ask me anything, I will be more than happy to give you a hand. 🙂







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