Affiliate Marketing Using YouTube – A Beginner’s Guide

YouTube has been a lucrative platform both for business and entertainment for long now. The platform is quite huge and if exploited in the right ways can yield huge returns.affiliate marketing with youtube

Lots of people every day are realizing the great potential YouTube provides them to be successful in their niches and because of that, there is an increase in YouTube channels more than ever before.

Having this in mind, affiliate marketers haven’t been left behind since they have leveraged the platform to increase their earnings.

In this article, we will be looking at what affiliate marketing through YouTube entails and what affiliate marketers can do to get and boost their commissions from it.

So, roll up your sleeves, and let’s dive right in. 🙂

Understanding Affiliate Marketing With YouTube Better

YouTube affiliate marketing basically means that you use YouTube to generate income by coming up with great videos on products and services that you like and recommend others to use.

You pretty much choose the products or services you would like to recommend and get the viewers of your YouTube channel to buy them using your affiliate link and you bag commissions that way.

To understand what affiliate links are as well as everything you should know about affiliate marketing, I encourage you to read this complete beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing.

YouTube is a great platform to carry out affiliate marketing because it’s highly popular as a video platform. Millions of people useyoutube and affiliate marketing it to learn about products and services so, that makes it easy for you to make money from it.

Statistics show that the number of YouTube users worldwide as of 2019 was at 1.68 billion (and this number is growing every year). This gives you an idea of how big the platform is and how impactful it can be if maximized for business.

Just by using it to promote different things through the videos you create and post there, you get exposure to interested people who are willing to buy through you.

With a good understanding of the products and services you promote and how to promote your videos to get more views from the right audience, you would be looking at a monthly commission in the thousands category or more.

And if you put in the effort to publish more useful and helpful videos for your viewers and subscribers, and maintain good work over a long period, this can surely be a good income stream for you.

Keeping in mind that there is a lot of other affiliates that are doing the same, you should aim to stand out in your area of interest and build a name for yourself and your brand.

That way, people will trust you and rely on you for advice and guidance when making purchase decisions for the products that are related to the area of interest you have ventured into.

How to Do Affiliate Marketing Through YouTube Step by Step

Getting started with YouTube affiliate marketing is easy. Here are the steps you should follow:

Step 1. Choose an area of interest – In this step, you should take time to determine which niche is good for you. You shouldn’t aim to promote just about any product out there. It will bring you out as unprofessional and less knowledgeable about anything specific.

Instead, you should seek to look for a particular area that you love, are good at, or something you find interesting. Then make the YouTube channel you create about that area. You will need to create content around it and educate people on various aspects of it.

For example, if you are into fitness, you can educate people about the various forms of exercises that are effective for both men and women and even couples. You should talk about diet and how to watch your calorie intake. Look for topics that you know people are asking about. Research, and then address them as best as possible in your video content.

This way, you are going to build your channel in a way that your viewers and subscribers will see you as an authority in your niche and begin to trust you, which is going to make way for you to make money.

Step 2. Get products to promote – The next natural step to take when you start getting many views and subscriptions to your channel, is to look for the right products to promote.

Again, you should restrict yourself to the niche you chose. You should look for products in that niche that have affiliate programs that let you promote the products and earn a commission for every sale you initiate. There are lots of these programs out there.

A quick Google search can get you hundreds of these affiliate programs. Simply search “Your niche + affiliate programs”. For promoting affiliate productsexample, you can search “fitness affiliate programs” if your channel is all about fitness.

Then you should look through each program and see what products they offer. Ensure you are always promoting high-quality products. Look for the products that you would personally use or which you have used and loved in the past in that niche and see if they have an affiliate program.

Those will be an easy sell for you.

Also, look at how much they are paying in commission. Most offer you a given percentage, say, 10% to 90%. This percentage varies with every niche.

See which products give you a good percentage and apply for them.

One important thing to note is that, make quality your first priority over the money you make. Make sure you promote good quality products.

It is easy to get stuck on the commissions and go for those that pay a lot and end up getting your trusted viewers to buy bad products which will make you lose your reputation.

It is better to promote high-quality products and make a few dollars but earn the trust of your viewers as this will pay off in the coming weeks since it will grow your brand and people will trust you and recommend you to their friends.

Step 3. Promote. Promote. Promote – After you have created content, gotten products to promote, and gotten their affiliate links, it is now time to promote the products in your video.

You should ensure you drop your affiliate link in your bio for each video you place the promotion on and make the viewers aware of it. When they watch the video, they will then go to the bio and click on the link and buy the products which will earn you a commission.

The more views you get, the more clicks you will have to your links and the more money you stand to make.

And to increase your earning potential, you should create more content and promote the channel as much as you can so that more people know about it.

Step 4. Make more money!

Types of YouTube Videos That You Can Venture Into As An Affiliate Marketer

 ‘How To” / Guide / Tutorial Videos

These include showing your viewers how to do something. You can create content that is focused on helping them learn how to complete a certain task or achieve a given result whilst providing links to the products that you will be using to do the task.

These videos are loved by people because they get to know how to do something and thus they are very interactive. To shed more light on this, picture makeup videos. For example, “How to contour your face in simple steps” if you are talking about this you can then lastly provide links of where your viewers can get the products you used for contouring your face.

Unboxing Videos

As the name suggests, you take your viewers through an unboxing session with the aim of giving them a full experience of how a certain product looks when it’s fresh from the shop. For example, imagine unboxing the latest iPhone. The video can be very engaging because viewers want to see everything “inside the box”, and more frequently, they will not leave until they have done so. This way, they get to know what to expect when they get the iPhone themselves and see if it is really worth it as well.

“Best Of” Videos

These are videos that are based on highlighting a list of the best products with the various features for the viewer to know what are the best products out there and why they are the best.

Most titles of such videos include “top 10 best…” or “the 10 best….” and of videos

You will have fun with these because what you do is come up with a list of the products you will be featuring and then discuss the pros and cons of each and while you are reviewing them, you drop the affiliate links for each product in the bio for people to go buy them.

These videos help with decision-making and they not only help you make money but also give more information about the products to the potential buyers out there. That makes it a win-win for everyone.

Product Review Videos

With these, you focus on a specific product and delve deeper into everything there is to know about it including relevant demonstrations. You have to be quite creative with these so as to capture the attention of the readers and you should take time to think about how long you want them to be watching, to avoid boring your viewers.

Here, you can make an effort of researching the hot points of the product that you know people are more interested in and things that make the product stand out.

Benefits of Carrying Out Affiliate Marketing with YouTube

~ The platform makes creating various forms of content pretty easy

When starting out on YouTube, all you need is a good webcam or smart device with a good camera or a camera itself, video editing software, and the internet. That’s it.

You also don’t have to pay to get started with the platform, so anyone regardless of who they are can easily work with the platform without stretching themselves too much financially.

And when your channel has grown to be a big brand, you can consider investing in much better equipment, although it is not a necessity.

~ Increases your chances of getting traffic on your platform

Once you put out your channel, it will be visible to millions of people across the globe and so the chances of it being seen by people daily, are very high.

When people search various terms related to your niche on YouTube, your videos will also appear in the search results which exposes your channel to new viewers every day.

And if you optimize your videos well enough, you can get them ranked in the first position, which assures you huge traffic each day.

This ensures growth for your brand and within no time (depending on the value of your content), you can have thousands of subscribers and as a result, high conversion rates.

~ Gives you the chance to make money from it

I think as an affiliate this is your end goal with YouTube. So long as you are providing great content that viewers want to see, you are assured that you will make money out of it if you keep working on it.

We have people making a good living out of YouTube content and there is no reason why that shouldn’t be the case with you.

~ Your content never expires

Unless you decide to delete your content or cover trends in your niche that easily go out of fashion, your content is there to stay.

And the good thing about this is that you can repurpose your content without having to spend much. By repurposing, I mean that from one idea you can draw other many ideas and thus further engage your audience.

~ Exposes you to Google traffic too

I guess you know or have recently realized that when you do a search on Google, you get related videos from YouTube in the search results. Therefore, this means your traffic is greatly increased because people are seeing you on Google and YouTube, and the authority for your channel grows in the process.

Tips For Carrying Out Affiliate Marketing through YouTube

Here are some tips I strongly encourage you to work with as you do YouTube affiliate marketing for success:

~ Make proper and actionable plans for your channel

It’s cliche to say that failing to plan is planning to fail, but that’s just the truth.proper plans for your videos

Planning will help you be organized and have a clear direction of how you want to do things with your channel in terms of creating content, editing videos, researching more about the topics you cover and so much more.

It will also help you have a schedule to work with and stick to so that you don’t find yourself confused, to the point of wanting to procrastinate because you don’t know where to start or what to do on a particular day.

~ Create videos that are relevant and solicit engagement from your viewers

The keyword here is to add a fun twist to your videos so that they are more engaging and people don’t get bored to the extent of leaving.

Give them the privilege of top-notch content, throw in some humor, use catchy phrases or have an interesting personality because that is how you attract potential viewers and keep the existing ones.

~ Monitor your competitors

This will help you gain an advantage over them and as a result, be in a position to provide content better than theirs.

If they are better than you, get to know what gives them the edge and make the necessary improvements. Constant improvement on your part will ensure the eventual growth of your channel and bring you massive success.

~ Pay attention to the small details of your channel

Here, I’m talking about the small stuff such as editing your videos perfectly, and if you don’t know how to do that by yourself seek help from a professional editor. Always ensure there are no errors or lack of flow in your videos.

Also, If you promise your viewers to drop videos at a certain time, follow through with that and make sure you keep your promise.

When you make mistakes, apologize and correct that mistake, and see that you don’t do it again.

Additionally, as you promote products, have all the facts right about them so that your viewers know exactly what they are getting themselves into without leaving out anything that would really make a difference in their decision-making process.

Be honest and well-informed about what you are reviewing and talking about, generally.

~ Keep learning

The world is always evolving and you will discover so much as you progress in your niche too.

Be ready to learn and where you encounter problems take your time to learn and reach out to other people in your niche to get the necessary help.

Always aim to give out better content than your previous years.

~ Be positive about the whole YouTube business experience

Know that the process is not meant to be easy and that you will encounter all sorts of problems along the way.

The valuable thing is to acknowledge that you started for a reason, and as such should not allow yourself to give up.

Embrace the hardships, learn and grow through them because if you stay consistent they will bear great fruits in the long run.

Common Mistakes When Carrying Out Affiliate Marketing on YouTube

~ Poor quality videos

While I mentioned that you can start your YouTube business with your smartphone, you should be careful with the quality of the camera and audio you choose to work with.bad quality

Most people make the mistake of using low-quality cameras that make it very hard for the viewers to see the product’s essential aspects, which can be a huge turn-off for most of them and this might lead to leaving your channel and watching your competitors’ instead.

Also, in the same breath, some people offer little information that is clearly general about various aspects of the chosen niche. If it is a product you are reviewing, make sure you are offering new angles of information that will further educate your viewers about the product.

Go the extra mile for your readers.

Stand out with the quality of your videos and information and you will be loved by many.

~ Being driven by money as opposed to focusing on the needs of your audience.

When you are driven by money, you will rarely pay attention to the needs of your audience and thus will create content just to bag the money.

And one thing you should know is that people know when someone is money-oriented. We can all sense it.

This is why it’s necessary that you put your audience first, thoroughly seek to be helpful to them, and answering all their questions about the subject of discussion.

In so doing there will be huge returns because you show that you care for them.

~ Overlooking YouTube analytical data

Failing to check your YouTube analytics is as good as overlooking the performance of your business. The analytics show you how people interacted with your content, how long they viewed your videos, the engagement and so much more.

This is gold for someone who wishes to know how to constantly better their channel.

By looking through the analytics, you will get to know what people love about your videos as well as the opposite and know how to make the most of their experience in the coming videos.

~ Failing to pay attention to the feedback of your viewers

Paying close attention to how you can meet the needs of your viewers is key. Maybe they have asked you to answer a few questions they have after they watched your video. Be keen on that and get back to them soonest.

If maybe they felt you need to expound more on a topic, you can consider making a part 2 of the first video. Such simple acts go a long way in showing your views that you are reliable and there to help them.

~ Lacking focus

Lacking a specialty means you are all over the place and after any monetization opportunities that come your way, and thus confusing your viewers as to where you lie.

The best way to approach this is by choosing a specific niche for example Technology, Beauty, Business, and others (and zoom in on a specific aspect of the area you choose), and then working with monetization opportunities that relate to that.

That will help you establish yourself as a brand in a specific area and also makes it easy for you to become authoritative.

~ Taking lengthy breaks in between content

The effect of taking long before you put out new content is losing viewers and subscribers because they need to see you frequently providing content for them.

If you don’t do that, you slowly kill their interest in your channel and so they leave.

However, providing many videos all at once is equally detrimental so it’s wise that you have a meaningful routine of when you will be putting out new content so that you keep your viewers engaged and looking forward for more without having to wait for a very long time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on YouTube Affiliate Marketing

Question: As an affiliate marketing YouTuber, how much will I make?

Answer: It depends on various factors such as the number of viewers that you have, how many views you are getting, how much quality you are putting out in terms of videos and helping the viewers, and many more. You have to acknowledge that there isn’t a set payment limit for all affiliate marketers. It varies across channels.

For example, you cannot compare an affiliate marketer that gets 1000 views on a video with one that gets 1,000,000 views. The latter definitely earns more than the former.

Question: Will YouTube allow me to have affiliate links on my channel?

Answer: Yes it will. You can include them in the description box (commonly known as the bio) so that they are more meaningful, and in any case, including these links is what gets you earning. Just be sure to let your viewers know that they can purchase the products you recommend through the links you have placed there. That’s crucial.

Question: What are the requirements for becoming an affiliate marketer on YouTube?

Answer: The minimum requirements for you to make good money with YouTube is to have thousands of views every month and growing subscribers.

Keep in mind that every view you get on your videos doesn’t result in a sale. So you have to have many views so that a percentage of that buys the products through your affiliate links.

Question: Can I earn more money from YouTube in another way other than affiliate marketing?

Answer: Yes. You can take advantage of YouTube ads that run before, in the middle, and almost at the end of every video.

And you can do that and affiliate marketing all at once.

There are different types of YouTube ads and learning about them is important so that you know what will work best for you based on the dynamics of your channel.

Although, you should keep in mind that you need to have more than 1,000 subscribers, be living in a region or country where a specific YouTube Partner Program is accessible, have more than 4,000 acceptable public watch hours in the previous 12 months, possess a linked AdSense account, and follow YouTube’s monetization policies to make money with YouTube ads.

Question: How can I build trust with my viewers?

Answer: As earlier mentioned, the best way to approach this is by providing credible and helpful content to them as well as doing simple things such as telling them that they will be using your affiliate links to make their purchases. Such practices do establish trust with your viewers.

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