My Jaaxy Enterprise Review, Why Its My Favorite Keyword Tool

Jaaxy enterprise review

Keyword research has been my norm for years now. I am always doing it whener I’m looking for a new business venture. And it just amazes me whenever I delve into a new niche and see just how many opportunities lie like that, untapped

But you see, for many years now there has never been any quality keyword research tool you can entrust your research to get you keywords that will get your website the top spots on the search engines.

Most of the ones I see coming up, never provide reliable data you can use to determine your campaigns.

They only provide metrics and graphs that don’t mean much to you, and often overwhelm you with statistics that will make you want to sleep.

What Conventional Keyword Research Tools Use

Let me save you the hassle, if you want to know the keyword research tool you are using is not going to amount to anything useful, check if it:

1. Has any relation with Alexa.

2. Won’t give you stats for all search engines

3. Bases its estimates on the PPC campaigns out there.

4. Has to be installed first before you use it.

5. Takes a couple of searches to get a single task done.

6. Has graphs and charts.

7. Is crowded with fluff.

If it has anything like this, please sign out and never use that tool ever again. Because you have been taking up much time getting data that won’t be of any help to you and your site.

What Really Matters in Keyword Research

You see, there are actually only 5 things that count when looking for a good keyword, and these are:

• Keyword competition

• The search volume of it

• If you can get a domain of the keyword

• If it makes sense

• If it naturally fits in the article

If you want to know more about the factors I’ve mentioned, you should check out how to do keyword research for content marketing

And for the years I’ve been on the research tools, I have never seen any other tool do it better than Jaaxy.

This is one tool that gives very accurate results. It literally goes through the whole competition and search volume in all search engines and brings them to you on a silver platter.

And I can tell you upfront that, this is quite a daunting task, and no other tool out there is willing to do all the hectic work for you without having you pay hundreds or sometimes thousands of dollars per month for it.

But this tool has done it and presented to you in the simplest way possible without graphs or charts to confuse you or the extremely high prices.

In fact, it has added a few other awesome features that sweeten your whole keyword research experience and see that you come up with a huge list of keywords you can’t possibly exhaust within the next 3 months or more.

My Favorite Features in Jaaxy

Personally, there are some features of jaaxy I use almost every day that makes things easier for me. Am talking about:

Keyword competition – This gives you the basic but essential information you need on a keyword your competitors are using. It helps you know why they are ranking so well.

Keyword lists – Jaaxy generates a list of great keywords you can use on your website or even sell to folks who are having troubles getting them. This gives me more to write on than I need, and it saves me the effort to go look for them manually.

Site rank – This shows me where a post or page I wrote on certain keywords is ranked in Google. And it shows me who has ranked above me, and what they have done to achieve that.

Other valuable features you get in there include:

Website SERPs – This gives you the data you need for other sites that have ranked on that particular keyword you are trying to rank for. You get details like metadata, word count and keyword density among others which you can use to outrank them.

•  Search History – If you were in a hurry as you were doing your research and probably forgot to save the keywords you found interesting, you can retrieve them using this feature.

To do list – This lets you save the keywords you have decided to use for your campaigns. You save them and then get back to them when you are ready to create content.

Keyword research training – Personally, I was trained to do research in Wealthy Affiliate, so I didn’t need this. But if you are a newbie or have been really struggling with your past attempts, I strongly recommend you watch them, they simplify everything for you.

Affiliate program – If you are into affiliate marketing, this feature helps you know which affiliate programs are great to use for your specific niche. You will often find the common ones like Commission Junction, Amazon, LinkShare, Clickbank and more.

Brainstorm – Want to get the latest feeds for your niche? Get them here. This section gives you the trending topics on most social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linked in, as well as Amazon and Google.

A Quick Illustration of How Powerful Jaaxy Really is

With features like these, I can walk into any niche and make a full time income with it, without having to have prior knowledge of it. For instance, I took on two random niches I know nothing about, I mean NOTHING! And in seconds I was able to generate a ton of keywords that can jumpstart my business and give me good ammunition to keep me on this for years to come. I chose:

1. Dog accessories

2. Pet nail grinders

I went to Jaaxy to get keywords for this, and look at what I found for the “Dog Accessories” niche.

Jaaxy keyword tool

This took me about 10 seconds, and I already have more than 5 keywords that I can jump into, and use as pages on my site and generate 100 keywords for each category, and this can keep me working for many years and get a full time income off of it, all using Jaaxy.

And now for the “Pet Nail Grinders”

Jaaxy review

You see? 11 more keywords. And this is more keywords than I want for a single week. And if I can broaden the search on these topics, I can get more results. And this shows just how effective Jaaxy can get when you want to try out a new niche, especially that which you don’t know a thing about. Imagine the kind of results you would get for a niche you knew well?

Jaaxy Pricing – Choose what best fits your pocket!

You are going to get a variety of price points of this awesome tool depending on the level of a marketer you are and your pocket.

Whether you are just starting out, or you have been into research for a long while and know the benefits of a good keyword research, or you are a power marketer who wants the best research, you get to have a plan that minds your specific needs.

And this means you can choose what you feel is right for you and get to benefit from it. There are basically 3 accounts:

1. Jaaxy Starter Account – Totally Free

2. Jaaxy Pro Account – $19 a month or $199 a year (This is a limited offer that won’t be staying up long)

3. Jaaxy Enterprise Account – $49 a month or $299 a year (This goes back to $69 a month and $699 a year after a short while)

Choose the Pricing Plan Best for You Here

I have chosen the Jaaxy Enterprise for my campaigns because I like saving time for other tasks on my site. And if you too want the same brilliance, you should get that too.

But if you are not decided what to go for, I would suggest you take the free account first and see if the user experience makes you happy, to know what step to take next.

If you are on a tight budget and still want something powerful, Jaaxy Pro is what you need. Although it isn’t as fast as the enterprise account, it will save you a huge amount of time to do more optimization for your website.

Something I forgot to mention, this tool works online. So you don’t need to install it to start using it. If you have internet access wherever you are, you can use it, even on your tablet or smartphone.

Want to get started with your research on Jaaxy? Type your keywords below.

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