Sellfy Review – Fully Detailed Review!

E-commerce platforms are a great way to make your store or business accessible to hundreds of people online. However, you need to put a lot of thought into the platform you choose to use to host your business so that it meets your needs in the most perfect way possible.

Having that in mind, if you have been considering Sellfy as a platform through which to sell your products and maybe don’t know much about it, this in-depth Sellfy review lessens your struggle because it will help you understand the platform better.

Through it, I will give you a detailed analysis of what the platform has to offer so that you know whether to work with it or not.

Having said that, let’s get started immediately.sellfy review

Name: Sellfy


Founders: Maris Dagis and Kristaps Alks

Price: varies with each plan

Rating: 87/100

What Sellfy is

This is an e-commerce platform that helps both individuals and businesses sell their products online in an easy way, whether the products are digital products, physical products, subscriptions, or video streaming services.

That means, if you have been selling products offline and want to expand your business online by getting an online store or a website with an online store, Sellfy can help you do that easily and fast.

They also help you take care of the hefty work that comes with running an online store (as I will be explaining in detail in a few minutes) so you don’t have to get stressed about hiring a website developer to take care of the technical stuff.

The service has been created in such a way that it caters to those getting started to sell their products online, those who already have an established website or a great audience thus proving itself as an option for all.

It was founded back in 2011 and through the years, it has grown into a big company that serves people across the world.

Sellfy has thousands of users globally who have used it to sell their products online and the number keeps growing as it keeps receiving more great feedback from its customers.

How Sellfy Works

Sellfy works to provide users with a place where they can sell their products to their online audience. Through the platform, you can either choose to create your store directly on Sellfy or connect an existing store or website elsewhere using their embed feature.

To sell your physical products, Sellfy will provide you with the check-out functionality that allows your customers to add items to the cart and successfully check out.

If the products are digital, Sellfy will help your customers get a download link immediately after the purchase and even send them an invoice to their email with a link to make download or access the digital products any time they want.

The platform will also send you the details of each purchase, including the personal details of the customer so that you can follow up with them in case of any issues or further promotions.

how sellfy works

You even get the opportunity to upsell your customers on other products of yours with time-limited discounts as they check out.

On the part of further promotions, Sellfy offers you the functionality to send emails to thousands of customers all at once and see how they interact with your email as well as how much of them actually convert into sales.

When it comes to dealing with orders of physical products, you still get the same functionalities as with the digital products, except you are the one who will handle the shipping and other tasks related to handling such products.

If you need a website, Sellfy will provide with you one and you can even connect a custom domain for branding purposes.

You get to have 2 checkout provisions, that is, PayPal and Stripe, to help your customers have an easy time purchasing your products.

Main Features of Sellfy

Sellfy provides you various abilities to make your online selling experience much better.

The platform’s features help with different areas of your store including; products, customization, marketing, integrations and payments, and security.

Let’s look at these features in-depth.


As mentioned earlier, you can sell the following items using the platform physical products such as hoodies, mugs clothes, or any other physical product you like, digital products such as ebooks, audios, and others, video streaming, print on demand products, subscriptions, and video streaming.


With Sellfy, you have the ability to create a mobile-optimized store, add a shopping cart for your customers, customize your logo sellfy featuresas well as other aspects of your store so that it’s unique to you, link your website domain to your store, and translate your store’s language based on your customer’s location.


Other than the upsell feature I discussed earlier, you also get built-in marketing features such as tracking pixels to help you track your progress, do email marketing as well as get discount codes.


You get embed features such as product links, use YouTube cards and end screens that you can add to your store and make it more dynamic, vet product cards, and use “buy now” buttons for your customers.

√Payments and Security

With Sellfy, you are able to block your buyers from sharing your product files online by offering them limited download attempts and do PDF stamping so that your customers get marked files that protect your property.

The platform also ensures buyers’ payment information is secured completely and payments can be made via Stripe and PayPal without problems.

Sellfy Customer Reviews

For the most part, Sellfy seems to be doing a great job for their users. Many people have given positive feedback on it in regard to their services.

Although, there have been a few complaints here and there about their customer support and lacking a few features like a wide variety of fonts, among others.

Let’s take a look at what the customers say about Sellfy:

The Positive Customer Reviews

“I adore that it was so natural to assemble my online store in less than a couple of minutes. Anything I required with help I got help with from the client support. I got the opportunity to make my store for my private venture so rapidly and it was fun in the meantime. I had the capacity to connect my site and web based life too and that was so useful to myself and my clients. I cherish the inherent email advertising, moment payouts and secure checkout.”

“Sellfy is an awesomely affordable and beautiful front end for all of your online-sales needs, especially if you are a DIY, Creative type. We love that you can easily set up a storefront, it’s seriously no hassle to do so. Pricing & maintaining your stock is easy through Sellfy and the social media integration makes this one of the best, if not the best tool for online sales.”

“Allows me to earn a living doing what I love, which is loving on and caring for others!”

“Sellfy has done an incredible job at giving the merchants everything they need without the clutter and downloading WordPress and using an e-commerce plugin. Everything is all there in one place. It took less than a week to get everything up and running!”

The Negative Customer Reviews

“They should update, add font types and listen more to the customer so that SHELLY can improve its interface.”

“The monthly starting price is great. But to become a publisher it jumps to $250, which can be a bit pricey when first starting out. Also wish there was a download limit for customers.”

“The only thing I really dislike is how it’s difficult to add an image to your product page. It sometimes takes a couple of times for the image to go through. Hopefully they can fix this!.”

You can read more user reviews here.

Pros and Cons of Sellfy

The Pros

~ The platform offers a 14-day free trial period for all their plans

~ It’s super easy to use

~ It offers a variety of great features for online sellingbuzzsprout good side

~ It helps users save money through its annual plans and with their features that don’t require hiring technical experts

~ It provides users with options through which they can boost their sales

~ It offers a 30-day money-back guarantee

~ It accommodates a variety of products

~ It provides a lot of integration options

~ Through it, you can easily embed your store to other platforms

~ It allows payment through a variety of different currencies

The Cons

~ Their customer support leaves a lot to be desired

~ It offers limited customization options

~ It allows only two payment methods, which are PayPal and Stripe

How to Use Sellfy

To get yourself started with Sellfy, here are the steps you should follow:

Step 1. Go to

Step 2. Click on the “Start free trial” button on the top right corner of the page, so that you can test drive the platform before committing to it.

Step 3. Create your account by providing your email, password, and name of your store. In the section where you are supposed to provide the name of your store, you should write the name of the store that you want your store to be known by. When you are done, click “Create my store”.

Step 4. Give more details about the kind of store you want to build on Sellfy by answering the questions provided that include; the niche you want to target, your audience size, and if you have a website or not, to name a few. Then click “Start 14 days free trial”.

You will be then directed to your account dashboard where you can now add the products you want to sell and further customize your online store.

getiing started with sellfy

In case you need help with any aspect of your store, you can always use Sellfy documentation (docs) to help you find your way around.

You can also contact the customer care team to help you out. Although they take some time before getting back to you, they always respond.

Some tips that can help you succeed with your online store include:

– Be as creative as possible when creating your store to help it stand out. For example, use beautiful colors that appeal to your customers and use a good font size and make your store easy to work with so that users are not struggling to buy products or access some areas of it.

– Commit yourself to providing great products because this is what will bring you more clients and get you good ratings. Also, offer great customer service for example by attending to their needs as quickly as possible and answering any questions they might have.

– Use social media to promote your brand. Social platforms give you more exposure. so you want to ensure that you are putting the brand out there so that it reaches as many people as possible thus ensuring its growth.

– Make proper use of all the features provided by Sellfy so that you be operating at your fullest potential.

Sellfy Pricing Plans

To start with, the platform has a simple pricing plan through which you get a 34% discount when you pay for your plans annually.

Having that in mind, let us look at what you get with each plan and also how much you are required to pay;

√The Starter Plan

Here, you pay $29/month but if you choose the annual plan, the 34%discount applies, and hence you pay $19/month.

The features you get include:

~ The ability to customize your store

~ The ability to connect your domain to your store

~ Up to 10k in sales each year

~ Discount codes

~ Limitless products

~ Zero transaction fees

~ Advanced tax and VAT settings

√The Business Plan

Here you pay $50 monthly and $39/month if you go annual, after a 34% discount.

The features you get include:sellfy pricing plan

~ Limitless products

~ Ability to customize your store as you wish

~ Ability to connect your domain to your store

~ Zero transaction fees

~ Discount codes

~ Access to advanced tax and VAT settings

~ Upto 50k upsells each year

~ Access to 10000 email credits

~ Free migration

~ Access to product upsells

~ Ability to remove Sellfy’s branding on your business

√The Premium plan

Here, you pay $129 monthly and $89/month, if you go annually.

The features you get include:

~ All the features on the business plan plus priority support and 50000 email credits.

NOTE: With all these plans, regardless of the one you choose you also get, multiple payment options, “buy now” buttons, a shopping cart, mobile-optimized stores, great analytics, and the ability to sell anything through the platform.

Competitor Comparision

Here we will look at how Sellfy compares to other popular sites such as Shopify, Magento, Shopcloud, Wix, and Big Commerce that also offers online selling services.

√Shopify vs Sellfy

Shopify and Sellfy offer the same services of being able to sell physical and digital products online with a lot of ease.

Comparing Sellfy to Shopify in terms of the specific features they offer, Shopify has a bit more advanced tools that give you the ability to market your products, have up to 15 staff accounts for your store (if you are a big business), and more.

But with extra features, the pricing plan is also more expensive with its highest plan at $299 per month and lowest going for $29 per month.

The lowest plan for Shopify is better than the Starter plan for Sellfy.

So I would recommend Shopify between the two.

√Magento vs Sellfy

This is a popular e-commerce platform that also helps you sell your products online and compared to Sellfy.

It has much more advanced features, for example, drag-and-drop tools that make it easy for you to come up with a new website and other resources for your customers.

They also have a marketplace where you can access more features to add to your store and website. These are just a few of the great features they have. There are much more that help you achieve various goals with your online business.

However, looking at the pricing, the platform is quite expensive since pricing starts at $1600/month.

So, due to the expensive plan, I would recommend Sellfy as a beginning point, and then when you are ready to spend $1600 per month, and you are getting good returns, you can then go for Magento.

√Wix vs Sellfy

This is a platform that helps you build, manage, design, and develop your site just the way you want.

You can also create an online store and design it with their various online store templates the platform offers.

Compared to Sellfy, the platform has slightly lower prices and offers you slightly higher customization features.

The best thing about it is that it offers features that can be used by beginners separately as well as for those established and well-advanced businesses thus making it a good option for both.

So in this case, I would personally go with Wix.

√Shopcloud E-commerce vs Sellfy

This is another e-commerce platform that helps you sell your products online and optimize your store so that it performs better and you are able to offer full services to your customers.

Compared to Sellfy, this one is expensive with its starting plan going for 50 € per month and it gets higher than that with the other plans.

It also offers plenty of advanced features such as more storage, better check out functionalities, and more payment options as well as shipping provisions.

In my opinion, Shopcloud is better for those people who are looking to have an online store that handles physical products for the most part due to its great shipping and delivery features.

Other than that, Sellfy would be great because it is also cheaper.

√Big Commerce vs Sellfy

This is a huge e-commerce platform that will help you create any kind of online store you want including a WordPress based website that you can use together with your store.

It offers different features for both beginners and advanced businesses including shipping, different currencies, backups, store optimization, digital wallets, social commerce, advanced development capabilities for your store, and more.

The features it offers are definitely better than Sellfy and its pricing plans are also affordable with the lowest going for $29.95 per month, and the highest for $299.95 per month.

I recommend BigCommerce here.

My Final Thoughts on Sellfy

Sellfy is a great and legitimate platform that you can comfortably use to sell your products online.

I think the platform is best used by beginners because it offers just the right features to get started with your online store and thus if you have an already established store hoping for more functionalities, this might not be the best option for you and thus you should try out a more advanced option like Shopify or BigCommerce.

All in all, if you are fully decided on using the platform because maybe Sellfy meets the needs of your business and gives you the extra features that are crucial for your particular business, feel free to take advantage of the program.

And this is where my Sellfy review comes to a screeching halt. 🙂

I hope you have now known what Sellfy is all about and if it makes the best match for your needs.

Let me know in the comments what you think about it.

If you any questions about it, please drop them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

I wish you the best as you make your online store a success! 🙂

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