Iwriter Reviews – My Favourite Article Writing Service!

This is a detailed iwriter review for those clients who wish to know more about iwriter with the hope of requesting articles to be written for them soon.

I have been in iwriter for 3 years now, both as a writer and as a client, and I thought it wise to help other clients know what to expect in iwriter and share with them the deep insight they need to have as they request articles there.

Due to my double experience there in both areas, I believe I will serve to be useful to you in helping you know the whole experience of iwriter and what to do to get the best content every time.

My iwriter review will be looking into aspects like what Iwriter is all about, how it works, what is included in the writing service, Iwriter reviews from other customers (clients), why iwriter is my favourite platform, how to use Iwriter to order content, and the costs.

So let’s get immediately into the review.

Name: IwriterIwriter Reviews

Website: www.iwriter.com

Price: depends on the content you want

Best known for: ordering content and articles

Overall rankings: 95 out of 100

What is Iwriter?

Well, this is a website that brings together people who are looking for writing jobs and those who are looking for people to write articles for them.

It helps the writers get work and be paid for writing articles ordered on the website and also helps clients looking for articles from top-notch writers get them and have articles written for them.

So it is more like a win win situation.

Writers get writing jobs, work on them and get paid, clients order articles in iwriter, pay for them and then get good content for their websites, and the Iwriter platform gets paid a small fee whenever articles are ordered and purchased.

See what I mean?

If you have been on alternatives like Freelance, Elance (now Upwork), or Fiverr, then you should know things there work pretty muchIwriter Reviews the same in Iwriter, except for the fact Iwriter delivers faster and in a much better way than all the others.

Iwriter was created by Brad Callen, who happens to be a really creative internet entrepreneur. He created iwriter in 2013 and has other online based programs that he is also running.

Frankly speaking, based on my deeper knowledge and personal experience with other article writing services out there seen as iwriter substitutes, iwriter is by far the best writing platform you will find.

And I will be showing you why I say that in a moment.

How Does it Work?

The main idea of iwriter as I had earlier mentioned is bringing a client who wants articles together with a writer who wants to be paid to write.

And when it comes to the client part, there are few things you need to know and do to have awesome articles written for you.

Starting with the things you need to know, there are different levels of writers within iwriter. And they categorized according to their level of expertise.

Here are the 4 categories of writers in iwriter:

Standard Writers – These are the lowest category of writers. They are perceived to be the least experienced writers as far as the system is concerned.

They have either written more than 25 articles and have been rated poorly due to their poor writing Iwriter Reviewsskills, or have not yet written a total of 25 articles since they joined iwriter.

Ideally 25 articles with a rating of above 4.1 star ratings out of 5 stars are the requirements to be promoted to the next level of iwriter.

Premium Writers – These are better writers than the standard. They have passed the requirements and have been promoted. Their writing skills are sharper and more fluent.

These writers need to have a total of 35 articles written since they joined the writing platform and get a rating of 4.6 star ratings to be taken to the next level. Others may have written more than 35 articles but their ratings remain poor, while the rest are well on their way to getting the promotion.

You pay fairly cheap for their articles.

Elite writers – This is the second best level of writers. Here, the writers have satisfied all the requirements in premium level and have been promoted.

Their work is much better and efficient than the premium writers. Premium and Elite levels are the most popular categories clients prefer getting articles from.

I also have a writer in this level who works for me, and writes affiliate marketing articles for me, his username is Humbleone. He is quite a fluent and sharp writer with a talent for accuracy.

You can see his account here

To go to the next level, the Elite Plus Level, an elite writer needs to have written a total of 40 articles with an overall rating of 4.85 stars. You pay a bit expensive for these writers but you get a well done job in exchange.

Elite Plus Writers – These are the best writers but also the most expensive ones.

If you want straight shooters in content writing, these are the ones you should go for. They handle huge projects like ebooks, programs, affiliate marketing system reviews, and any other complex content you want.

Their level of skills and language is great but most clients cannot afford them, me included. But if you are wise, you can get good content like theirs at a low cost.

What is Included in the System

Well, for clients, there is so much to take from iwriter. I say this because there are many provisions that will favor you, if you know how to work them out properly.

And I will be delving deeper into that, in this section.

Here are the great things you will get with iwriter:

Messages Platform – Here, you can communicate with your writer and plan how you will be Iwriter Reviewsworking together. For example, I talk to my writer and tell them how I want my articles written in detail.

Also, when he is available for more articles than what we have set per day, he will communicate to me and I will send him more articles to write, which is really benefitial to me.

But you are not allowed to share your contact details to your writer, or you will banned. The owner of Iwriter encourages people to use the iwriter platform only.

Writer’s Ratings – You are able to see how a writer has been rated for the previous articles they have written, which helps you see how effective they are in their work.

When you click on a writer’s username, you will see their bio, and their ratings for each article they have written before. Getting my favourite writer, I would go for those writers who have had constant 4 star ratings and above.

The better the ratings consistently, the higher the chances of getting a writer who will work great for you.

Last Log in Feature – This feature came in just recently together with the new beta version of Iwriter Reviewsiwriter. It was launched late in 2017, and the platform looks like an online app now.

It helps you see when a writer was last logged in their iwriter account.

And it helps you know how often they go to iwriter to work there. You can also know how many articles they have written through the year by looking at the “Activity” column.

This comes in handy if you want to get a writer to be working for you consistently.

Why It’s My Personal Best Article Service Program

I have lots of reasons why I chose iwriter to be my personal content ordering system, but I’ll try to focus on the major ones because of time.

Here they are…

1. The Writing Speed is Mind Blowing

If you have tried getting articles on Freelance, or elance, or even odesk, then I am sure you are going to fall in love with the service at iwriter.

Unlike those sites I have mentioned that take days to have a single article written due to bidding, talk less of landing a skilled and reliable writer, iwriter takes a maximum of 5 hours to have the longest article written (4,000 words).

There are many writers looking for articles, so yours will be fought for, once you submit the order. This is what we were doing when I was a writer.

2. You can work with a specific writer

There are articles called special requests. These are articles you want to be written for you by a specific writer you feel understands your taste, and not just anyone who sees it.

For this, you only create the order and them tag the writer you want to write for you, and the article will be sent directly to their account.

This will help you have what you want so easily, and that is what I do with much convenience. This helps you keep the tone and style you want with your articles consistent throughout, which is beneficial to your readers.

3. You can hire a writer permanently

If you have a long term project where you want a continuous flow of articles everyday, you can count on iwriter to give you that.

For instance, I could use my writer for as long as I want. After we have agreed on the articles I would want him to write for me per day, we will just get to work and keep at it, until I say it’s enough.

If you have a huge project, you can still hire a team of writers to be writing content for you.

You just assign each writer their work, and in the evening, you simply log in to your account to find the article written.

Nothing is more enjoying than this, it feels like walking into your company and find all the office work done while the employees wait for you to give them more work.

Iwriter User Reviews

Every single day, hundreds of clients request articles in iwriter. In fact, I tried counting articles that get ordered every hour and saw that they come to an average of 120 articles.

And they don’t stay there for more than 5 seconds (if you are a good client), because writers are many and want to write so that they get paid.

What I’m simply implying is, many clients are using iwriter because it is fast, convenient and reliable.

And to prove what I’m saying, here is a screenshot of how myself and other clients have rated my favourite writer.(As you see, there are many 5 star ratings, which means he’s doing a pretty good job)

Iwriter Reviews

These are testimonials for iwriter and the writers there.

See? The services here are just epic!

How to Use Iwriter to Get Good Content Written for You

When you want to order articles, there are certain things you need to remember. They will help you get the best writer who will deliver something that will make you happy.

Here are the things I’m talking about:

• Work with writers of your budget. If you are on a low budget, work with the standard writers, if you can manage elite plus level, use them. Each level has a skilled writer. Trust me on this.

• Within each level, make sure your article has been written by someone with average ratings above 3.5 stars for the 5 previous articles they have written. It’s the best way to narrow down to the most skilled.

• Seek to use the same writer(s) oftently and send them more special requests. They will love you and treat your articles with great concern.

• Make sure you approve articles soon after they have been written and make the payments, don’t delay. Approving faster and immediately paying the writer wins you trust and makes them give more priority to your articles than for those who delay.

• Always give your writers a 5 star ratings. If they have done mistakes, send them revisions and a message to correct them, and remember to be gentle. Never rate them badly.

• Treat the writers as you would want to be treated. Have a brotherly compassion and you will see them go beyond your expectations.

• Don’t pay less and ask for more. It’s not fair and you will be avoided.

If you do this, you will never regret the kind of service you get in the system. Your articles will never be delayed and you will always smile when you see the good work done.

How to Order an Article From Iwriter (Step by Step)

Here, I will show how easy it is to order content from iwriter, amd I will be taking you through it step by step. It is the same procedure you should use to order your first content and then some.

Here we go.

When you login to your iwriter account, you should upload money in your account through PayPal, which is very easy. You will be directed to PayPal from iwriter to add money to your account and you will add the money with a single click.

When you are done, this is what you should then do:

Step 1. Click on the “Order Content” button on the top menu.

Iwriter Reviews

Step 2. You will find a short video showing you how you can order content. It goes deeper into the specifics of ordering articles. You can watch it or skip the video to go the order page.


Step 3. Once you are in the order page, you should fill out the details on the page according to the budget you are on and the kind of article you want. (Complete the whole form)

Iwriter Reviews

Step 4. If you have your favorite writers, you can tag them as you order the content so that it is sent to them specifically.

Iwriter Reviews

Step 5. Click on the “Place Order” button and your project will be created and sent to writer listings to be written.

Iwriter Reviews

Step 6. After about 5 hours login into iwriter again and see if your work is done. If it is, go through it and see if it has been done as you requested.

If it is perfect, approve and pay immediately. (You can also tip the writer with more money if you feel they did a really good job)

If it is close to what you wanted, ask for revisions so that the writer can improve it better for you to approve it. (Revisions take a maximum of 2 days to be completed)

If it is completely poor, you can reject the article and it will be taken to the listings again to be written by another writer.

Step 7. Download the content and use it for the purpose you intended it for.

Cost and Payments

Well, the cost you pay for the writing service depends on the length of articles you want written and the category of writers you want to work with.Iwriter Reviews

Ideally, in the standard level, you will pay from $1.25 to Iwriter Reviewsabout $30, which is for articles with length starting from 150 words to 4,000 words.

For the premium level, the costs goes from $2.75 to $60 for the same lengths.

For elite level, you will pay from $4.25 to $80.

And for elite plus, you will really be investing in it, as you will pay from $11.25 to $1,000, and there is no limit to what you want to pay for, as far as it is above the lowest set price for each length.

Choose your best level of writers here

Iwriter Really Rocks!

I am confident you have seen how iwriter can save you the stress of getting your articles delayed or looking for writers you can hire on the long term.

Personally, based on my experience with the writers in there, there is really nothing to complain. Things have been going smoothly for me and I really appreciate it.

Sometimes, I will even tip the writers who have done the best job and who have gone beyond what I asked for.

I advise you to take your content orders to iwriter and have everything done for you as you focus on more demanding tasks. It’s time you relaxed and let all the writing hassles taken care of.

Order your first article in iwriter here

I believe I have been of great help as far as shedding light on this website is concerned.

If you want to know how I make upto $2,500 per month’s with articles I order in iwriter you should read my #1 recommendation here

If you have any questions about it, please let me know in the comments and I will be more that happy to help you out.


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