The Best Keyword Research Tools [A Comprehensive List]

Keyword research is a well-known important factor in those who run websites that target search engine traffic like Google’s and Yahoo’s.

Finding the right keyword research tool accounts for good keyword research which helps you find the best keywords for your website.

Therefore, if looking for the best keyword research tools out there you are at the right place because through this post, I will be walking you through the most popular top keyword research tools that most webmasters love and use frequently.

You don’t want to miss out so let’s get started right away!

22 Top Keyword Research Tools

1. Ahrefs

ahrefs keyword tool

Name: Ahrefs Keyword Explorer


Pricing plan: There are different plans for various needs (Lite goes for $99/month, Standard goes for $179/month, advanced goes for $399/month and agency goes for $999/month. There is a 7 days trial for $7 only for Lite and Standard plans)

This is one of the most highly sought after keyword tool that is known to have detailed keyword analysis among other features. It is well-known as a backlink analysis tool although their keyword tool is awesome too.

Some of its features include;

• Site explorer which helps users take a deeper look at the backlink profile and traffic of any URL or website and the keywords that they are using for organic traffic as well as PPC ads.

• Keywords explorer that gives a thorough analysis on keywords you may want to use in aspects including keyword traffic, competition and the ability to succeed with a given keyword.

• Rank tracker that deeply looks at your rankings and help you know where you and your competitors stand as well as send you those reports straight to your inbox

• Site audit that helps you know why you are not ranking as you should and know the areas that are lacking on your website that are giving your competitors the edge over you.

• Content explorer that helps you learn and analyze good performing content in your niche

2. Jaaxy

jaaxy keyword research tool

Name: Jaaxy keyword tool


Pricing Plan: Varies with each plan (Plans include starter which is free, Lite that comes with Wealthy Affiliate subscription, Pro for $49/month and Enterprise for $99/month)

This tool is said to be created by affiliate marketers for affiliate marketers. The tool is said to help users have a platform through which they can manage everything that pertains to keywords, market research, websites, and competition.

Some of its features include;

• Site domains that helps you find keyword based domain names and buy them easily

• Siterank that allows users to track any form of rankings from Bing, Yahoo, or Google from any site

• Brainstorm feature that helps you come up with ideas for your website easily

• Alphabet soup feature that allows you to discover lots of keywords using the alphabetical order

3. SEMrush

semrush keyword tool

Name: SEMrush SEO Keyword Research Tool


Pricing Plan: Varies with each plan, and a free trial of 7 days is offered for all. Plans include pro that goes for $99.95/month, guru for $199.95/month, business $399.95/month and an enterprise plan that can be customized for your needs by the support team after you contact them.

This is an online content marketing and visibility management platform that helps companies and industries of all sizes to create great content for their users as well as boost their visibility across important channels.

It has lots of tools for various areas including social media management, keyword research, SERP tracking, content marketing, on-page SEO, rank tracking, technical SEO, market analysis, web monetization, backlink analysis, competitor pr monitoring, paid advertising, PPC keyword research, content marketing analytics, local SEO, content optimization, link building as well as content creation and distribution.

Some of its awesome features include;

• Allowing you to carry out organic research which aids you in finding the best keyword in your niche as well as help you assess the keyword rankings and pages of your competitors.

• A keyword gap that helps you differentiate your keyword profile to your competitors and find new opportunities for starting profitable SEO campaigns.

• A keyword manager that helps you explore up to 1,000 keywords immediately and look at any changes with regard to top competitors for a keyword or SERP features.

• Providing organic traffic insights that helps you learn about keywords you’ve not been provided before by Google Analytics and compare data to examine how your site is doing in terms of organic search.

• A keyword magic tool that helps you explore as many keywords as possible through a user-friendly way

4. Moz

moz keyword tool

Name: Moz Keyword Explorer


Pricing Plan: Varies with each plan (Plans include Standard for $99/month, Medium for $149/month, Large for $249/month and Premium for $599/month)

This is yet another SEO system that is popular among website owners and even provides a chrome extension for easy access to Moz resources without having to actually go to their official website. Its research tool that boasts of over 500 million keywords that can accrue traffic.

Some of its other tools and features include:

• A keyword difficulty score that shows users how difficult or easy it is for them to rank on each SERP.

• A moz bar that helps you evaluate and examine important social, search and page metrics of any site you visit in your Chrome browser.

• A feature called, “my online presence” that helps you discover how your location appears on local directories and search engines.

• A link explorer that helps you discover link and content building opportunities, and compare to those of your competitors in order to enhance creative link building.

• Free domain analysis that helps you see instant SEO metrics like competitive analysis, top pages, ranking keywords and many more.

5. Majestic

Majestic keyword research tool

Name: Majestic Keyword tool


Pricing Plan: Varies with each plan (plans include Lite for £49.99/month, Pro for £99.99/month, API for £399.99/month

This is a UK-based company founded in 2004. It an SEO software that offers a keyword tool that helps one track the progress of a website and also offers other SEO tools to help with different needs for webmasters.

Majestic is also among the well-known keyword tools.

Some of the other tools and features it drags along include;

• A bulk backlink checker that enables you to evaluate the backlink numbers for 1,000,000 URLs from a file upload and 400 URLs using the paste URLs feature.

• A site explorer that helps you analyze a domain or URL deeply.

• A URL submitter that helps you point their crawler to check URLs that they have probably not found.

• A feature called Open Apps that connects a subscriber to third party applications.

• Citation flow and trust flow that helps drive organic traffic, boost traffic and build powerful campaigns.

• A clique hunter that helps you find popular cliques that you can use to link to a number of domains.

• A search explorer that helps you look for keywords and see the pages they come from

• A comparison tool that helps you differentiate headline statistics amongst domains

6. BuzzSumo

buzzsumo keyword tool

Name: BuzzSumo keyword tool


Pricing Plan: Varies with each plan (Plans include Pro for $99/month, Plus for $179/month, Large for $299/month and Enterprise for $499/month)

BuzzSumo is another tool that offers comprehensive data analysis on keywords, content, domains, backlinks, YouTube search, top authors and more.

The keyword tool allows you to find great keywords, create good marketable content, come up with ideas as well as identify influencers and check on your website performance on various areas.

Some of its features are as follows;

• An API that helps you find influencers’ trending content, as well as share engagement information.

• Ability to discover content by showing you what is trending

• A walk through on content research that helps you create great content

• Ability to find influencers by helping you find creators and authors that are absolutely influential

• Ability to carry out monitoring which allows you to stay updated on any industry updates, your competitors as well as brand mentions.

7. Neil Patel SEO Suite

ubersuggest keyword tool

Name: Ubersuggest


Pricing Plan: free (But you pay for other resources in the suite. Monthly prices range from $12 to $40 per month and lifetime subscriptions range from $120 to $400)

This is a keyword tool that comes as part of the SEO software suite that also has other tools for backlinking, SEO audit and content marketing, among others.

You can get free access to the keyword tool and come up with really great keywords for your website on any topic but to get full access to the system, you have to get yourself a subscription plan that you can pay for on a monthly basis or a one time lifetime fee.

Some of its features include:

• Ability to find long-tail versions of the keyword you typed in as well as their volume, volume and seasonal trends

• Ability to see how hard a keyword is to rank with SEO and PPC

• Ability to see content that has used certain keywords and how p[popular it is in social media platforms

• An A/B testing significance calculator that helps you tell if a variation boosted your sales, and by how much.

• Ability to see the age range of the people who searched for that keyword

• Ability to see how many people clicked on the content that used that keyword from SEO search results as well as PPC results

8. Mangools KWFinder

KWFinder by Mangools

Name: KWFinder keyword tool


Pricing plan: varies with each plan and you get a 10-day free trial (Plans include basic for $29.90/month, premium for $39.90/month and agency for $79.90/month)

The KWFinder is a keyword tool offered for keyword research by Mangools SEO software suite. The keyword tool helps get easy-to-rank-with keywords, your competitor’s keywords, import many keywords all at once and even do local keyword research.

Other than the KWFinder tool, Mangools also offers other tools like:

• A serpchecker tool that helps you find out the weak and strong points of your competitor. It also helps you assess SERPs for any city or country

• A link miner that helps you to find strong backlinks that you can easily replicate

• A serpwatcher which is a ranking tool that helps you see the traffic potential of your website. You also get updated on ranks daily.

• A site profiler that helps you check on the SEO authority of any URL or domain.

9. Serpstat

serpstat keyword tool

Name: Serpstat Keyword tool


Pricing Plan: Varies with each plan (plans include Lite that goes for $69 per month, Standard that goes for $149 per month, Advanced that goes for $299 per month and Enterprise that goes for $499 per month)

This is an all-in-one SEO platform for experts such as in-house SEO teams, digital marketers, and generally anyone that wants to make money through their website.

It offers various resources to help better manage different aspects of your website.

Some of its features include;

• An API that feeds position-tracking, daily rankings, keyword research information as well as competitor analysis, into your reporting systems.

• Backlink analysis that helps users get comprehensive backlink analysis report with Serpstat.

• Search analytics that helps you learn the keywords that are causing your competitors to lead in search results.

• Content marketing ideation that helps you learn and create content that works well for your area/niche.

• Rank tracking that helps you check on your rankings and those of your competitors daily.

10. Soovle

soovle keyword tool

Name: Soovle keyword tool


Pricing Plan: Free

This is a keyword tool that suggests keyword ideas from various platforms such as Bing, Yahoo, Google, and many more all in one place. It’s said to be one of the best free keyword tools to instantly discover thousands of keywords on any topic that you can use on your website.

Its features include:

• Finding keywords that your competitors don’t know about

• The Soovle drag and drop option that helps you save your favorite keyword ideas

• Ability to download your favorite keywords

11. SECockpit

secockpit keyword tool

Name: SECockpit keyword tool


Pricing Plan: Varies with each plan (Plans include Personal for $25/month, Pro for $42/month and Agency for $75/month)

This keyword tool offers deep analysis of different keywords and shows you aspects of them like their profitability, competition, niche and market potential.

The data you get from the tool is quite refined and well detailed, and it makes a good fit for someone who is looking to get started in a given niche.

Some of its features include:

• Fast search and display of up to 200 fully filtered and assessed keywords

• Ability to organize your keywords by creating folders and labels

• A rank tracker that helps you check your rankings

• Good competition analysis that helps you see keyword ideas from your competitors as well as compare URLs

• Display of keywords and categorizing them in terms of country and language

12. SpyFu

spyfu keyword tool

Name: SpyFu Keyword Tool


Pricing Plan: Varies with plan (Plans include Basic for $39/month, Professional for $79/month and Team for $299/month)

This is PPC and SEO suite that allows people to manage their websites mainly in these two areas. Although, it provides tools for various other aspects such as rank tracking, domain comparisons, backlinks, SERP checking and SEO reports among others.

Some of its other features include:

• Ability to monitor rankings on platforms such as Yahoo, Google, and Bing

• A feature called smart recommendations that help your site increase traffic

• Credible contact information that helps you build connections as well as generate sales leads.

• Ability to do research on your competitors and get to see every keyword they have ever bought or ads they have run before

13. Wordstream

wordstream keyword tool

Name: WordStream’s Keyword Tool


Pricing Plan: Varies with each plan (Plans include word stream advisor for $49/month, word stream advisor plus assist for $299/month and word stream advisor plus offline assist for $649/month)

This keyword tool allows you to search for quality keywords by using topics you are interested in or from any other websites out there. They offer the keyword tool for free but to access the other resources they offer, you have to subscribe to one of their plans.

Some of its features include;

• Ability to pan out your results by industry, which specifies your results and other data such as estimated CPC, competition level and search volume.

• Ability to filter your performance/volume data geographically amongst 23 countries

• one on one calls with one of their expert support staff

• Ad creative tools with Shutterstock integration

14. Long Tail Pro

longtailpro keyword tool

Name: Long Tail Pro keyword tool


Pricing Plan: Varies with each plan (plans include Starter for $25/month, Pro for $45/month, Agency for $98/month)

This is a tool that is aimed at coming up with long-tail keywords for niche sites through which they can rank for as well as help sites improve their SEO practices.

After finding a suitable keyword one can conduct research on the various competitors and see why their keywords are causing them to rank higher as well as how you can overtake them.

Some of its features include:

• A rank tracker that helps you check the keyword ranking of your website

• An average keyword competitiveness metric, that helps you evaluate how viable your keyword ideas are on a scale of 0 to 100.

• Providing you with as many as 400 long tail keywords in a matter of seconds.

15. Answer The Public

answerthepublic keyword tool

Name: AnswerthePublic Keyword Tool


Pricing Plan: Varies with each plan (Plans include Monthly for $99/month, Annually for $79/month and Enterprise for $399/month)

This is another tool that provides users with consumer insights that they can use to provide the kind of content that the consumers would love.

It basically brings out the types of keywords that the public are using to ask about different topics and the data is quite detailed.

Some of its features include:

• Ability to identify content ideas through listening to auto complete data from search engines like Google and it then instantly comes up with every useful phrases and question people are asking around your keyword.

• Ability to discover niches that are untapped and one’s that boost their visibility in search engines

• Ability to guide users through customer feedback, therefore, assisting them to tailor their content around that

• Ability to monitor for the user to know what people are saying about their site

16. Accuranker

accuranker keyword tool

Name: Accuranker Keyword Tool


Pricing Plan: Varies with each plan (Plans include a monthly billing of $109/month and yearly billing of $99/month with a 14 days trial)

This is a keyword tool that provides instant results on keywords and ranking. It comes with third party integrations including Google Search Console, data box, Google Sheets, Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics and Google Data Studio, among others.

It works well for brands, agencies, and SEO professionals.

Some of its features include;

• A SERP (Search Engine Result Page) checker that allows you to get a precise location, along with detailed SERP rankings and result.

• A keyword rank tracker that helps you monitor important data on your site and those of your competitors.

• A google grump rating that helps you track any changes and fluctuations in google’s algorithms.

• Ability to get all the third party integrations in one platform that can be accessed by any device for easy management

17. GrowthBar Keyword tool For Chrome

growthbar keyword tool

Name: GrowthBar keyword tool chrome extension


Pricing Plan: $39/month and you get a 5-day free trial

This is a chrome extension that you can add to your chrome browser on your computer to get keyword ideas and analyses for them. You get to have good keyword analysis from the extension when you look for a particular keyword you are interested.

Other than that, here are some other great features you get with it:

• A ranking difficulty score that helps you know how competitive a keyword is

• The growthbar dashboard that guides you on how to track keywords and export any growthbar feature as a CSV for effortless parsing and research.

• Once you search a specific keyword you, are provided with additional keywords as well as their competition scores and monthly search volume.

18. Keywords Everywhere

keywords everywhere

Name: Keywords Everywhere tool


Pricing Plan: Price is based according to the credit you buy which cost $10, $50, $100 and $200, $500 and $1000 respectively. Although there is a free version too

Keywords everywhere is a chrome extension that helps you get keywords from various online sources. After installing it on your chrome browser, it shows you different keyword metrics like search volume, 12 months performance of it and how much people who are using it in Google AdWords are paying for it.

Some of its features include:

• Ability to see YouTube tags and insights

• Ability to see the trend chart in YouTube and Google

• Ability to see top 5000 keywords that help a URL rank and monthly estimates traffic

• Guide on related keywords on Bing and Google as well as People Also Search For (PASF) keywords on Google

• Ability to assess any URL to get the list of keywords in the content of the page, and their density

• Support for over 15 websites, including Bing, YouTube, Amazon, Google Search Console, Google Analytics.

19. Google AdWords Keyword Tool

google adwords keyword tool

Name: Google Keyword Planner


Pricing Plan: Free

This is a simple keyword tool with one of the most valid sources of keyword data for doing your google adwords campaigns. It is a good resource when seeking to get paid traffic through Google.

The keyword data you get here comes straight from Google which means you are getting accurate valid keyword information.

Some of its features include;

• Ability to download keyword ideas

• Having a thorough assessment of your adwords keywords and showing crucial details such as how much your competitors are bidding for the keywords you want to use

• Ability to group your keywords into ad groups as you run your ad campaigns

20. Google Console (Previously called webmaster tools)

google search console

Name: Google Search Console


Pricing Plan: free

Google search console has a keywords analysis feature but it is mainly about being able to manage your website in different ways like seeing your website performance in terms of traffic, the number of internal and external links and other technical aspects of your website.

You normally connect your website to this free platform provided by Google and then you can view and manage the various needing aspects of your website.

When it comes to keywords, Google search console helps you see which keywords on your site are performing well which can help you figure out a way to better enhance the content using those keywords as well as others on the site.

Some of its features include:

• A URL inspection tool that provides important details about your site directly from the Google Index

• Search console training that teaches you how you can optimize your search appearance on Google and increase traffic

• Getting alerts through email about any issues there are with your website

• Search analytics that help you see what issues bring users to your site

21. Trends in Google

google trends keyword tool

Name: Google Trends tool


Pricing Plan: Free

This is a tool that Google provides users with to help them see the trending topics and keywords people are searching a lot in Google. It also helps people know the trends of different niches over a period of more than a decade so that they can get a clear idea if it is a good topic to get into and make money with.

Some of its features include:

• Getting well detailed data points that have been divided by the total searches of topography and time range it represents to compare relative popularity.

• Access to a largely unprocessed sample of actual search requests made to Google

• Ability to make comparisons between terms by normalizing search data.

• Ability to see the locations where trending topics are hot for PPC marketing

22. QuestionDB

questiondb keyword tool

Name: QuestionDB keyword tool


Pricing Plan: free

This is a simple keyword tool that generates question-based keywords from threads on Reddit. It’s quite easy to use so anyone can use it.

The only other feature it has is API access.

And that is the list of the best keyword research tools.

Feel free to go through each of them and weigh the options and features that they come with and make a decision which is good for your specific case.

If you need any help related to keyword tools, just drop them below and I will be more than glad to give you a hand.

Cheers to finding a quality keyword tool!

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