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iwriter review

If you are client who wishes to know iwriter better before you start ordering articles in it and would want a quick, updated yet detailed review of the system, you can read my iwriter review for clients.

Read the detailed Iwriter review for clients here


Going by the little time I have spent in iwriter as a writer , I believe am in a good position to give a non-biased review of iwriter.

There is one thing you should note though, based on the reviews I have been seeing online, I have come to note that, you are going to find many reviews on the web that are biased and some very honest.

I boldly say this because personally I have seen some saying that iwriter is a blatant scam and it stole or has rather been stealing their articles and selling them, while others will say it is not free and it asks for money so that you can get started with it.

And there are those who will give a string of enldess complaints about it. But others will say it is legit. This means that, if you have not yet joined iwriter and gotten to get the experience of it yourself, you might be somewhat confused on which review to believe and to work with.

This review is meant to help shed the real about this freelance writing service website and get you to understand it’s real gist.

So let’s set off to the detailed description of iwriter.

iwriter reviews

Name: Iwriter

Overall Ranking: 95 out of 100

Owner: Brad Callen

Website: www.iwriter.com

Who Iwriter is for

As you all know, iwriter is a freelance writing website that is meant to help people with writing articles for the web.

So this means for it to run, there are the clients and the writers. It is also for affiliate marketers who would like to earn through referring people to iwriter. Let us take a closer look at these 3 kinds of people who are fit for iwriter.

1. Clients

These are people who are running websites and blogs and are probably not able to write articles due to various reasons like not having the time to write since they’ve got lots of work on their hands or probably not having the proper writing knowledge and skills among many other reasons.

So these clients take the opportunity to ask for articles for their websites from the site’s writers at a fee.

2. Writers

These are experts who have vast experience and skills in writing highly optimized articles for different niches for the clients, and basically help them get their articles good rankings that will bring in lots of traffic for them. In return, these writers get paid to do that.

All the writers are usually tested to prove themselves perfect for the job, that I can assure you. There are usually very strict writing expectations over there.

3. Affiliates

Aside from requesting and writing articles, Brad Callen, the owner, has made a provision for affiliates to earn money through promoting iwriter.

Iwriter has got the best freelance writing services in the world and no other service can match to it, in terms of speed and reliability, which means it is very easy to promote it and start earning.

Through doing this, you get to share the profits the website will get from the clients at a rate of 50%. This deals sounds quite fare going by the quality services offered there.

So ideally, you can see that iwriter is the meeting point for writers and clients to trade articles for money and for affiliates to make money promoting Iwriter.


There are many features that have been put in place to maximize the general experience and produce the best out of the two key sides, that is the client’s and the writer’s side. And I would like to take this opportunity to discuss each feature bit by bit.

I am going to breakdown the features in to 2 categories:

1. Pages

2. Distinct features

1. Pages

There are 5 pages in iwriter that have been created to elevate the services, some are for the clients and some for the writers. And these pages are:

• Homepage

iwriter login

This is where you are directly taken to as soon as you register, that is sign up for an account, or login to your created account. Everything about the pages in iwriter are here in a nutshell.

I am going to highlight some details of the homepage as we will be discussing them in-depth later on.

So, on the:

–  Top left corner, there is the star ratings for the writer and the client

– Top middle part, is the messages feature, where you get messages sent by writers and clients.

– Top right corner, is the current account balance, where you see how much money you have in iwriter. (In dollars)

– Below the star ratings, is the complete process of how to order articles from iwriter, that is for the clients. And each button is click-able to perform a specific function they’ve been assigned.

– Next to it, is the complete process of how to write articles for clients in iwriter. Again each button is a link to perform the function it denotes.

– Below the client’s details, there is the  favorite writer list, this is for both the writers’ and clients’ use.

If you have gotten a writer who has made you happy with the work you had ordered, you can add them to your favorite writer list and then be ordering articles only from them. And as soon as you do, they know it.

– Next to that is the “Get your affiliate link” feature which allows virtually everyone to get an affiliate link to promote Iwriter and then get a 50% cut from all the profits made.

– Below that is the welcome message and the details of how to get your way around iwriter based on your intentions.

– Then beside that is how you can earn as much as $15,000 for a single article.

– You are also going to see the “I’m on these favorite writer list ” list.I

–  On the far left of that is the “statistics for clients ” showing various categories of articles requested by them.

– Below that is the statistics for the writers showing them different categories of articles that they have or are currently working on.

– Beside that, there are 2 tutorial videos for both the clients and the writers on how to achieve their intentions. This is a step by step walkthrough.

– And then below that is the list of the “most prolific writers” and the “highest rated writers” who give quality work in minutes. They are the elite + (plus) writers.

– And finally below that you will find pages directing you to the “terms of use”, ” privacy policy “, “About Iwriter”, “FAQs”, ” API ” and finally the “contact us” page.

And that is what the homepage entails. If you didn’t get any of the features quite clearly, don’t worry because I will talk about them in detail later on 🙂

• Get Content Page

This page is for clients. This is where you get to request articles from writers. When you click the “Get Content” page you are taking to a new page where you can:

– View your current balance.

– Add money to your iwriter account from PayPal.

– Request articles. And if you want to get articles written, there is a short video that illustrates how you should  do that the easy and the best way. After you have watched the video, you should then click the “next” button to place your order.

– When you click the green button, you are taken to a table-like page, where you are to give details of the articles you want written for you.

And if you watch the video that shows how you should order articles keenly, you will fill in the table quick and perfect and then get the article on the wiring listings, where writers can view and write it.

• Write Content Page

This page is for writers. When you get in there, you are going to see the list of articles that have been ordered by clients. The articles have been classified according to the level of writers. Ideally there are 4 levels of writers:

Basic or Standard Writers – These consist of writers who have just joined, the ones that have not written over 25 articles and the writers who have low ratings from the articles they have already written.

I would want to say that this is the lowest level of writers who have little or no experience in writing at iwriter.

As is see it, this level was made for the clients who want their articles written for little cash. You can hire a writer from this level with as little as $1.25 for a 150-words article and a maximum of $21 for a 4000-words one.

After spending good time there, you will come to see that it’s well worth the level.

2) Premium Writers – These are the writers that have passed the basic level. Here you will find writers that have written over 25 articles and have gotten overall ratings of above 4.2.

This means that at least each article was rated above 4.3 which is a good thing but a hard one to achieve.

These writers are hired with as little as $2.75 for a 150-word article and $60 for a 4000-word piece. This level contains writers with almost twice as much skills and experience as the standard ones and that is why the cost is also twice as much.

3) Elite writers – These are more better writers than premium and the standard. They have written over 30 articles and have gotten an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5. It means that they got atleast a rating of 4.7 for each article which means they are fantastic!

These are the writers who can write a 4000 – word article order in just an hour or so. And in this hour a topnotch research will have been done and the article well written with no typos and with high quality English or any other language.

But along with the professionalism comes a bit higher costs. The minimum you can order article with is $4 for a 150-word and a max of $80 for a 4000 words.

4) Elite Plus Writers – These are highest level of writers. Most of them have written over 2,000 articles and have gotten overall star ratings of above 4.8 of 5, which means that each article got either a 4.9 or a 5 star rating.

These are the kind of writers that will deliver more than 5 articles in three hours or so. Their writing speed is amazing, their mastery of language and their content gives you the assurance of getting first page rankings.

These writers are being hired everyday for long projects by people who want awesome content and they get to finish the work within hours.

I have seen one of them who is able to write atleast 20 articles in a day, deliver best articles and are given a rating of 5 starts for each. The cost for these writers is the highest as it asks for $11.50 for 150 words and $260 for 4000 words worth of content.

So you can see that iwriter is able to accommodate both clients and writers from all walks of life for all the purposes and needs of everyone.

• Contact Us Page

This serves both the clients and the writers. It is where you get immediate assistance when you are experiencing problems with your account, with articles or if you want to enquire something that is within iwriter.

The support team is friendly and their response time is amazingly fast.

In this page, you are only required to give the subject and the message itself. You don’t need to give your name and email as they already got it. Soon after that, you submit the support ticket and them wait for their response.

You should note that there is an automated message response that is set to make you aware that the team has gotten your message and they are working on it. It is used to show you that problems are solved immediately you submit them.

This is wonderful for a writing services-based site.

The following pages are at the bottom of the site, check them out. They will enlighten you more on iwriter.

• Terms of Use

This is a page that gives more info about iwriter, how they give their services to all the users in their site in terms of:

– Access to their site

– Restriction on use

– Propriety information

– Hyperlinks

– Submissions

– Disclaimer

– Limitations on liability


– Trademarks

– Information you provide

– Security

I would highly recommend that you go through everything in order from you to know what they expect from you so as not get into the bad books of site as they have been expressed.

• Privacy Policy

This is the page that gives information on how iwriter collects and uses the information that is provided by the users. Things like cookies, caches and all that is discussed there.

• About

This page talks to the writers and the clients. And in this, they outline why you as a writer or a client should request or write articles in their website and much more of such. There is pretty awesome stuff there.

• FAQs

This page entails all the frequent questions that writers, affiliates and clients might have about iwriter, be it when people are paid, how to update your acount information, how to see your stats as an affiliate and all that.

Basically, what might be running through your mind right now has already been addressed herein.


This is a page that elaborates more about how to interact with the APIs provided by iwriter to perform various tasks. And this API calls provided can be used to:

– Check your balance

– Archive projects

– download articles

– Get pending articles

– And so much more

You can continue reading more of this in the API Page.

And that is it with the pages. Going by the stuff in the pages,  I believe you can see how much this website is loaded and how dedicated it is to give top quality services to all the users. Let us move on to the next part.

2. Distinct Features

In this section, I will be walking you through different features that have been provided to increase the engagement, productivity and professionalism. And these features are:

• Ratings and Rankings

This feature is found at the top left hand side of the site. Here, if you mouse over the green stars you are going to see your overall ratings. But if you are new, that is if you joined today you are going to see a deficit.

If you have been working for a while, you will be able to see what ratings you currently have. When you click any of the four orange stars below the green ones, you are going to know whichof 4 level of writers you are in and how to get to the next one as well.

If you happen to click on the green stars above the orange ones, you are going to be taken to the articles you have already written, have been approved  and have been rated by the clients or writers.

This helps you to keep track of your skills and how you are doing, not to forget how you can improve based on the reviews you are given by those whom you’ve worked with.

• Inbox ( Messages)

Next to the ratings is the inbox feature which helps clients to communicate more with the writers and vice versa. If you are a writer and want to write an article that has no clear instructions, you can contact the requestor by sending them a message.

Personally, this feature has helped me build relationships with many clients as a writer and have been able to get clarifications on articles and my writing style from them, which has paid me over time.

You can see below the messages I have been communicating to my workmates with, that is with my clients and how they have responded promptly.

• Current Balance

This is an e-commerce feature that helps everyone view the balance that they’ve got at that specific time.

When you click on the balance, you will be taken to the 30 recent transactions you have had in your account, whether purchasing articles or selling them.

There is also a “Add Money” provision where you are allowed to send money to your iwriter account from PayPal. There is a very secure server that helps you submit the payment effectively and with all the confidentially you need.

• Favorite Writer List

This is a section set apart for writers to be put by the clients who are happy with their work. If you are a client and make an order, you are allowed to put a writer who wrote a perfect content in your favorite writer list and also get to give him a tip.

This means that if you put like ten writers in the list, you can be directly getting articles from them, through special requests.

A special request is an order that you place to your favorite writer and no one else can write it other than them.

Personally, I find this section very powerful as it can help clients to have a community of writers to be writing daily for them and still help writers to get a permanent job where they don’t need to go to the articles listings to scramble for articles.

• Statistics for Clients

This is a feature that helps clients monitor the way their articles develop. And in this, you as a client get to see the:

– Articles you have requested upto that present moment since you joined iwriter(All of them)

– Articles that are being written that time.

– Articles that have already been completed

– Articles that have not been completed.

This feature helps you track the movement of the articles in your account so that you are in time to approve and pay for the articles that are done or even ask for revisions where you deem necessary.

• Statistics For Writers

This feature comes in handy for writers as it helps them keep watch of everything they do with all the articles they get involved with. And to be more specific, there are stats for:

– The special requests that have been sent and have not yet been handled by the writer.

– The articles written since the writer created an account with iwriter.

– The articles in draft, the ones that have been chosen for writing but are not yet completed.

– The articles pending review, articles that have been completed, submitted to the client’s account and are awaiting approval.

– The articles that have been approved and paid for.

– The articles that have been rejected due to various reasons.

Articles may be rejected due to spamming or spinning  content, stuffing keywords, plagiarism, poor quality, lack of natural flow, poor language mastery and such. So if you are a writer you would want to be careful with what you write and be dedicated to creating substantial content.

• Most Prolific Writers

This is a list of the best writers in iwriter that have done awesome jobs for long periods of time. The list is of writers who have written over at least 5,000 articles and have gotten a rating of above 4.5 stars out of 5.

These writer are most likely hired on a daily basis and receive lots of special requests and do it in time. They are in the elite plus level and hiring them cannot go below $12 for the least a 150 worded article.

Along with their high cost comes high grade work that guarantees you top rankings.

So if you are a client that is looking for a writer who will deliver fully researched articles that have at most 2 hrs turnaround, you need to go through the list and pick the one you feel will satisfy your needs.

• Highest Rated Writers

This is another list of the writers who have had high ratings consistently. They have written articles with every one of them going above 4.85 stars.

What this means is that they have got a good understanding and interpretation of the client’s needs and expectations and they are well able to deliver that in great lengths.

They are in the same level with that of the most prolific writers only that they have not written as much articles as the prolific ones have.

Clients are highly advised to hire such writers for quick, easy and fantastic experience.

• SEnuke Xcr

This is a distinct feature of iwriter that allows people, mostly writers to have articles that will give them much more payouts than what they would get when writing for clients.

It involves a training session on link building and submitting content to different places all over the Internet and get regular payments from just one article.

Although you should note that this is program only for iwriter members and it’s a paid program also with a clean 14 days trial to get a good hang of it.

There are countless awesome features to help you do it but and make a living out of it. You can learn more about it here.

And that is all there is to all the features that make iwriter the best freelance writing site in the whole world.

Atleast every categories of users, the writers, the clients and the affiliates are well catered for compared to other writing sites out there.

Pro’s and Con’s of Iwriter

The pro’s

• Iwriter never delays it’s payments. There are 4 payment dates there, and that is every Tuesday, every other Wednesday, the 5th of every month and the 25th. The payments are sent to PayPal before daybreak, (in my country)

• It is very easy for clients to have more than 70 articles written a day. The writers there are many and highly qualified.

And no articles can stay more than 5 minutes without having been taken up by writers. So this should give the clients confidence that their articles will be handled, with immediate effect.

• Every writer has the opportunity to reach eny level of writing as he or she wants. If you work hard as a writer, you can get to the elite plus level in just a matter of weeks and start earning some few hundred or thousand dollars.

• The support system is surprisingly fast and accurate. If you shoot a problem to the support staff, you will get a well detailed reply in minutes.

• Writers get to rate the clients as the clients rate them. This makes it very easy to know the best writers and clients and work with them happily.

Also the ratings in terms of percentages are displayed on the clients’ profile in the listings area for writers to know which clients are good to write for.

• Iwriter shows the approval time of a client. Approval time is the time a client takes to approve articles that have been submitted to him or her. This helps the writer know for how long he will have to wait before the article is approved.

• Iwriter keeps on evolving. The user experience is being upgraded regularly for optimal conditions of effective working.

They recently upgraded their website and now it’s functioning twice as much better than before.

• Poor writers are being banned from iwriter everyday. There is a system that iwriter works with to help eliminate the writers that don’t have what it takes to deliver quality content.

They say that if a writer gets an average rating of less than 3.2 after 5 articles and a rating of 3.4 after 10 articles, he is automatically banned without notice forever.

This helps the clients not to have their time wasted with writer that don’t have the right qualities of a good writer.

• They give the clients the chance to ask for revisions to the articles that have not been thoroughly checked or researched and have them finished up by the same writer without any extra charges.

This helps the writers to reduce the chances of having their articles rejected or having their accounts banned for simple mistakes.

• Clients there generous enough to give tips to the writers of even upto $50. If you impress a client as a writer, you have the chances of getting tips on a daily basis.

• Special requests pay the writers a bit higher than the normal price to motivate them. I find this strategy very enticing for writers to work hard to get tips and special requests.

• Writers can write as many articles as they would wish to. If you are able to write even up to 30 articles a day, you can gladly do it and get promptly paid. Iwriter doesn’t give a certain limit for writing or requesting articles.

• If a client rates a writer poorly and the writer feels that justice was not served, he can contact the support team and get the team to review the article and give him just ratings. (I have done this for a number of times)

The Con’s

• Clients can give poor ratings to writers without any reason and get away with it. Although the ratings can be changed, I think iwriter can do something to reduce these clients who have the habit of underating writers just for their own satisfaction.

• If you are a writer and your account is banned permanently, the money you had earned can not be given to you if had not reached the withdrawal limit. Your money is gone! Like forever.

• Some countries have been banned from writing in the website due to some few people’s irresponsible behaviors. There are writers from certain countries who can’t write because they were banned after some crafty people tried to spam and cheat their way into the site.

• Some clients and writers can easily insult you and get away with it, (although I have seen some comments being deleted by the admin.)

Ideally, you can see that the pro’s outweigh the con’s. And as it is with everything, there must be a few problems here and there, nothing is perfect!

What matters is what you are doing to reduce the extent of the imperfections you have, which in this case iwriter is really hitting the ground to do it. I believe in a few years time, the con’s will have reduced to one or two or even none! 🙂


So going by the all the features and the pro’s not to forget that is completely FREE to join, the site shows pure sincerity and integrity in their way of operation. This basically means that the website is really legit!

So if you wanted to know how true iwriter is , there you have it! All the iwriter alternatives out there may claim to be better than it but to me no other website is superior to iwriter when it comes to ordering and writing content.

Name: Iwriter

Overall Ranking: 95 out of 100

Price: $0 (forever)

Owner: Brad Callen

Website: www.iwriter.com

Who it is for: writers and clients

Have you requested for an article in iwriter before? Have you written any articles on Iwriter? What was your experience like? What can you say about it? Is it something you can recommend to your best of friends?

Let me hear your thoughts down below. Share your thoughts and experiences with it woth the rest of the world. And if you could try to be as thorough as possible, it will be highly appreciated. Thanks

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Iwriter is a good way to make some few dollars, preferably pocket money, as a freelance writer. And if that’s what you’re looking for, then this is your best fit. But if you want to earn more money, like a full time income from this lucrative hobby, then you’ll want to check out my #1 recommendation

14 thoughts on “Iwriter Review, My Unique Take

  1. Alisha

    iWriter is an interesting possibility. I love writing but find it difficult to find the time to write enough content for my website. Have you tried iWriter and do you use them on a regular basis? I look forward to your feedback on this subject. I will definitely consider them. Thank you for this informative post!

    1. Dave Post author

      Hey Alisha,

      I have been in iwriter for 2 years now and I can tell you that the quality of service is simply great! In fact there is a writer who I have found to be very accurate with all of my articles.

      And I have hired him to write all articles on my website.

      If you want to you can have him write for you too and agree to work for a specific number of articles a day, a week or even per month. He is well rated and has written over 300 articles.

      You can check out his profile here (his username is humbleone)

  2. Karlo

    thank you for sharing your opinion about Iwriter. You really explain in detail everything we need to know about Iwriter and how to use it for quality content. This is really informative article and I learned everything I need to know about IwriteR. Thank you for that.
    Enjoy your day

    1. Dave Post author

      Thanks for stopping by Karlo,

      I appreciate it 🙂

  3. Heather

    You have really enlightened me, I plan to sign up with Iwriter and check it out. It is an interesting opportunity for someone who enjoys writing. The additional price breakdowns were also helpful. When you think about how long it takes to create an article, the prices seem reasonable for the consumers. Thank you for the post.

    1. Dave Post author

      You’re always welcome Heather,

      I’m sure you are going to see how great iwriter really is 🙂

  4. Roy

    I have heard about iWriter before and I am giving consideration to try writing for them. Your review provides a very detailed picture of what is required to be a writer for this company. I am encouraged by the fact that you work there and have concluded in no uncertain terms that it is a legitimate entity and provides a real opportunity to earn extra income. Thank you for a great review.

    1. Dave Post author

      Great to have you here Roy,

      I promise you are going to love the iwriter experience.

  5. H. Erin Nelson

    Hello! Your iWriter Review was helpful in learning how to hire bloggers to save the purchaser time and effort. It seems that there are mixed feelings about it being legit or not, and that trying it out would be the best bet to see if it’s worth it. I think it’s a great idea and may just give it a shot to see if it can help some in my endless blogging efforts. Thank you for this read!

    1. Dave Post author

      Hey Erin, 

      Iwriter sure is legit but there are folks who really haven’t quite understood how to use it well, which explains why they would say it is not genuine.

      Personally, I have seen it pay me as a writer and a client so it is something I know works.

      But I would encourage you to test it out too and see what I am saying. 

      Please remember to come and give us your feedback when you have had your first shot with it. 🙂

  6. Mark Baker

    Hi Dave,

    I had not heard of Iwriter but it sounds like it’s a great service both for those who want to write and those that want to get something written.

    I’m curious about how much information you have to supply to get an article written. Is a keyword enough or do you have to provide more of a framework for the writer to follow?

    Thanks for a good review of this service. You’ve definitely got me interested.


    1. Dave Post author

      You are always welcome Mark, 

      If you want the article you have ordered in iwriter to be as targeted as you desire, you will want to give more details about other than the actual keyword you want to rank for.

      You will need to explain how you would want the article to flow, the main idea you’d want it to express, and other things which will give the writer the actual intent of the content so that they are able to write it best.

      Iwriter gives you a number of factors to work with while you set up your order to help you paint the best idea of the purpose of the article to the one who will write it.

      Hope this helps. 🙂

  7. Theresa

    I have made my living writing website content and blog posts for the past 15 years, and I have heard a lot about iWriter. I enjoyed reading your detailed overview to understand how they work.

    I have to say it makes me a bit sad to think of writers turning out 4,000 words for as little as $21. When you give the rates that clients pay, is that what they pay the site? If so, what portion of those payments actually goes to the writer?

    What has held me back from iWriter is the focus on speed. I don’t want to be tied to my computer trying to grab articles and churn them out quickly. I do think this could be a good place for beginners to get started and learn what they’re doing maybe. I also recommend Blogmutt for beginners.

    1. Dave Post author

      Thank you very much Theresa for stopping by, 

      Well, the $21 you get when you work on a 4000 word article in writer is completely yours. Iwriter has already deducted their charges on the amount. The idea is, iwriter charges the clients an amount higher than $21 and then offers you the writer the $21 which is about 81% of what the clients pays, and the rest goes to the company. 

      But the good thing is, iwriter increases the pay when you get to the next level. For instance, you will get $60 for the same length of article in the premium level. 🙂

      The issue on speed is something else, you really have to keep your eyes peeled for the new articles being ordered if you want to write constantly. I think iwriter has made things that way to help the article to be delivered fast to clients. 

      For me, I think the speed helps keep you on your feet and help you work hard, although this may not appear to be the case for others out there. I do agree with you that iwriter could a good fit for a newbie in the writing industry. It will train them for quality, speed and competency.

      I see you recommend Blogmutt. What’s your experience with it?


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