Is Affiliate Marketing Saturated? Proof That It’s Not

Hundreds of thousands of people have turned to affiliate marketing to increase their income as a part-time thing while others have decided to do it full time.

And if you think about all the people who have become affiliates since this whole business strategy became popular, you might be tempted to think that affiliate marketing is hugely competitive and overly saturated.crowd of people

But is it really true? Is affiliate marketing so saturated that you can’t be able to make money with it these days?

Well, as an affiliate marketer who has been in the field for more than 5 years now, I will be answering this question at length and help you understand what is really going on.

So let’s get started right away.

Why People Think Affiliate Marketing is Saturated

Before we get to answering the question about the saturation of affiliate marketing and if it is or not, I would like to take this chance to explore the reasons as to why many people feel like affiliate marketing is no longer a viable money-making option for them.

It is always important to know the cause of your worries so that you can better solve them.

Personally, when my affiliate websites were in their lows, I also did have some concerns about saturation and by understanding the worries and putting effort into keeping them at bay, I was able to see the light and get to make affiliate marketing work for me.

What is your main reason for thinking affiliate marketing is saturated? Here are some reasons other people have provided.

1. The many affiliate websites there are in each niche – If you have already tested out the probabilities and calculated your chances of succeeding in this craft by looking through the websites available in a specific niche you might be interested in venturing into, there is a high chance you found hundreds of websites for that specific niche only.

This is common. Almost all niches out there have lots of affiliates who are making money out of them.

Just by looking at Google search results, you will get lots of results pages with many websites offering almost the same information. And when you look at the competition in there, you could get worried.

2. “Advice” from ex-affiliate marketers – Another reason could be what you heard from someone who used to do affiliate marketing but they quit a few days, weeks, months, or years ago. They may have told you that affiliate marketing used to be Reasons for affiliate marketing saturationprofitable when there was little competition but now it is so overloaded that you can’t make anything substantial from it.

The person who told you might be someone who used to do it so well but was eventually overtaken by other websites and the website(s) they had built started performing badly to the point where they decided to give up on them as they were only counting losses from month to month.

3. Comparing to other offline systems – If you are someone who may have heard somewhere that affiliate marketing is a good income opportunity and you were used to offline money making methods, you might have been tempted to look at it from the offline point of view.

You probably asked yourself, if there are countless people learning affiliate marketing while there is so much competition, what are the chances that a new affiliate marketer can get to beat many established affiliate websites that have been running for years and are well-known?

Also, you might have asked yourself, if affiliate marketing has been used for more than a decade now, what are the possibilities for you to win if affiliate marketers are in millions and they are trying to compete with each other for the same limited products?

These are some of the reasons that make folks feel that affiliate marketing is stuffed and there is no place for new affiliates.

There could be other reasons that I have not mentioned here that are getting you worried personally, but what I would like to tell you is that you should not be worried at all.

These reasons may carry some weight as you think about it but I can assure you that, as an experienced affiliate marketer who has been in the industry for a good number of years, these reasons should not count at all as far as the probability of you getting started and succeeding in affiliate marketing is concerned.

And I am going to tell you why in the next section.

Is Affiliate Marketing Really Saturated?

No. Affiliate is not saturated at all and it is actually far from that. There may be some niches that are hard to penetrate and some that are not only hard to get into but harder to make money with, but it still possible to make money with them, if you are seriously determined to do it.

See, most of the doubts about how affiliate marketing works and its future are not valid.

I say this because once you get to understand the concept and nature of affiliate marketing (as I will be taking you through), you will understand the vast amount of opportunities you have with the business model.

I, personally, used to have these doubts and worries years ago when starting out but when I researched and learned more about this type of marketing, I came to realize that there is always space for someone who just created their first affiliate business today to make money.

If you handle affiliate marketing the right way, that is, you think of your success with it as a long term thing, learn the right way to do it and be patient with your affiliate business, you will definitely have your own share of success and a corner of the internet where you will be making more than just part-time income from it.

I will now be taking through the basic concept as well as the recent statistics on affiliate marketing to help you get the right perspective on this concern.

In-depth Proof That Affiliate Marketing is Not Saturated

Proof #1. As new people get into affiliate marketing, others are leaving

Through the years I have been doing affiliate marketing, I have seen many affiliate websites come and go, I have seen websites and other affiliate platforms I found on the web when I was starting out disappear slowly by slowly and no longer appear in search results a few years later.

I have also seen rival websites that were giving me stiff competition in different niches throw in the towel and abandon them people coming and goingcompletely. And this is something that happens to almost all niches out there, not the only ones I have worked with.

There are so many reasons as to why many affiliates stop working on their affiliate businesses and quit entirely.

And while I can’t list all the reasons people do that, some of the most common ones include lacking the right knowledge and skills to run the businesses, lacking the patience needed to grow the businesses to become authoritative, lacking the finances to keep them running and paying for the necessary services, having a short term plan for the businesses, feeling it is too tedious to run an affiliate business and others feeling that affiliate marketing is not really their thing.

These are just a few of the reasons people drop affiliate marketing to chase other income streams and business strategies.

Now as these people leave, there are other people who are just finding out that something called affiliate marketing exists and it pays.

At this moment, one of these people could be you.

While others are ending their career with it, others are just making their entry.

And funny enough, I have seen people begin and in a few months become successful with consistent effort and dedication. Some even become more successful and achieve more in a short time compared to what those who quit ever achieved.

This is the nature of business and it is pretty much the same with all industries out there.

The gap that those who quit leave is filled by new energetic enthusiasts. And in the future, some of these new people will quit and other new blood will take it up.

It is always something that keeps repeating itself. It is a cycle.

So affiliate marketing can never be saturated.

Proof #2. Many businesses are allocating more money into affiliate marketing as a marketing strategy

Statista has revealed the trend of affiliate marketing spending over the last few years. And if you take a look at it, you will see that the money being spent on it is increasing as the years go by.

Affiliate Marketing spending

In the last 9 years, that is from 2010 to 2019, there has been a spike of 4.8 billion dollars.

The increase in the amount allocated for affiliate marketing means that companies are finding it to be more profitable compared to a good number of other marketing techniques.

This being the case, it only means that if a company has been working with affiliate marketing on a couple of their products, they will promote almost all of them through it to get more returns.

And if more products are added to the affiliate marketing strategy, it means new opportunities have come up for affiliate marketers to make money.

So if you are commencing your affiliate journey, you can take advantage of these new opportunities and make money.

And remember, the new opportunities are coming up every year, in almost every industry. So you have more than enough products to generate commissions with.

Also, keep in mind that companies that have never used affiliate marketing before are taking it up so more and more affiliate marketing goldmines are springing up every other time.

Proof #3. Even more new products are hitting the affiliate market

For a company to grow, it has to keep innovating and creating new and better products to satisfy their customers.

And if that company promotes its products through affiliate marketing, it only means that affiliates get to have more and more new products every time to promote.

Take a company like Wealthy Affiliate.

wealthy affiliate


Since I started learning affiliate marketing from them, they have rolled out many resources for affiliate marketers through the years, which has provided their affiliates with more products to promote and earn money with.

An example of their recent resources is Jaaxy, a keyword tool that helps people have a more comprehensive keyword research strategy that pays off very well.

And many new affiliates have made money promoting the tool.

And this concept is everywhere.

A serious company that cares about their customers will always be creating more products that address different issues in that niche.

These new products are often new openings for affiliate marketers, beginners or experienced, to generate income since they don’t have much competition immediately they are launched.

Proof #4. Not all affiliate websites and platforms out there are in their best possible state

Another thing you should keep in mind is that all the affiliate websites and other affiliate platforms you see out there are not properly optimized.

Actually, about 1% to 10% of all these platforms in a niche are well optimized.

There are many aspects that account for a well-optimized platform.

These factors include content, website design, and website optimization for search engines and social media.affiliate makreting plan

There are platforms like websites, social media accounts, podcasts, and YouTube channels that have focused on content more than design or optimization.

There are others that are well optimized for search engines but their content is of low quality.

There are others that have good content and optimization but their user experience is poor.

That means there is always a gap to fill.

If you can take up the responsibility of creating a well-optimized and an all-rounded platform for your affiliate business, you can surely beat around 50% of the competition or more.

And this can make it easier for you to gain more authority and rank well for more exposure and revenue.

Proof #5. Not all niches out there are good for everyone

Everyone is looking to make more money and many are turning to different niches to see if they can strike gold in them and earn a passive income.

Most often, people who venture into other niches are not necessarily good at them. They may have a desire to make it in a given niche, but they don’t have crucial aspects that will help them succeed.

These are aspects such as a good knowledge base, good sources of information, the willingness to research deeply and learn, and the personality and experience needed in that niche to become a trusted authority.

They are just online entrepreneurs trying to diversify and increase their income sources,

Despite the fact that they may have started before you, you can still beat them. Most of them may quit after a few months whenbest affiliate marketing match they see things are not working in their favor.

And if you were building a competitor website or social account or channel, you will have an extra advantage when they leave.

In my opinion, some niches are for specific kinds of people with a specific personality and natural sense, and not for anyone who feels they can earn with them.

That is why you are often advised to build an affiliate business in a niche you are passionate about.

You may be surprised that you are more suited for the niche you are thinking about getting into than the people who are there at the moment, and this gives you the edge if you are willing to work at it.

There you go!

I believe I have shown you more than enough proof that there will always be an opening for any person who wants to build an online business with affiliate marketing.

The take-home message here is that it will always seem that affiliate marketing is an overcrowded online space but once you get into it, you realize the tremendous opportunities you have and which you can take advantage of to establish yourself.

If you have the willingness to understand how affiliate marketing works the proper way, put it into action as best as you can, and always work harder, you can become a super affiliate in the next few years.

My Take-Home Message

In summary, affiliate marketing is not saturated at all. It is actually nowhere close to that.

The research reports on the people who have left affiliate marketing as well as the growing affiliate marketing spending have shown that it is still a green opportunity for anyone who feels it is their right fit.

So if you desire to get into it and have been having all these doubts about saturation, the mist has now been cleared for you and you can go ahead and begin your affiliate journey.

My beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing will come in handy in helping you take your first few and essential steps to get started.

I wish you the best and if you ever need a hand with anything, feel free to drop a comment below and I will be happy to help. : )

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