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iwriter reviews

If you are looking for iwriter reviews that will give you a deep look into the client’s side only of the iwriter writing services, then this is the review for  you.

I have been working in iwriter for almost two years now and from what I’ve been seeing happen everyday, I am sure I’m going to tell you all there is to know about ordering articles in iwriter, the best way to go about it and how to get the best experience possible.

So without any more delays, let’s delve into it…

Iwriter Overview

Basically, iwriter helps clients get the best writing experience that greatly supercedes other writing services on the web. The site gives the requestors the cheapest price possible, with as low $1.25, you can have a quality and well optimized article written for you.

Something that thrills most requestors like you is the writing speed. Many Iwriter alternatives will often give you a long turnaround, with most going upto 5 days to a week, which is a really long time to wait for a single article. But the good thing about iwriter is that after submitting an article, for just $1.25, you get your article done in only 2 to 5 hours.

And you even have the ability to choose to keep the article or reject and have it back into the article listing, to have someone else write it. So you only get to work with what you are fully satisfied with. You can also hire long term writers to be working for you, without having to submit an order not knowing what to expect.

By going through a writer’s work, if you are happy with their work, you can add them to your favorite writers’ list and get to have them write for you on a daily basis, if you want. In a nutshell, iwriter gives you an upper hand in getting getting articles with an interesting experience that no other sites like Iwriter are willing to give you.

Join Iwriter here and see what I’m saying

What is iwriter?

Well, as a client, iwriter is the best writing platform to get quality and highly optimized articles from among the most accurate writers on the web. If you are a webmaster and are often too busy handling other website adminstration work, and can barely spare an hour or two to create content on your website, this is where you need to go get that content work done for you.

The owner of iwriter is Brad Callen, who runs the main Bryxen Software Inc. which houses iwriter. This site has been around for 6 years now. It was launched back in 2011 when Brad saw how long it took to get good writers to write content that was urgent.

And being a requestor who wanted regular content written for him, he couldn’t find any writing platform that could give quick service, with cheap prices and quality assurance, which make up a quality writing services program. So he created iwriter, providing all these, to fill in that gap.

How Does it Work?

how iwriter works

Working with iwriter is very convenient. You don’t have to wait for days to weeks to finally get good and creative content created for you, like other services.

In iwriter, you can open your account and have more than 10 articles written for you, that very day, in fact immediately after you have opened your account. There is always a huge number of writers waiting for projects.

And to get more practical with this, let me walk you through how you should go about ordering an article in iwriter.

Firstly, you need to have account with iwriter before you can do anything. This is where you will log in into every time you want to order any article, add a writer to your favorite writers list, or approve an article that you had ordered. So first things first, sign up for an account here

After that, you will add money to your iwriter account from your PayPal account, so that you have enough to get your articles written.

From there, you will go right ahead to order an article or the batch. And to do this, you will just have to click on the “Get Content” button on the top menu.

order an article in iwriter

After clicking on this, you will be taken to a new page where you will get an instructional video giving you much of what you need to know about the getting content written for you, providing the clearest details of each article to make it easy for the writer to understand your specific needs and deliver just or more than what you need.

submit a project in iwriter

After you’re done with the video, you should click the “next” button. This will take you the page where you feed in the details of the article you want written.

Have articles written in iwriter

And to kind of boil things down for you, here is exactly how you should go about filling out the form:

Project type : This is where you choose the kind of service you want. You can have articles written, request article rewrites, have Kindle books written or even ebooks. So you have to choose what you want correctly, and this will appear on top of the project, once it has been submitted to the listing where writers will see it. (If you feed this wrongly, most writers will ignore it)

Project Description – This is where you add in some few words about the project you want to submit. You can write something like ” I want a fitness article written” or the like to give the iwriter an idea of what you want just by a mere glance.

Category – You get a list of categories to chose from. You will only have to click on that which is relevant to your project. If it’s about losing weight, you should choose the “health and fitness” category. And this is actually quite intuitive and am sure you won’t have problems choosing.

Article Length – Here is where you choose the amount of words you want your project to be of. There are options for 150, 300, 400, 500, 700, 1000, 2000, 3000 or 4000. Ideally, if it’s an article for your website, you should go for 1000 to 2000 words as this is the ideal length. But based on your desires, you should work with what fits you best.

Article Language – Writers form iwriter are  from different countries speaking different languages, which is another advantage iwriter has over its competitors. The 4 mostly used languages are English (US and UK), French, Spanish and German. But If you want an article in Chinese or any other languages, there are writers waiting to write for you. You only have to indicate the actual language you want your article in.

Submit to: This is where you get to choose the kind of writers you want to handle your work. There are 4 levels of writers, each with their own benefits. And these include:

• Elite plus Writers

These are the highest level of writers. They’ve written over 40 articles (others more than 20,000 articles) and have gotten overall ratings of above 4.85 stars out of 5 stars. The articles they write have the best engagement, best optimization, and of highest quality. They also deliver in the quickest time possible, oftently half of what is given them or less. But you will have to pay slightly higher than all the others because of their outstanding services.

• Elite Writers

These are the second best after the elite plus writers. They have written more than 35 articles since they joined iwriter, and have gotten an overall rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 stars, meaning they are topnotch writers. These will also deliver high quality articles, with good optimization that will give your article first page rankings, with deep engagement and make it more informative, with no fluff. You also have to pay a bit more higher for them.

• Premium Writers

These are third best writers on the platform. They have written a minimum of 25 articles with an overall rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 stars. Their articles are great, with deep research and creative development of the article. Here, the prices are lower than those of elite and elite plus writers, which make a good fit for those requestors working on a budget.

• Standard Writers

These writers are of the lowest level. But it doesn’t mean that they give the poorest work. what happens is that these writers have written a minimum of 10 articles with an overall rating of 3.4 stars out of 5 stars. And this typically means that they just joined iwriter a short while ago, and they are waiting to write more work to be promoted to the other higher levels. And because of this, they are the cheapest to hire, going for as low as $1.25 for a 150 words article.

Keywords – Here is where you give the keywords you want your article to be based on. You can give one or more, but make sure that you don’t give a huge list of them as it may be hard for most writers to work with, unless they stuffed them into the article, which is highly unethical.

Total Project Cost – Based on the levels of writers and the amount of words for the article you want, you are going to get the total project cost calcuted for you. This cost is what you will need to pay to get your article completed. And the higher the amount of words you choose, together with the higher level of writers you choose to see your project, the higher the price you get to pay for the article.

Writing style – Here you choose the style you would want the writers to use on your article. It can be a friendly tone, professional tone or any other you feel is right for your project.

Article Purpose – Here, you should explain where you will be using the article so that the writers can best understand how to phrase the article to best suit its actual destination and give you many more benefits.

Special Instructions – If you have some special instructions you would want to make the writers aware of, here is where you slide them in. If you hate bullet points or huge chunks of text or anything else you feel you need to bring to the awareness of the writers, you should ask the writers not to use them, here.

Submit a Project to a List of Writers – I mentioned about having a list of writers you order articles from. These are called special requests. And If you added a few writers to your favorite writer list, you can tag their names here so that the article is sent directly to them and they are made aware of the pending order of your article through emails to have them log into their accounts and write the articles immediately you submit a project to them.

This saves you time and fear of getting a poorly written article from someone who’s never for you before, or even get delayed for days. And I highly advise you to work with a team of writers, if you always want good work that won’t disappoint you. Just choose from the writers who’ve written for you and be sending them your orders.

After you’re done filling out this form, you will then just hit the “submit” button and your article will be sent to the writers.

Pro’s and Con’s

The Pro’s

• You can order an article with bare minimum of $2.

• You can a hire team of writers for a long term project.

• High quality articles that get best rankings.

• You get custom created content that suits your exact needs.

• You get a quick turnaround on all articles you order.

• You can add writers that made you happy to your list and give them special requests, which only they can see.

• Friendly and quick to respond support team.

• Easy and fast to order articles.

• You get a variety of article lengths to fit your needs.

• You can reject any work that doesn’t fully satisfy your needs.

• You can block the poor quality writers from seeing your projects.

• NO hidden upsells and catches.

The Con’s

• If you reject articles continuously, writers will start ignoring your projects.

• You can’t order from elite plus writers with less than $12

• You can’t work outside iwriter with any writer.

• You can’t share any contact information with your writers within iwriter, if you do you will get your iwriter account banned.

• India and some few other countries had been banned from using Iwriter due to violation of iwriter terms and conditions. (Some were later accepted back)

Iwriter Reviews 2016

Want to see what other people like you, who have been there in 2016 are saying? Perhaps the services and the app? Well, I got the chance to look into some requestors’ personal reviews of iwriter, and as I’m saying, iwriter is what you have been looking for all this while. Here are some few other folks to back that up:

proof that iwriter worksiwriter personal testimonialsiwriter personal reviews


The customer service of iwriter is perhaps the best there in the content writing services industry. They have a quick email support that will solve every issue you have with your account. I have even see them send a reply within minutes, if you send a support ticket within the working hours. And they will give you a practical solution which you can apply and solve your specific problem. And if you still have troubles with the same thing, they will do it for you from their end.

They also have a messaging platform that lets clients communicate with their writers, discuss more about upcoming projects, ask questions or even chat about articles. Although, as I mentioned earlier, you are not allowed to give or ask for any contact information to and from your writers or else your account will permanently banned.


Well, the prices in iwriter vary from one level of writers to the others and from the amount of words you want your article to be of. But at a general glance, the least you can pay to order an article from iwriter is $1.25, for a 150 words article in the standard level. And the highest you can pay is $260 for a 4,000 words article in the elite plus level, this is for a goal oriented person.

You are also allowed to set an amount for yourself that you’re going to pay for your article, if you really want the article’s value to be even higher, provided it’s above the minimum amount set for that particular article, it is all okay.

Final Verdict

If you look at the way iwriter has given the writing services on the web a new face worthy of staring, you will see that it is really set to help clients get what they want with whatever they have in their pocket. No other site offers less than $5 for an article of any kind, and with the same quality of service the client expects.

The quick and helpful support together with the strict terms and conditions that may seem too tight at first but work in favor of everyone, shows that iwriter is a serious website that looks to help both the writers and clients have a wonderful working experience, which is what we are all after, right?

So is iwriter a scam? Definitely not!

This company is by all means legit and ready to help you out with your writing projects as you handle the more demanding technical aspects of your website.

Submit a Project in Iwriter

Iwriter Summary

Name: Iwriter

Website: www.iwriter.com

Price: Down from $1.25 all the way up

Owner: Brad Callen

Overall Rankings: 96 out of 100

Have you used iwriter services before? What was the experience like? Can you recommend it a friend? Do you still use it? We would like love to hear your thoughts. Please leave them below to get the discussion going.

And if you need help with ordering articles in iwriter you can just drop a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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