Receiptpal Review: Does it Really Work?

Trying to discover a new way to earn some extra cash? The receiptpal app offers you exactly that.

Wanna know exactly how? Read on this receiptpal review to find out essential aspects of the program such as what it really is, how it operates, what is included in their program, the benefits of using it, customer reviews and complaints, its cost and my final thoughts on it.

And with that, let’s get to it.

Name: Receiptpalreceiptpal review

Owners: NFD group


Cost: Free

What It‘s Known For: Paying people for submitting receipts.

What Is Receiptpal?

This is a shopping app that allows you to earn points as well as real cash by uploading your shopping receipts.

The app is available on Google Play store as well as the app store. So you can get access to it with any device you have. You are also advised to frequently upgrade it for a better experience.

The app was developed by the NPD group back in December 2013.

The NPD distributes receipt information to companies, then based on this information, the companies can make better business decisions.

They accept receipts from Travel, Grocery stores, convenience stores, entertainment, online retailers like Amazon, restaurants, gas stations and sporting goods stores, among a few others.

So if you have a receipt from any of these stores, do know that receiptpal accepts them.

How Receiptpal Operates

Here is a brief but detailed summary of how you use the app.

* Get a smart phone.

* Go to google play store or app store and download the app.receiptpal reviews

* Register and connect your email address with receipt pal to help in the collection of your e-receipts.

You should have an email with the following extensions to benefit from recieptpal; Gmail, AOL, Hotmail, Outlook and Yahoo.

* Go to shopping as usual and snap a clear picture of your receipt.

* Upload the picture to their system.

* Start accumulating points which you can later redeem and also get cash.

Please note the following;

* Once you join the company and become a new user, you get 100 points cards once you join.

* After this, you are handed up to three new cards for you to fill every week.

* Five is the maximum number of cards you can have, though you will be allowed to submit as many receipts as you like each week.

* You will earn two sweepstake entries if you do two of these things; One, if you submit a receipt when your points card for the week run out, and when you submit any extra receipts to the sweepstakes card in addition to the weekly limit (20 receipts per week)

* Receipts should be submitted within the week of purchase.

* The expiration of your receipts is determined by the submission date.

* Also, you should note that there are recipes that the company marks as “unacceptable receipts”. These include the following kinds of receipts:

  • Receipts with a “This is not a receipt” statement
  • Receipts with blurry images
  • Handwritten receipts
  • Receipts for returns
  • Bankdrafts/checks, money orders, ATM receipts
  • Screenshotted receipts
  • Receipts missing important details such as the purchase date or name.

Redeeming Your Points

The app allows you to redeem your points once you reach a certain amount of points.

For this, what you need to do is visit the rewards section of your ReceiptPal app to see how many points are needed to redeem the reward you want to get.

Then, you should go ahead and redeem the reward if you have enough points.

The Benefits of Using Receiptpal

1.Provide users with the opportunity to earn some extra cash

Even though the cash is not something steady, you get some extra cash which could help you sort out a few of your

2. There are no limitations to where you shop

You can shop anywhere you want. All you need to do is shop as usual and then upload your receipts so that you can get cash and rewards.

3. Works on both IOS and Android phone operating systems.

This means that you are not limited and can use the receiptpal app as long as you have a smartphone.

4) Offers users the opportunity to redeem points and get gift cards.

Gift cards can help you get whatever you want and it’s possible by submitting your receipts!

The Downplays

* There is no referral program. This means your earnings are limited to only uploading your receipts.

A referral program is important because they generate leads to a company which can actually help a company grow, not forgetting they will increase the motivation for the users to invite their friends.American online jobs reviews

* You can loose all the points if you are inactive after a period of 90 days.

This can be frustrating especially because if you worked so hard to get the points. This is something I feel the company should work on.

* If you are a new user you get limited to submitting twenty receipts per week. I think people should not be limited since this is something the company has committed itself to and therefore should not add any limits to it.

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Video Reviews

Here is a video you can watch to help you understand more about the app. It is from a user of the app.

Customer Reviews

There are mixed reactions from people on the app and most people approved that the app is actually legitimate.

There has been complaints, however, on how the app works and to get a deeper view of that, here is what people are saying.

Positive Reviews

* It’s a great app and a good way to earn some extra cash.receiptpal customer reviews

* The app works well and is easy to use.

* Loved the app because of allowing people to redeem points for gift cards.

* The app is legitimate.

* Great customer service (for some)

Negative Reviews

* Poor customer service (for some)

* The app intrudes one’s privacy because of requesting for access to certain emails on order to cash out.

* Updating the app messes it up

* Time limit on receipts is annoying

*  Issues with the newly updated version

The Cost of Using Receiptpal 

It’s absolutely free to sign up with this app so if you are serious about the app you don’t have to worry about its affordability.

My Final Thoughts

This is a legitimate app that allows you to earn off your shopping receipts.

I think it’s an amazing opportunity for anyone interested in this and for that I recommend it.

However, if you are going to sign up with the app do so having in mind that this is just to supplement cash and not to earn a full time income.

I think having that piece of information will really help you avoid disappointments and high expectations.

If you want a more sustainable way to help you make money online that can pay your bills and become a full time income for you, I strongly recommend checking out my #1 recommendation.

I make a full time income every month with it.

Anyways, Receiptpal is a good app to earn a few extra bucks, if that’s all you want.

And this is where I take my rest in regards to receipt-pal.

If you have questions, concerns or comments about it, please leave them below and I will definitely shoot my response right back. 🙂

I hope the best for you!


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