How to Make Money Writing Ebooks [Full Walkthrough]

I’m guessing you have finally considered exploring the ebook writing opportunity as an income source but don’t know what to do or where to start, right?

Well, lucky for you, you don’t have to stress about it anymore because I will be taking you step by step through all the importanthow to make money writing ebooks information you need to know regarding writing ebooks to get paid and how to take your first step.

I will be addressing various key aspects of ebook writing such as how writing ebooks for pay works and what you need to do it, the best websites for ebook writing services, and lastly tips on how to be a good ebook writer.

So now without wasting any time, let’s get started!

An Overview of Ebook Writing

Ebook writing has gained so much popularity and what has caused this is the fact that skilled ebook writers are now able to make money from it as they make enthusiast readers reading experience so much easier and enjoyable.

Going by the reports from Statista, in the year 2019 in the United States, 335.7 million e-books were sold. So you get a rough idea of how ebooks are being consumed and keep in mind that, that’s just in the United States alone.

Ebooks can cover basically any content, however, good research should be done to ensure you are delivering to your audience.

As a person who has considered ebook writing to earn, you need to know that coming up with an ebook can be insanely cheap as it is much often absolutely free but for it to work out well in terms of returns, you need to put in great work and effort as nothing comes easy.

I encourage you to read this beginner’s guide to ebook writing that covers almost all the essential areas of it you need to know to be a better ebook writer.

How Ebook Writing Works

Ebook writing is made possible by the following essential factors:

You, as the writer – You are the one that will be doing the most work here and so you have to be hands-on all the time.

You should always ensure that you do lots of considerations, planning, and good decision-making so that you are able to create Publishing ebooks onlinesomething of substantial amount of value to your readers.

You should also choose a niche you are sure you can deliver on then give it all you’ve got.

Another important thing is, don’t just think about the money you will earn from the ebook but instead be driven by providing good content to your readers that adds immense value to them, and that not only make you money but also help you be a successful ebook writer.

Ebook writing requires you to be well versed with the topic you will be basing your ebook on, doing extensive research on it, gathering points on the topic and ordering them nicely as you address them as best as you can, and seeking to answer the questions as well as solve the problems of the reader.

Knowing where to publish – Another key factor is finding a good publisher for your work (I will mention some later on).

It is one thing to come up with a good ebook and another to get a reputable publisher that will help get your work out there.

In the next section, I will be walking you some of the best publishers you can work with to help take your ebook writing venture to the next level.

A good deal of them are free and so you will get to cut costs and get returns from your ebook.

Market your ebook – Don’t write then sit back, let people know you have a good ebook and you would love it if they read it.

And after publishing it, you should then make an effort of making as many people as possible aware of your newly published work.

Also, make sure you are targeting people who actually love reading and are most likely to buy your ebook. This will boost your sales in a great way.

NOTE: You can also do freelance ebook writing by joining freelance websites that work with writers to deliver writing projects to clients. Feel free to check out the top freelance writing websites that can pay you for freelance ebook writing.

The Best Online Platforms For Publishing Your Ebooks


amazon for ebooks

Through this website, you get to publish your ebooks on the biggest online sales platforms in the world! This provides you with the exposure you need and what’s more, you get to keep a bigger percentage of the total sales price.

This is one of the most popular sites for ebooks and has been considered to be the most preferred ebook hub by women.

Smash words

smashwords for ebooks

This is another trusted site for your ebook publishing. They provide you with a great platform to publish your work without having to pay for anything and very fast too.

All you have to do is, upload your ebook and a cover image using a special tool on their site called a ‘Metagrinder’ and within minutes, it will create for you an ebook in the correct format. That’s it!


payhip for ebooks

This is a website that all you to sell and promote any type of digital content such as ebooks, software among others. They allow you to create a personalized sales page free of charge then provide tools you will use to sell your product. They only take up 5% of the sales you make.


lulu for ebooks

Lulu helps you create stuff including ebooks and handle other aspects such as selling books, publishing books, distributing books, or even shipping them.

For ebooks, they offer you a complete guide on how you can come up with a perfect one and also converting them in various formats. It’s indeed a good website for someone starting on ebooks.


payloadz for ebooks

Since 2002, this website has been providing the service of selling downloadable items such as ebooks, files, articles, digital art, movies, and basically anything that can be digitally downloaded.

It’s a great site because your products are automatically delivered to your readers once they make payments, which are done using PayPal very fast and without delays.

Barnes and Noble Press

barnes and noble press

This is a free self-publishing service that allows you to print, publish, and sell ebooks directly to many readers. Why you should use this website is because you get to upload your book in a few minutes and within 72 of publishing you can see it on their website.

Also, your book will be exposed to a huge audience of over a million readers on their website so you have higher chances of getting your work read and being a successful ebook writer.


ebook sales

This is a huge platform that helps in the publishing and distribution of ebooks, print on demand books, radio plays, and audiobooks.

It can make a good fit for you if you are thinking about getting your ebooks published and redistributed.

Here is how you can publish and sell your ebook online with them.

– Write your book

– Upload your content to their website

– Next, they convert your data into epub data (epub is an ebook file format).

– They distribute your ebook online

– Now you can earn money from your ebook.

How To Be A Good Ebook Writer

Here are the critical elements you must pay attention to if you want to be a good ebook writer.

* Ensure that you choose good topics that meet the needs of your audience.

Choosing the right topics that people crave to know more about can be a winner for you since you are trying to meet the demand that is already there.

And when you find one, always make sure that here you provide all the necessary information that your readers are looking for and avoid deviating from the topic at hand.

Consider topic titles such as “common questions about”, ” an introduction to”, “best practices for”. These topics are not only catchy but also see you meet the needs of your readers.

* The chapters of your ebook should always be outlined.

This not only entices the reader to read in each section but makes reading so much easier for them and also hints at the good organization of your work.

* Good breakdown of the information in your Ebook.

This makes it much easier to read your content as it is more apparent and simple to understand.good ebook planning

You can make use of bullet points or asterisks as you write just to indicate a break down of information and also emphasize important areas.

Just make sure that you are not bombarding readers with long unbroken paragraphs.

* Add some color!

Just choose a good color that best suits your brand. This is in the case of your writing your ebooks.

The purpose of this is to make you look unique or rather give your work a personal touch that makes you stand out.

* Use visuals.

Keep in mind that the visuals in your work are not just there to please the eyes of your readers but rather amplify the reader’s understanding of what you have written.

In other words, they are there to compliment your work.

What’s important is, don’t just use them for the sake of it, make sure they actually give more information about the things you are talking about in your work.

* Statistics and quotes should be highlighted.

Always make a point of highlighting quotes and statistics whenever you are working on an ebook. This helps give more perspective on the topic you are addressing and they speak volumes on that.

However, as you make use of them, make sure that the quotes and statistics you use are relevant to your work and enhance it in the right way.

* Incorporate calls to action (CTA) within your ebook appropriately.

A CTA is an important element that helps a reader know what to do next after reading your work. Examples of CTA(s) include call to action“download from here”, “buy”, “try”, “watch” among many others.

They are so powerful when it comes to marketing in general and this can be proven through a study that was conducted that found out that more than 90% of visitors who read a headline also read the CTA.

I hope you can now see why it’s important to incorporate them into your work.

Just ensure that you place them well within your content so that you provoke your readers to download your ebook.

It’s an important step that you cannot afford to leave out!

* Convert your work into a PDF.

PDF is one of the most secure and reliable formats since it is difficult to edit them if you are not the owner.

To do convert to PDF, you can follow these steps;

Step 1 – Open the ebook file from your computer

Step 2 – Next, print the ebook file to PDF then lastly save the created PDF

This is important because it also helps protect your work from being corrupted or getting lost.

* Make sure your work can be downloaded by readers by creating a landing page.

A landing page is a web page that allows you to market or advertise your services or products. This is essential for your ebook because you can convert those that visit your page into business leads.

* Push your ebook by promoting it.

This means putting your ebook out there so that people can buy it. This includes advertising your ebook by putting out social media posts with a link on how people can access it. Just be creative in pushing your ebook for it to be successful.

I hope this quick guide on ebook writing has helped you understand how writing ebooks to get paid works. I, therefore, urge you to take action and get started writing your own ebook.

I also wish you the best as you get started and in all your endeavors.

If you have any further questions or suggestions, kindly leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 🙂

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