Opinion Miles Club Review: Great Opportunity?

Do you love travelling? Are you interested in earning airline miles that will help you travel more? There is an opportunity for you in the Opinion Miles Club.

How exactly? Well, you just have to keep reading this Opinion Miles Club review to find out.

To start with, I will be reviewing this company and what it offers you with regard to, how it works, what their program entails, its benefits, customer reviews, its cost and my thoughts on it.

So without taking up much time, let’s get to know it more.

Name: Opinion Miles Clubopinion miles club review

Owners: Not Known

Website: www.opinionmilesclub.com

Cost: Free

What it Does: provide airline miles

What Opinion Miles Club is

This is a website that offers people the opportunity to earn airline miles by answering surveys.

So what are airline miles?

They are travel points offered by a loyalty program through credit cards or airlines. 

They are mostly dependent on how much you travel because that is how they accumulate.

However, in Opinion miles Club, they accumulate through filling out surveys.

The company is legitimate therefore if you are interested and you travel a lot, this could be a great chance for you to gather more points and get the rewards.

It targets companies or organizations that would like their services to be more exposed to people in order to get feedback and also people that love travelling and would like to earn airline miles. 

How it Works

Here is how this company works;

* Firstly, you have to become a member of Opinion Miles Club.

Which is free and all you are required to do is provide the necessary details when you join.

The details required include:

  • Your mileage plus number, which is a must have.signing up to opinion miles club

It is a loyalty flyer program mostly ran by the United Airlines.

  • Personal details e.g name, email address to help complete your profile with the company.

* Start receiving survey invites.

This will be done through your email so you have to keep checking.

You get invites depending on your profile.

So once a company has a survey that matches your profile, they invite you to participate in it.

This website works with corporations around the world so, the surveys you will be receiving will contain topics on products and services or even with giving feedback on businesses in general.

An average survey will take around 10 to 25 minutes to complete, and will award you a certain amount of miles.

 * Answer pre-screening questions to determine if you are qualified to take the survey.

So, if you pass, you get accepted and if you don’t, well, there are other surveys you can try out.

* Once you get accepted, you earn 300 award miles when you complete your first survey.

These miles, are now perceived as a type of virtual currency which you can exchange for free trips, flights and other forms of entertainment with airlines that belong to the MileagePlus program, such as Copa and United Airlines.

Am sure you will have a lot to experience with this company.

What Opinion Miles Club Entails 

Other than the surveys, the website also has a referral program whereby if you refer people to the website, you get awarded with more airline miles.

I wasn’t able to get accurate details of how many people get you how many points, but the company really does have a referral program that you can take advantage of.

You can also participate in sweepstakes, which are held after a certain period and you could get awarded with additional bonus miles.

The Benefits

1. The website is available worldwide so long as you have Mileage Plus Account.

This exposes the company, the brands involved more and allows many people to participate in the program.

2. It’s free to sign up

This makes it easy for more people to access the program because it’s affordable.

3. The company has a privacy policy

We talked about the importance of a privacy policy in a previous post but in case you missed it, here it is;opinion miles club data protection

A privacy policy is a legal document that shows all of the ways any given entity discloses, uses, gathers and manages a customer or client’s information.

This private information could be when a person was born, phone number, email address, ID number among other important details.

Therefore, a privacy policy is important because it assures users of a website that their personal information is protected.

4. The website does not limit the number of airline miles to be transferred to your account.

Your accumulated airlines will be transferred to your account immediately no matter how many they are.

5. The company helps you prevent your points from expiring.

Once you complete earning miles and surveys, you are able to keep your award miles in your MileagePlus account available for use and fresh.

So by actively completing surveys, your award miles will not expire.

Downplays of The Website

* The company does not offer anything else apart from airline miles.American online jobs reviews

This means that you do not get neither cash nor rewards such as gift cards. You are only offered airline miles.

* It’s only for people with Mileage Plus Loyalty Program.

Therefore, to get started with the website you have to register with the program.

This limits people.

* It’s very easy to get disqualified for a survey.

And it makes things hard for people but surveys can be a bit difficult in this area.

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Cost of Joining Opinion Miles Club

Opinion Miles Club is free to join so it’s absolutely affordable.

People’s Reviews on Opinion Miles Club

Unfortunately, I did not encounter reviews by people who have used the website.

I don’t know why there aren’t any yet but if you have been there, please share your experience with us in the comments.

My Final Thoughts on The Website

This is a good website for people who are passionate about travel and you can be sure that it is not a scam.

I did not like the fact that one cannot earn cash using the website because this limits users to one thing, but that won’t be a problem for passionate travelers.

If you wanted a program that will help you make real money, enough of it that you can rely on to handle your bills, pleasure and more, then I highly encourage you to try out my #1 recommendation.

I have been personally using it for years now and I have to say that it’s awesome. I make a full time income from home with it.

And that is all about Opinion Miles Club.

Let me know if this review has been helpful.

Also, if you need help with any questions regarding this company, please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


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