If you are just starting out with keyword research and want to get yourself a good keyword research tool that will never disappoint you, then you want to read this to the end.

Also, if you have been in the keyword research game and have been struggling with the tool you haveDoing good keyword research been using thus far, you also want to listen to this.

As a person who has been within the online world for a good deal of time, and who has gotten the chance to try out a variety of keyword tools, I will be telling you things you need to know about keyword tools and will also be revealing my personal favorite keyword research tool as well as how I go about getting the best keywords that help get my content on the first page of Google.

It is something I had to think twice about sharing since you might be my competition and might beat me, but hey, lighting someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours any dimmer, right?

So hop on and let me take you through my keyword research success strategy.

Before Anything Else, Some Gist of Keyword Tools

If you are a beginner at this, you want to pay close attention. And am sure people who have been on this will agree with me on this, keyword tools can be very complicated at times.

You hear about a new keyword tool, jump on it and can barely get a single useful keyword to leverage.choosing the right keyword research tool

Every keyword tool you will find out there is very different to any other one. There might be a few similar features, but for the most part, you will need to take time to understand how the one you have settled for works exactly.

The other thing is, not all tools out there offer the best research experience.

Some are better than others, and the effectiveness of each may vary with the individual.

You will find other tools with many good features that make your research experience better that are based on keywords only  while other may have extra features like backlinking, ads analysis and more that top up the keyword research feature they offfer.

A good example of this is a tool like SemRush.

It is good but offers many other aspects like backlinking analysis, traffic analysis, product listing ads, reports and many others outside of keyword research.

And if you are someone who does not need these extra features, the tool can be both expensive and overwhelming for you.

That is why I personally opted to go for a keyword tool that is solely dedicated to keyword research and has aspects that only revolve around keywords.

And as you might imagine, there are very few of these online, and even fewer that do a good job.

Now to My Personal Favorite Keyword Research Tool

I did quite some deep research about the best keyword tools that are only keywords based and I didn’t find many good ones that were accurate with keyword analysis, and that had worthwhile features that gave more quality keywords that had not yet been tapped into.

The one tool I settled for which I really loved was Jaaxy.Jaaxy keyword research tool

You may have heard about it somewhere, or maybe not.

This tool, I have to say has the best keyword experience you will not find anywhere out there.

It has the most accurate results on keyword competition and traffic.

It also has really amazing features that help you identify the best keywords for your website or blog, helps you save a list of keywords you have gotten and even separate them into categories, as you’d like.

And I have barely scratched the surface of it.

It has been my go to tool for years now and it has never disappointed me at all.

A Deeper Look into Jaaxy Keyword Tool

Jaaxy has a lot to offer when it comes to features, and if you wish to know about every feature and get to know what they do and how to make the most of everyone of them, I have done a thorough review of the keyword tool for you.

Be sure to read the Jaaxy keyword research tool review – my personal favorite

It has pretty much all the information you need on Jaaxy.

How to do Keyword Research With Jaaxy

I would like to demonstrate how easy and fast it easy to get a good number of keywords within a few minutes with Jaaxy. This is the main reason why I have always used it since I knew about it.

And I am sure you are also going to agree with me on how awesome the tool is.

First and foremost, I have gotten a plug-in for Jaaxy for you that will help you try it out it with me, right here on this post.

Please follow what I do and do it yourself using the Jaaxy tool below.

Here is Jaaxy keyword tool.

Say I am into fashion, and in the ladies wear niche, to be specific. I want to get like 5 keywords that I will be creating content around for a whole week. And I want them to be good keywords that have high traffic and low competition.

This means I have to be careful with the keywords I choose because they are what will determine my success.

Now I get into Jaaxy and start my research.

This is exactly how I do my research:

Step 1: I think of topics I want to talk about on my website. (Since it is a ladies wear niche, I can choose to talk about dresses for petite women)

Step 2: I get into Jaaxy and type in the phrase “dresses for petite women”. And then I click the blue “Find Keywords” button.

using a good keyword tool

As you can see there are many aspects on this topic I can talk about. I can choose to go with evening dresses for petite women, maxi dresses for petite women, short dresses, cocktail dresses, wedding dresses and even sun dresses. Those are more than 5 aspects. They are all relevant and interesting aspects I can talk about, and this is awesome. (But we are not done with the research)

results from jaaxy tool


Step 3: Look for the best keyword in each aspect. Personally I have some guidelines I use to help me narrow down to the keywords which I know will be rewarding. These guidelines include ensuring I go for a keyword that:

– Has an average traffic of over 50 (the “avg” column should be above 50)

– Has competition below 100 (This is the “QSR” column. Doing this makes it easy to rank on 1st page of Google)

– Makes grammatical sense. The keywords should be able to work as a title and make sense to the readers. (You don’t want to go for a keyword like “casual dresses petite women”. Instead, you should try adding the word “for” between dresses and petite to get “casual dresses for petite women”  which will be more understandable to readers.

With these 3 factors to lead me, I will take each of the aspects and search them. Starting with the first aspect, I will search for something like “evenig dresses for petite women”

And you can see the results, I already have my first keyword.

Analyzing good keywords

”Evening dresses for petite women”

It has an average traffic of 160, and competition of 31.

Going by my guidelines, the traffic is above 50, competition is below 100 and it make good grammatical sense. It has actually gone above my requirements, which is fantastic!

Now, I will click on the box before the keyword to select it, and an option will come up to save the keyword. You’ll see it between the “keyword” and “avg” column and it is in blue.

how to save keywords on jaaxy

Click on it, then select “New List” on the left to create a new list for the keyword.

Then type a name for the list to help you remember and identify it from your other lists. Since I’m working with a ladies wear niche, I will name it “Ladies Wear”.

adding keywords to a list

Then click on Save to save the keyword.

saving keywords to a list

And you are done with your first keyword.

Then rinse and repeat this process with the other aspects to get the other 4 keywords.

With that, you are done with your keyword research!

In less than 30 minutes, you should be done with it. And now you have more time to prepare to build really good and quality content on the keywords to help you rank well in the search engines.

What I normally do is, when I am done writing an article for a keyword in the list, I remove it from the list so that I’m left with the ones that need my attention.

And when I’m done with all of them, I delete the list and create a new one with new keywords.

And that’s pretty much it!

I believe you have seen how easy it is to get a list of high quality keywords with Jaaxy. And with the other features, as I have explained in my review, I’m sure you are going to fall in love with it as I did.

Be sure to look through the other features and test them out as well to see how effective they really are.Please don’t forget to let me know about your experience with them.

I wish you a happy and fast keyword research with my personal favorite tool!

If you have any comments or questions about the tool or keyword research in general, am always at your disposal. Just shoot your comment below and I will get back to you in the shortest time possible.

I’ll be here waiting. 🙂