Lucky Day App Review: All You Need to Know!

There are so many apps that are being developed for fun, business, diet and so many other things on a daily basis.

The bottom line is, apps are loved by most people.

They make life much easier and also, help us enjoy life a little bit more.

On that note, I am guessing you have heard of the Lucky Day App and want to find out if it’s worth your time or not, right?

First off, I want to assure you that you are at the right place and also promise you that this review will be very useful to you on this topic.

In this Lucky Day app review, I will help you find out what the lucky day app really is, how it works, what is included in their program, its benefits, the customer reviews, cost and discount and lastly, my final thoughts.

And with that, let’s get started with this review right away.

Name: Lucky Day Applucky day review


Cost: Free to join

Owner: Joshua Javaheri

What it‘s Known For: Awards, prizes and cash to play lotto games.

What is The Lucky Day App?

This is an app that allows its users to enter into a lottery and win money by scratching lottery tickets and also enter raffles and sweepstakes to win.

It is available on App Store for IOS devices and on Google Play store for Android devices.

The app mainly targets two sets of people, that is, people that love playing lotto games and brands that seek to market their products through ads.

This is why once a person plays three scratch cards, an ad runs before playing the fourth card.

The app was launched in 2015 by its founder Joshua Javaheri, a young man in his early twenties.

How it Works

Here is a simplified summary of how the app works:

* Go to the App store (if your device runs on IOS) and Google Play Store (if you are on Android) and install the app.

* Register with the company using your email address or Facebook account.

* Start using the app to add credits with your account by playing.

* Use the app on a daily basis so as to win cash prizes of up to $100,000 and gift cards from Walmart, Dunkin among others, which are only possible if you are in the US.


  • At 12 am pacific Time (PT), new scratch cards are added for you to lucky day works
  • At 6pm PT, bonus scratch cards are added for you to play and win.
  • All lotto winners are announced at 7pm PT.

All your earnings are sent through PayPal.

They have a minimum cash out limit of $10.

You could earn tokens through watching videos, surveys and offers.

  • For the surveys: Number of tokens you earn are determined by the surveys you complete.
  • For watching videos: You earn 1000 tokens.
  • For offers: You have to download a game app and play it for a certain amount of time or maybe reach a certain level so as to earn more tokens.

What is Included in the Program

Once you open the app every day you are awarded free credits.

All you have to ensure is that you open the app each day.

Also, if you refer your friends, you get a free bonus from the app and get to earn five play credits.

Benefits of The Lucky Day App

* They have a privacy policy. This means that all the information you give them as you get started with the app is kept safe.lucky day app advantages

So, this was good on the part of the managers of the app because users know that they can trust the company behind the app.

* It’s a fun game to play. The game is exciting as it keeps you interested so you won’t get bored and even offers you really awesome winning opportunities.

* Lucky day app is free. So you don’t have to worry about paying anything whether at the start of using the app or at any other point while using the app.

They are many more other advantages that come with using the app such as;

* More people download the app hence it is used by more people and has gained fair popularity. So you can be sure there are other folks like you enjoying the app.

* People get to test everything out about the app and decide if it’s something they want to keep or discard. And you do that without spending a dime.

* It’s an engaging way to spend your free time.

So, instead of feeling bored during your free time, why not try out the app?


* It takes a while before you can cash out real money because most of the time you will only be awarded tokens.

* The ads in the app can be really annoying as they keep disrupting the activities of the app.

* Most of the prizes are only available to US citizens.

However, the company promises it will do its best to ensure prizes are available everywhere.

Video Review

Here is a video review to give you more insight about the app.

User Reviews on Lucky Day App

The positive ones:pro's of lucky day app

* A person said that the app is a fun one to play with and recommends it for sure.

* Another person said it’s not a bad game and likes that the quality of prizes seems better.

* There was also another person who said it’s a good app because it’s free.

* Another person said it was fun to win tokens.

* There was also a person that said that is addictive in a good way.

Negative Reviews

* A customer said that the app is a waste of time and feels like a fool for installing and therefore will be uninstalling.

* Another customer said the app should not be allowed on the app store.

* There was also a customer that said the app is a scam.

* Another customer said that he has been stuck under $10 and it feels like forever.

Based on what I found out, most of the people who complained about it never gave any reason why, except for one who based his complaints on the difficulty of hitting the required threshold for getting the rewards.


It is absolutely free to download the app so as to whether the app is affordable should not be a problem.

My Final Thoughts on Luck Day App

This is a good legitimate app but not a great one.

This because the app is fun to play with as well as entertaining and so a good way to utilize your free time.

However, cashing out could be a real struggle and therefore if you install this app, I recommend that you do so knowing that.

There is a possibility that you could cash out some little money but it takes a long time to reach the minimum cash out amount and some prizes are not for people outside the US.

Therefore it’s okay to be hopeful but also keep that little detail at the back of your mind.

And that is all about this app.

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And you can do it too if you follow what I have said about it in this review based on my personal experience.

Kindly leave your comments and questions below, if you have any, and I will definitely get back to you.

Hope you have a fun experience with this app. 🙂


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