24 Highly Effective Affiliate Marketing Tips

Learning how to do something is essential because you get to understand the general workings of it.

But to become as close-to-perfect as you can in working with it, you have to implement the knowledge first, make a couple of mistakes here and there and finally grasp the extra tweaks needed to make your knowledge work.how to become a better affiliate marketer

And the same case applies to affiliate marketing.

This affiliate marketing guide provides deep knowledge on affiliate marketing and getting started with it in the easiest way possible and I strongly encourage that you use it to make your entry into affiliate marketing.

Now to make your navigation and experience with growing your affiliate marketing business much smoother and effective, I have compiled a list of the best affiliate marketing tips that I learned after making countless costly mistakes when I was starting out years ago.

I hope they will help you avoid the pitfalls I fell into and cut the learning curve by almost a half so that you can build a reputable and profitable affiliate marketing business quicker than it takes most people.

Table of Contents

Success Tips to Affiliate Marketing

Choosing a niche

1. Follow your passion or interest 

Choosing a niche is among the first foundational decisions you make that influence the business you will build online.

This is one of those steps that can literally make you or break you because they determine the path you are going to take, the people you will associate yourself with, and those that you will be targeting with your content.

That is why you must take your time to think it through and make the right decision that you will never look back and regret.

When I was personally getting into affiliate marketing, I was fortunate enough to be given solid advice in choosing a niche that until today I’m grateful I followed.

I was told by one of my mentors, “If it is your first affiliate marketing website, go for your passion. And it will be a bit easy for your to make it work. Then choose another niche you want for your second affiliate site”.

More than a year down the road is when I fully perceived what I was told.

See, many people get into affiliate marketing with the mindset of making money fast. So they go for the most profitable niches, which they don’t know are also some of the most competitive ones.

They end up getting frustrated when things fail to work out and most often quit way earlier than you would imagine.

The reason why you are always advised to start with a niche you love is that it is something you are naturally drawn to and feel passionate about when you talk about it.

So you are more likely to deliver better quality content and feel motivated by the whole affiliate business which will make you more productive and have a slightly easy time succeeding.

To know the niche that is best for you that is based on passion or interest, try and make a list of 10 topics you love talking or learning about. 

This could include your hobbies, your passion in life, things you’ve always wanted to learn, and any other thing you are generally attracted to.

Then eliminate the things you have the least interest in and be left with those which you are more passionate about. 

Out of the remaining, take time and think about each, and decide which one you are most interested in like it would be your first priority. 

And that is your perfect niche.

2. Narrow down your niche

If you want to build authority fast, you should definitely get a more focused niche. What does a more focused niche mean, you ask?

This is like a sub-niche in a niche, like a specific category of a niche.

If you are in the fitness niche, a narrowed-down niche would be abs workouts or men’s workouts.narrow down your niche

These small niches are a good way to give you good authority that you can use to spread on to other related niches in fitness that eventually make you a hugely respected figure in the fitness industry.

Most people make the mistake of targeting a broader niche in the beginning and then have a problem with putting out content for all the sub-niches regularly which goes to drop their level of credibility.

Don’t be those people.

Start small on a focused area and conquer it first.

The move onto the other sub-niches slowly by slowly as you conquer each until you are among the top websites in that industry. 

Choosing a domain name

3. Go for a brand-able name

As you are building your website, one of the major decisions you will have to make is coming up with a name for your website.

For some, this is not an issue as they may already have a name even before they get to the website building part.

If that’s you, it’s okay.

But if you are having a hard time coming up with a good name, then you need this piece of advice.

Get a short, memorable, and brand-able name for your online business.

Two strategies that have come to work for me over the years for choosing a domain name are these.

The first – Let the first name be your name or a name you love and the second name be the name of your niche. An example of this could be Mary’s Greens for an affiliate website that is run by Mary and is based on greens and vegetables.

The second – Let the first name be the name of your niche and the second one be either hub, pot, spot, or another word that shows a place where you get something you need. If it is a fishing website, you can name it, The Fishing Hub.

There are definitely many other ways to come up with good names and these two are just a way to jumpstart your creative juices, which have worked for many.

Gone are the days when people used to get keyword-based domain names just to get well ranked in the search engines. We are in the era of using a name that represents a brand. 

Building a website

4. Focus on a simple but elegant website design 

The look of your website gives the first impression of your business and tells your readers how invested you are in it.

Many people, especially those without website development skills, go for a simple look. That is what I did too since I didn’t have the skills as well.

However, I have come to learn that you don’t have to be an expert website developer to create a good-looking affiliate website.

All you need to do is to choose a good theme and then have a simple understanding of how to lay out your work and balance colors on your website.

As you work on your website design, the first thing you should be concerned with is a good theme.

A good theme can really enhance the feel of your website and there are numerous themes out there that you can choose from, including free ones, that look beautiful and are easy to manage.

Just spare a few minutes and take influence from other websites you admire and learn from them. 

You can even get the same theme they are using by checking the bottom of the website’s page. You might see something like this “Theme by …” which tells you where they got the theme.

After getting a good theme, you should now try and make it more personal according to your desires. 

If you go for a free theme, there is a chance you may not be able to fully customize it but that is okay as you get some basic essentials that will still offer a decent look for your website.

If you decide to invest in a good theme, you should aim to make some of its elements more personal. Some of the things you can change are the colors of different aspects of your website like your text, background, and others.

To get a good color combination that will make your website classy, I recommend checking out a tool called Color Hunt that has great color combinations for websites and apps that have been made by expert designers.

They can help you know good color combinations that you can use for things like your headings, links, website header, and footer, among others.

After the colors, you should then work on your website homepage.

Ideally, the homepage can reflect a simple summary of your website while showcasing the categories, featured posts, your social media pages for your website for people to follow you, and providing links to other important pages on your site.Good website layout

You can design your homepage as you like but the above accounts for seventy percent of a good homepage.

Affiliate Dove has a very simple yet elegant look that was made using Elementor page builder and you could use the same concept or tweak it a bit to match your needs. 

Whenever I am enhancing the look of any of my websites, I normally sit down and create a plan first. I list all the areas that need enhancement and the kind of enhancements I will make for each area.

After that, I create an approach plan, I order the enhancements starting from the easiest to the hardest and take action on the plan immediately.

5. Get acquainted with your website’s backend using Google, Youtube, and forums

When you use a website builder that is a bit complicated to build a website or maybe it’s your first time to create an affiliate website, things can get quite overwhelming at first.

But they shouldn’t have to be.

I have used a couple of website builders including Wix, Squarespace, Weebly as well as Siterubix and content managers systems (CMS) for managing my website’s content like WordPress and Joomla.

And since I was confused by some of them in my first few days of using them, I relied on Google, YouTube, website building forums, and customer support to help me learn them faster and get help with very specific issues I had with the sites I had built there.

Instead of spending hundreds or potentially thousands of dollars in hiring a developer, you can use these support platforms to help you know how you can get your way around.

It will save you on the costs, help you understand these tools well, and add more skills to your resume.

Working with affiliate products

6. Go for low commission affiliate products that get bought a lot

This is an area I really struggled with when I was starting out with affiliate marketing. I was looking to make money with affiliate marketing fast, good money for that matter.

So what I did was to go for affiliate programs with the highest commissions. I looked for programs that were paying more than $100 per sale so that I could make something substantial after initiating a couple of sales.

However, what I didn’t know is, programs with high commissions usually sell expensive products and are rarely bought by people. 

They may make you some pretty good commissions here and there but you can’t count on them in the long term.

And so I decided to go for low-paying programs that were popular.

These programs paid around $30 per sale but the fact that they were popular and the price of their products was affordable, I was able to make commissions daily.

I learned that it is now about how much get you for every sale on a product you promote, but how good that product is and how often it is bought.

So I would urge you, as you choose the affiliate programs to work with, to make sure you work with more of those that give affordable prices on their products and also give a fairly okay commission.

The high-paying affiliate programs are great but mix them up with many low-paying commission programs so that you have a good balance and continuous income flow.

Here’s a list of some of the best affiliate programs available for various niches.

Take a look and see which ones best fit you.

7. Give more priority to promoting products you have used yourself

Aim to promote products you have personally used and loved. 

You get a much smoother flow promoting them since you have had first-hand experience and it is easy to know the selling points that would be of interest to potential buyers hence increasing your chances of making sales.

Always give the products you have tried out the highest priority.promoting affiliate products

And while I appreciate that it is hard to try out all the products you want to review in your niche, make sure you do thorough research on the products you review on your website that you have not personally tried.

Learn about the product in the best way possible and then gather user reviews to help you know how users are generally finding it.

8. Establish a great relationship with the owners of the products you are promoting

The creators of the affiliate products you are working with are huge players of your online success.

They will not only help you create an income stream with their products but also add immense value to your business in other non-monetary ways.

For instance, a while back I had the chance to promote an affiliate product that had a creator who was very easy to get along with (which is not something you get every day).

Our relationship started out when I reached out to him to confirm a few things about his product that my readers were asking about frequently.

He was happy to shed more light for me and he even volunteered to give his product for free and others that he was planning to launch.

The good thing about his products was that they were the best quality in the niche I was promoting at the time, and he was willing to help me promote the products even better, and that’s when I realized that I had struck gold.

We created such a good relationship that he even introduced me to other partners of his in other areas of the same niche and I was able to make more money, build my authority and increase my network, which is as precious as gold.

You should try and do the same.

When you have questions about a product you are promoting to your audience, reach out to the owner and let them give you the best explanation so that you give reliable responses to your readers.

And then figure out if the owner is open to building relationships by the way he responds and treats you as an affiliate.

If the person is good, take advantage of that opportunity because it will come to pay off one day in the future.

9. Pay attention to legalities around affiliate marketing

As far as the law is concerned, see that you are on the good side of it.

Affiliate marketers are generally expected by the Federal Trade Commissions to disclose to their audience when they use affiliate links in their content, through an affiliate disclosure.

It helps to make the audience aware that your website makes commissions when they use your affiliate links to buy products from the sellers you recommend within your content.

And this transparency helps to build trust also.

So ensure you have an affiliate disclosure page or a section on your homepage or in your content (either at the top or bottom of each post and page) that gives this information.

You can get many samples of affiliate disclosure pages online to give you an idea of what to include in yours, but in essence, they should have a proper explanation of your use of affiliate links on the website, what it means and what will happen when your users use the links to buy products.

Also, make sure you follow any other legal requirements that have been stated by your particular country if any. 

You will avoid penalties that would bring your whole online business down and make you lose a good income stream, which has happened to many people.

Choosing topics to talk about on your site

10. Use Google auto-suggest to come up with content ideas

A great challenge that many beginners face is determining good topics that they can cover on their websites. 

There is a free useful tool that can help you come up with countless content ideas, and that is the good ol’ Google.

There is an autosuggest feature in Google that suggests popular topics in different niches.

And all you have to do is go to Google, type the name of your niche and you will start getting suggestions immediately.

If you are in the woodworking niche, you will only need to type “woodworking” in Google and you will get many ideas.choosing the best keywords

Also, you can try adding words like “what”, “how”, which”, “when”, and “who” before the word woodworking, and more question-based suggestions will come up that people are asking about woodworking.

If you still want more topics, you can use the technique called The Alphabet Soup technique.

This is a technique that uses alphabetical order to discover more topics.

All you do here is type in the name of your niche in Google and add the letter A before the name of your niche or after and see what suggestions you get.

From there, you add the letter B and then C and then D all the way to Z.

This will give you limitless content opportunities for your website.

11. Use a keyword research tool for high-quality keywords 

Keyword research tools are the resources that allow you to discover and analyze keywords and get to determine the best keywords for your website content.

In every post you write on your website, there should be a keyword you are basing that content on.

For instance, when you want to talk about different tools for woodworking, your keyword would be “woodworking tools”.

This will help Google and other search engines know what your content is about and where to rank it in the search results.

Now to get good keywords that are easy to get ranked with, you need to use a keyword tool.

Some of the best keyword tools include Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Jaaxy, among others.

Choose a good keyword tool that works well for you based on your budget and the features you want.

They will help you find keywords with high monthly searches and low competition, which means when you use that keyword on your website, your content will have an easy time getting well ranked and will bring in more readers to your site.

12. Check out forums and social media for even more ideas

Online forums and social media sites are great sources of content ideas.

These are places people discuss at length about different areas of life including the one your website is based on.

If you join and look around these places, you will get many ideas and angles of your niche that you can address on your website.

People on these platforms are asking questions, expressing their opinions and sentiments about different areas, and you can pick up what people are most interested in and write about them on your website.

Content writing on your affiliate website

13. Provide the most informative and helpful content to your audience

When it comes to content, you should always aim to provide the most thorough and helpful content on the topic you are covering.

Naturally, when someone goes online to research something, they are looking to get as much useful information as possible on a given topic.

And if you can have that at the back of your mind while you create content for your website, you can be able to understand why the most informative and helpful content always stands out and earns the website owner trust from the readers.

So how do you go about creating this kind of content?

Research well on a topic before you write about it. Look for information from all credible sources that you can get. 

Also, get trustworthy data to support your arguments and ensure that you completely exhaust all angles of the topic so that your readers don’t have any more questions that would need them to go elsewhere to add more information on the topic after they leave your website.

Ideally, aim to be completely helpful, honest, and reliable as far as your website content is concerned.

 If you need guidance on creating a blog post, this guide on how to write a blog post will come in handy for you. 

14. Read more about your niche

The only way you will get better and become one of the leading sources of information in your niche is by getting a good grasp of your niche.

And this will require you to research and read a lot about it.

You can’t talk about what you don’t know, and even if you decided to do it, people will tell if you are knowledgeable and become knowledgeable about your nicheexperienced about a subject or not, very easily. 

So, to avoid being too narrow with the information you offer, you should seek to learn a thing or two about your niche every day.

You can use the more influential website in your niche, news websites, magazines, or even participate in discussions in social media and forums.

This will broaden your understanding and give you more material to talk about when you write content.

And the best part is, it is something that you are passionate about so you will be enjoying yourself in the process and it won’t feel like work.

15. Don’t forget calls-to-action buttons

Calls-to-action buttons are those buttons or phrases that website owners use to get the readers to take certain actions after reading their content.

The actions could be going to subscribe to the mailing list, joining the website’s social media page, buying a given product, checking out a discount, and more.

Using Calls-to-action buttons helps because they tell your audience how they should act on your content.

Normally, you want to give direction to your readers on where to go or what to do next after they are done reading your post and calls-to-action buttons give you the chance of doing that in a way that benefits both you and the readers.

For example, you can use them to create a sense of urgency in taking advantage of an awesome offer.

In such a case, you would use something like “Get started on your free trial now”.

You should use them where you are talking about a certain action that can be of benefit to them. 

Say you are explaining how a certain product has been discounted for a limited time. Below that explanation, you can use a call to action like “Take advantage of the limited discount now”.

It is also wise to spread out your call-to-action buttons throughout your content and moderately use them, and only when you want your readers to take immediate action.

If you overuse them, you will chase away the readers and they will find your website too promotional.

 Also, work with colors that stand out when using them you use within your content. For example, you can use a red or orange call-to-action button on your website that has black text. 

16. Understand your audience completely

Whenever you get into any niche online, you should always try and make sure you understand the people you will be targeting with your online business.

 Seek to research better about your niche and what the people interested in that niche are actually looking for.

So why is this important? 

Because by doing this, you can create content that hits the bull’s eye and makes it a win-win for you and them.

Get to know what their needs are, how they would want them to be met, things such as their interests, their demographics and so much more. 

This will give you a lot of insight into what you should focus on as you build your affiliate website so that you are doing the right things that add good value to it.

To help you better understand them you can try to:

  • Conduct user surveys so that you know their needs directly from them through your email subscription lists or the comments section of your website.
  • Interact with them on your social media business pages.
  • Join forums related to your niche and paying attention to what they are talking about a lot which is key for them.

For instance, if you were in the fitness niche, you could try and join fitness forums and have a fitness-based account on social media platforms for your affiliate business, which will help you have conversations with the people in that niche because a good deal of these people will be coming to your website to learn more about certain aspects of fitness.

Doing research on the niche and being keen about what fitness issues that fitness influencers are mostly insisting on, will go a long way in understanding what your audience wants.

Doing SEO

17. Optimize your content well 

There is a practice called on-page optimization that is mainly about optimizing the content of a website for the users and for search engines. 

This practice includes performing tasks such as adding high-quality images to your content and adding some of your target keywords in the alt attribute of the images that give more explanation about what the images are about.

It also involves using H1, H2, and H3 headings in your content so that the readers can be able to differentiate the headings and subheadings in your content.

Other on-page activities that add value include:

  •  Adding internal links (links that go from one post on your website to another post on the same website)
  • Adding external links (links that go from content on your website to another website)
  • Adding meta title and description (the title and brief content description of websites that you see in the search results of search engines like Google when you search for something) 
  • Adding meta tags (keyword tags you add on a post to give more information on the topics it has covered).

Whenever you create content, you should use on-page optimization to make it Search Engine Optimization (SEO) friendly which will increase your chances of being placed among the top search results and increase your website exposure. 

18. Monitor the performance of your website

Some people are usually fixated on the amount of money they are making from their website that they don’t even care about the performance of their affiliate businesses, which is a pretty bad approach if you ask me.

Affiliate marketing is like any other business out there. You have to take care of it and nurture it so that it can grow to become a hugely profitable business.monitor your website

Yes, you should make money from your website but that should not be all that you are focused on.

Something I discovered about affiliate marketing is that there is more fulfillment in seeing your website performing well than in making commissions.

Seeing your website getting good traffic and your readers are expressing their contentment in your content by leaving comments or subscribing to your mailing list, where they can get more updates about our website is quite satisfying than collecting a paycheck at the end of the month.

Also, seeing your website getting ranked well in the search engines brings a different kind of joy and happiness.

And then money tops all this joy.

Ensure that you are monitoring almost every element on your website, from the content value to content optimization and website technical performance.

These are the factors that contribute to a successful affiliate website.

Make sure your content is useful and well optimized for your readers and search engines. Observe how the readers are interacting with your website and determine what they love most about it and build on that.

Monitor how your content is getting ranked, figure out which content is doing well and why and then capitalize on that to ensure the rest of your content goes to the top as well.

You can use free tools like Google Analytics to help you get a proper analysis of your website that will help you know your strengths and weaknesses and get you to grow.

19. Optimize your site for conversions

This goes hand in hand with monitoring your website’s performance.

From the data you will gather from doing the monitoring, you will know what areas on your site need optimization.

Some of the areas that might require your attention include adding high-quality photos of the products you are promoting, increasing your website speed, building more backlinks, creating more fresh content, or improving the value of your existing content.

Whichever the problem may be on your website, take your time to understand it well.

You can research more on it, navigate through forums that cover the issue, and see what other people are doing or recommending and implement that.

If it is a technical issue that you are not well versed with, you can try and hire a developer to solve it.

Essentially, you should ensure that your website’s health is at its best.

Making your online business an actual brand

20. Build trust and credibility with your audience

Trust and credibility are among the key factors that make an affiliate business thrive.

No one is willing to listen to the advice and recommendations of someone they don’t trust. And nobody is going to spend their hard-earned money on a product that is recommended by someone they doubt.

That is why you must establish trust with your audience, make them believe that they can trust you, and rely on you for honest advice.

You make them see you are trustworthy and worth listening to by:

  • Providing compelling arguments for the things you stand for.
  • Providing credible data that supports your statements
  • Showing people real customer reviews of other buyers of the products you are promoting.

But before you even get to promoting affiliate products, I would say creating informative content first is a really good idea.

Also, interacting with the readers and giving fast responses with effective solutions to questions and comments they leave on your site helps a lot.

Going the extra mile for your readers in terms of content and engaging with them and helping to solve their problems will earn you trust fast.

But you also have to maintain it by keeping the same high level of service even after they have trusted you and you have gained authority. 

21. Network with other affiliate marketers

There is nothing as valuable as connecting with like-minded people, especially in your niche.

I’m sure you have heard many people say that your worth is in your connections or your business network is your net worth.

I couldn’t agree more with that.

Creating meaningful relationships with other affiliate marketers will not only help you learn and grow but also add more authority to your business.

Take this instance, you have built your website and have added good content to it but you can’t get quality traffic to it. 

What would you do to get your website out there?

Most website owners reach out to other website owners in their niche and have a discussion on how to exchange value.networking with affiliatesd

You can choose to create content for the authoritative website in exchange for a mention on their website, which will earn you a bit of credibility and authority.

You can also decide to reach out to people who run podcasts in your niche and offer to be a guest. This way, you will be known and your website will get exposure.

Without reaching out to people who are in the same industry as yours and providing value exchange and learning from each other, it is going to be hard for you to develop and become a leading website in that Industry.

You can also choose to attend affiliate marketing events and conferences held by successful affiliates. You will learn a ton from them on how to approach your business and boost its overall quality.

Promoting your affiliate website

22. Share your content on as many platforms as possible

There is this perception that most website owners have that, if you create good content, people will naturally come to it and read it and then share it.

But the real question, how will they come to read something they are not aware exists in the first place?

They have to know that awesome content exists somewhere and then they will come and read it.

You have to put some effort into promoting your content for it to get more exposure.

Email people you think would be interested in it. 

Share it on your social media accounts and pages. Share it on the niche-related forums that you have joined.

If you are feeling too excited about it, you could even do some PPC (Pay Per Click) marketing on it with Google Adwords or Bing ads and see how it performs.

Getting your content to the public is what will attract more people to it and ultimately more shares and good rankings on search engines that will in turn make your website popular.

23. Make use of mobile marketing

I had to give this one a whole section of its own.

Mobile marketing has become a huge trend for many marketers and it is a really efficient way of promoting your affiliate business.

Mobile marketing is the type of marketing that is aimed at those people who use mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.

It is an advanced technique for well-established affiliate marketers.

This kind of marketing could be in the form of SMS text promotions, in-app campaigns, push notifications on apps users have downloaded, and even web apps.

Research shows that mobile users are much more than desktop users so you stand a chance of reaching a bigger audience with this technique. 

All you have to do is determine which mobile marketing strategy is good for your business, know the people you are targeting, their location, and demographics, and then create an awesome campaign that is targeted towards them.

You can test different campaigns and see how they do so that you know what works best for you and for them.

24. Use live webinars 

Live webinars are online workshops, or video presentations used by someone to reach out to an audience online. 

They provide an avenue for someone to interact with other people who may be interested in what they are talking about and make further plans and actions.

They are used by many marketers to talk about a certain topic and even promote the products they have affiliations with.

They are also an interesting way for your audience to learn about products because they get to see firsthand how to use a certain product. 

You can succeed with live webinars if you take your time to research your topic, gather strong points about it, and determine how you will promote your product in a natural way that doesn’t sound pushy, bias or commercial.

Then create a plan of how you are going to discuss the topic and interact with the audience and help them understand it better.

25. Use of YouTube videos 

This is another great way to reach out to your audience because, quite frankly, videos are fun to watch and have a much more personal touch compared to just writing content. 

There are affiliate marketers who use Youtube as their only marketing platform, and there are others who use it alongside a website.youtube

I personally recommend doing both if you can, because the diversity comes quite in handy.

And Youtube is actually not hard to use.

First of all, it is free. 

All you will need is good lighting and camera equipment and good editing software for your videos, to begin with.

With that and a good understanding of the topic or area of interest you will be covering, you should be good to go.

You will then just need to focus on creating quality videos that are based on providing quality information to your subscribers on your channel that is above what they are getting from other channels, and you will have a fairly easy time growing it. 

Maintaining a well functioning website

26. Keep your website always updated

Things in the online world changed very fast, and you have to keep up with the changes as well.

Today you may promote a really effective product, and then a few days later you find out that the creators of the product have changed something in the product that has affected its quality.

And the last thing you want to do is keep promoting something that almost everyone has confirmed is no longer good.

It shows a lack of professionalism on your part.

Also, Some products may be improved, and other features may have been added to them.

That being the case, you always want to keep your content fresh and up to date.

Keep your eyes peeled for recent updates on the topics you are covering and the products you promote on your site through forums and following news websites that handle the same topics.

You can even create Google alerts for these topics so that you are notified through email of any new changes.

When you get them, act on them immediately so that your information is the best and most current.


27. Don’t give up

Affiliate marketing can be disappointing at times and there are definitely many hurdles you will have to overcome to make it work that will make you question all the effort you are putting into it and its likelihood of working out.

From creating a good website that is well optimized, to building high-quality content to promoting your content and your website as a whole to building its authority, there are countless roadblocks you will meet.

There are also times when your website will be hit by the Google algorithm updates which will affect your rankings on Google and reduce the traffic you get from the search engine.

Google algorithm updates are essentially new changes that are applied to how Google indexes (which is pretty much featuring your website content on Google) and ranks (which is giving a position to your content on Google search results based on its value and level of optimization) pages on your website.

And if the changes crash with how you have been optimizing your website, you might get some short-term penalties like temporary low rankings or some other hefty ones like all your pages being ranked in the last pages of Google results where no one can see them.

This happens to many people, and it is okay as it shows that you need to make some changes to your website that are maybe causing people not to interact well with your website or making Google have a hard time going through your website and indexing it on its search results.

When it happens to you, understand what the update was all about and then analyze your website to see how you need to improve it according to the Google updates to get good rankings again.

Other than that, persevere through other challenges you will face with the mindset that you will overcome them and keep getting better.

Don’t ever entertain the thought of quitting your business because the challenges you will face are not as big as you think, and you can certainly get past them.

This mindset is what has gotten me to where I am today.


And those are the tips you want to keep in your toolbox as you work on your affiliate marketing business.

Making good use of them will help you make quick progress in the right direction and see your business grow fast and become authoritative sooner than you think.

Good luck with your affiliate business!


  1. Jenny Smith (affiliate blogger)

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