As someone who went through a hard time looking for the best affiliate marketing training, I can say for a fact that it can be pretty daunting to succeed in affiliate marketing without expert help.

There is just too much misleading and confusing information out there that will affiliate marketing training and coachingbarely help you get ahead in the affiliate marketing world.

I speak from personal experience.

And this post is meant to help you know some essential basics of affiliate marketing, know how to get started the proper way and how to get help from me to become successful through the next few months work, which will lead to many years of good results.

A Brief Gist on Affiliate Marketing (How it works)

I have personally seen so many questions about affiliate marketing, which have gone unanswered, and at times, wrongly answered by even people who have been at the craft for a good deal of time.

And here I will try to simplify things for you to help you understand it well.

Firstly, affiliate marketing is marketing other people’s products with the aim of getting customers for the product then directing them to the sellers, and getting a certain percentage commission for every sale you initiate.

Think of it as being a middle man between the seller and the consumer.

You bring them together, give to each what they want (the buyer gets a high quality product and the seller makes money off his products) and you get paid for making that happen.

It is that simple.

The other thing I see people wondering is how it works from start to end. How someone gets the products to promote, how to promote them, how to get target clients and how to get them to buy the products for you to make money.

And I would say that this is another simple process.

I can actually summarize it into 4 steps, but with each step needing a good deal of effort to make it work. All the questions you may have should be answered within one of the steps as I will be explaining later on. Here are the 4 main steps:

Step 1: Choose an interest – Here, you choose any area of life you like. It could be a hobby, something you are interested in learning more of, a passion you have or anything that inspires you.

Step 2: Build a website – You then create a website for the interest you have chosen so that you can share more information on with other people who have the same interest.

Step 3: Attract Visitors – Like minded people start visiting your website and start interacting with your website in different ways. They ask questions, share their experiences with you and leave comments on your website.

Step 4: Earn revenue – You give recommendations on products for that interest and people buy the products using your affiliate link (link that has your details) and you make money. The money becomes a full time income when you work hard on your website.

affiliate marketing process

And that is really it!

I believe you have seen how easy it gets when you understand exactly how things should work.

Although, as I had said, there’s more to each step than meets the eye but with proper guidance and personal effort you are sure to get through them all in good time and without any hurdles.

My Personal Story on Affiliate Marketing

Personally, I have to say that things weren’t as easy as I have laid them out for you here, when I started a few years ago.

I was a writer then and I used to write lots of affiliate marketing articles for clients which gave me some idea of how the craft works.

However, I didn’t get the whole process well through the articles.

So after making money through articles through my working hours, I would spend my free time and nights researching on affiliate marketing so that I could get to comprehend how I needed to go about it to make more money than I was making from writing.

The path sure wasn’t straight.

I knew people were making thousands of dollars every month from it but no one was ready to give away their secrets. All I got was bits of information that I tried to bring together to make something out.

But that was as hard as trying to wake up a person in a really deep sleep.

I didn’t give up though, the fire that had been lit in my heart for affiliate marketing was not going off anytime soon.

So I kept researching.

And as luck would have it, I stumbled upon a post written by an expert marketer affiliate marketing journeywho was making more than $30,000 per month. I read almost all of his articles and started seeing more light at the end of the tunnel.

I followed most of his advice and kept learning, and almost 5 years down the line I am here, making a passive income from affiliate marketing.

What I Have Learned in My Years in the Industry

If there is any useful advice I can give you from what I have learned in my years of online marketing is to NEVER give up.

I have to admit that the road to success online is tough and filled with competitive hard workers but your believing in yourself and in the system will get you above them in good time.

It took me months before I made a dime online. I created a website for my passion, I kept working on it every day and I saw no signs of making money.

At times, I would wake up depressed feeling like affiliate marketing was not for me but I would still encourage myself to keep going.

I would do my best with every post I wrote on my website, I followed the advice of experts who were making money but nothing happened for me.

Honestly speaking, there were times I even doubted their expertise or the advice they gave me. I thought they were misleading me so that they would still be ahead of me.

And I was entirely wrong!

See, like any other aspect of life, music, sports or even fitness, affiliate marketing requires time to work.

You need to keep working on your site so that search engines like Google can start noticing you and get you in their top search results pages.

There are also other factors that will need time to start working in your favor.

What I advise You to Do to Get Started

With that said, there are 3 things you will want to strongly hold onto if you are to succeed online, and these are:

1. Patience

2. perseverance

3. Hard work

These are personal attributes you will want to have to be able to overcome all the Never give inobstacles you will find in your way. Always know that, it will be months before you get to start making money, but when you do, it will be a monthly thing for you, even when you are not doing much work.

You will still be making money.

The other things you will require outside of personal attributes, is good guidance. The right coaching.

As a person who has worked with bad advice in the past, I can tell you upfront that you are going to waste much of your time, and money taking the wrong road.

You want to have the right person taking you through the right path to help you see things work for you.

And that person could be me, if you choose to listen to me.

There are so many other people out there that will also promise to help you but mislead you in the long run. (I have been there myself)

And the best thing to know who to follow is to test all of us for a while and see who is more promising than the other.

And this should be without spending money, at first.

If someone is asking you to pay before they help you, they are most likely after your money and you are not supposed to trust them.

Look for people who will help you for free at first, and then based on how things work out, you decide if it worth it to continue with them.

I actually encourage you to consider everyone you think might help you (including me) and test us all and you will find out who is the one to trust.

How I Will Help You Get Started With Affiliate Marketing

So this is how I will help you get your foot into the affiliate marketing world and see you succeed in the coming months.

First, I will get you into a free starter training for beginners, which will help youAffiliate marketing for beginners learn the basics of affiliate marketing. The training is 10 lessons long, which are easy to understand and implement.

Through this, you will be able to learn some deeper aspects that I have not mentioned here, and you will also be able to choose your interest, build a website for free and prepare it for your readers.

After that, you will determine if it is something you found valuable enough to continue with.

If it is, you will need to spend about $49 per month to learn the really good stuff that will help you make a monthly income out of it.

As they say, nothing good comes for free. And anything worthwhile needs effort (could be physical or financial).

If it is not, well and good. At least you tried.

This is the same process I went through, and here I am years later helping you get started with it.

This should tell you a lot about it.

That it has worked for me so good that I am recommending it to others.

Okay, let me stop saying too much and give you the free starter training to go see it for yourself.

Here is the link to the first 10 lessons, completely for free!

Get started with the free training here

And this it friends!

The training is a step by step walk through from scratch to building a successful affiliate marketing website.

My username is Oscardave. And I will actually say hello when you get started!

I will be helping you through the training when you need me and I will be stopping by to know your progress as well as give you help with issues you may have through the journey (which I can assure you will have).

That is why we need help from people who have been there. It reduces the time we spend trying to solve problems in the area.

Otherwise, I hope to see you on the other side for us to get to work. 🙂

Here’s to your upcoming success in affiliate marketing!