Lilla Rose Reviews: Should You Go With it?

Hair products is a very lucrative Industry. I have seen people make millions out of hair products and it has a lot to do with people wanting to always look good.

Are you interested in the hair business and would love to make cash from that? Lila Rose may be the opportunity for you and through this Lila Rose review, you will find out exactly how.

I will help you learn important things about Lila Rose such as, what it really is, how it works, what comes with the program, its benefits, user reviews, its cost and my personal thoughts on it.

Let’s dive right in.

Name: Lila RoseLilla rose review


Cost: Hairpins range from $10- $25

What it Does: sell hair accessories

What Really is Lilla Rose?

Lilla Rose, Inc. is a company that offers hair accessories and jewelry.

Some of their products include hair pins, hairbands, rings and hair sticks. They also offer earrings and necklaces.

The company started out by selling these products in farmer’s trade shows and markets.

And after many struggles with little but constant success in these events and in retail stores, the company became famous to what it is now.

Lila Rose targets two types of people, those looking for quality How lilla rose worksaffordable hair accessories and those interested in hair accessories who are also looking for an opportunity to make money.

It serves the interests of these people by providing beautiful hair accessories that are affordable and in many varieties for all hair types.

For this reason, Lilla Rose becomes a good place to shop for your hair accessory needs and also get to earn those extra dollars.

The company was founded by a man called John Dorsey and his wife, and is located out of La Habra, California.

They have been in this business for the past 27years. With this past record, it is clear that they are here to stay.

How Lilla Rose Works

To get started with Lila Rose, you first have to buy a start up kit.

The first kit that you purchase is called The Party Kit, which costs $49.95 and it includes:

* 1 table-top banner

* 5 Flexi hair caps

* 6 products catalogues

* 6 opportunity brochures

Once you get all these, you will be given a website which customers can use to buy from you directly.

The other kit is called The Show Kit, which costs $99.95 and includes;

* 1 sizing and styling DVD

* 10 opportunity brochuresHow Lilla rose works

* 1 large show banner

* 50 styling sheets

* 4 products catalogues

* 1 black tablecloth

* 2 display racks

In terms of earning with the company, here is how much you can make as a consultant:

1. If you simply want to try out the opportunity part time, then these is how you make cash;

  • If you sell below $200, you will get  30% commission. 
  • If you sell $201-$500, you will get 35%. 
  • If you sell $501-$1,000, you will get 40%. 
  • If you can sell more than $1,000, you get 45% of what you make.

2. If you want to work with the company on a full time basis, then you get the same commissions I mentioned above but you are in a better position to earn bonuses as well as being offered more inventory.

What Comes With The Program

The company has a referral system whereby if you refer people to the company, you make a small commission off their sales as well as your own. 

You will start by earning 7% of the earnings of the people you bring in and an extra 3% if you bring two or more people and they start making money on their own.

The Benefits

* The company allows you to make some extra money.

Even though the cash is not something steady, you get some extra cash which could help you sort out a few of your needs.

* It is a legitimate company.

Therefore don’t worry about anything that pertains payment or their legitimacy.

* The products involved in this company are beautiful and of high quality products so you won’t have a hard time working with them.

* The commissions involved in this company are great and will see you get that extra cash.

The Downplays

* The products are not in the category of basic commodities to most American online jobs reviewspeople. So you might have a hard time selling them.

* You won’t make a decent amount with the company. So please do not quit your job to do this on a full time basis.

* The company offers not so good promotion methods. I don’t know about you but I have never really liked the idea of hosting a party just to pitch products to your family and friends.

* The investment costs involved are a bit too much.

Cost of Joining

I have listed all the costs involved with the company in the sections above.

User Reviews on Lilla Rose

Positive Reviews

This is what users who are happy with the program say (mostly women):

* She loves working with the company because it is easy to work with, generous, loves their compensation plan, does not charge a monthly fee and actually cares for consultants. (A lady)

* Had a positive experience with the company. The products are good and of quality and is generally a good business for her. (Another lady)

Lilla rose customer reviews

* It’s an amazing company. This is because they put those they work with and for first.

Negative Reviews

And here is what those who didn’t find the opportunity any good said:

* The products are too pricy.

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My Personal Thoughts on The Company

Lilla Rose is a legitimate company with quality products and a good compensation plan that is possible to work with. 

This is a rare thing for most MLMs and that is one of the good things about this company.

However, I think that to earn a full time income selling their products could take a long time and that is why you need to take time and think if it’s an investment you want make.

If it is, then go ahead because it is legit!

However, if what you want is a program that can help you build a full time income that you can rely on, then my #1 recommendation is something you may want to work with.

I have been personally using it for some years now and it has turned out to be very lucrative for me.

And that is where I rest my case on Lila Rose.

Leave your thoughts, questions and comments below and I will be happy to respond. (I actually respond faster than you’d think. Try me 🙂 )

Also, if you have had an experience with the company, you can post it below and it will surely help those that want to know what it’s like to work with the company.

Hasta La Vista baby! 🙂


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