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Hi, I am Dave and I do internet marketing full time. To tell you the truth, I am no marketing expert or guru, am just a twenty year old guy who’s looking to help other people that are looking to get into internet marketing the proper way, just as I was taken through.

You see, prior to getting into online marketing, I was looking for a job that would keep me earning even when I didn’t have to go to work, more like a genuine fix.

Yes, I know that is almost impossible to happen unless you owned a business and hired guys to work for you, I thought.

In fact, when I cleared high school a few years ago, I never thought I’d ever make anything till I got to college, took a degree and then got out there tarmacking for months to get a job.

My First Job After High School…

I cleared high school in 2013, and went on looking for something that would get me by before I actually got to college. I was 18 then and I went on for months being broke before getting a decent peer teaching job somewhere a bit far from home.

When I got the job, I was thrilled by the fact that I was going to be earning money, though not the way I wanted it, but at least there was something I’d be looking forward to at the end of every month.

The idea made quite happy considering I hadn’t ever gotten money out of my own sweat.

And this time I knew would.

Surprisingly, a few months down the road, I realized that it was getting harder, tedious and punishing.

I had to wake up before 6 O’clock in the morning, prepare myself, write loads of stuff, schemes of work, lesson plan, mark assignments and stand for hours in front of a bunch of clueless uninterested kids telling them about the last thing they’d want to hear, among other things that I am happy to have gotten out of.

Well, I don’t say that teaching is all that bad, no!

It’s pretty awesome to people who understand, love it and find it their comfort zone.

But it was definitely not my thing.

This is not what I had hoped for.

After a year, things got much worse. There were times when our salary was delayed for a whole month and got it together with the following month’s.

This didn’t make me very happy.

I knew I had to look for something better keeping in mind the fact that I was a high school graduate, which meant a low pay and my employer didn’t even care about paying it in time talk less of increasing it.

Things went on like that until I couldn’t hold anymore.

My First Online Job… And then Some!

There is this online job I had tried before, SocialbizConnect, right after clearing high school which didn’t go through well for me.

I had to pay $37 to start working, and I didn’t have it at the moment, so I had suspended it to a later date, or did I bash it off? Lol.

Okay, I knew people were making money online but didn’t know exactly how, and the best way I could do it myself.

So what I did one day was to start researching. I went through a few online jobs and found their requirements too hard to get.

And since I had a knack for writing, I decided to venture into Freelance writing. I tried out a number of writing sites like Odesk, elance and Freelance but found their expectations way too high for me to meet.

So I went for iwriter which was and still is easy and fast to create an account and start earning that very day.

Well, that also wasn’t easy for me, I had more than 5 iwriter accounts banned. Man, were all jobs this hard?

This is how it went.

I created my first account and wrote an article, and it was rejected. And then another one. This got my first account permanently closed.

I did this again, and the same happened.

So I got into this habit of creating one account, writing articles for a few days and then getting most articles rejected with poor ratings, getting the account banned.

And the vicious cycle kept on until I understood the whole writing process well.

Now I’ve earned more $1,000 with iwriter in a span of a year.

And it is in this writing job, that I came to know of online marketing, which sounded too complex for a young kid like me to handle.

But, as it has always been said, where there is will there’s a way.

Since at Iwriter I had started having problems with receiving a regular flow of special requests which would keep me busy without having to hunt in the writing listings, so to speak, I went looking for an alternative.

This made me want to learn internet marketing for I had heard that I was going to run my own website and get to dictate the terms there.

This was something I wanted, to have complete freedom over what I was working on.

So I went back to researching the best places and ways to learn internet marketing.

For more than two months, all that I could get was half baked programs that had an idea of online marketing but were not fully loaded, and more of scams that wanted people to pay in exchange for trash.

Needless to say, it took me a long while to land a good online marketing program, but later on I did.

The Deal Breaker! Freedom at Hand…

I found wealthy affiliate just by chance. And since I had met enough scams to spot them just by a mere glance, this platform struck me in a quite a special way…

You get two free websites

Free affiliate marketing training

Thousands of success stories you can prove are legit

A friendly community of marketers ready to help

Above all else, FREE to join!

If you want more information about it, you can read my wealthy affiliate review here

Well, this had to be absurd. How could someone volunteer to do all this? Well, I had to check it out, and since I didn’t have to have a credit card with me, what’s the harm?

So I joined.

And two years later, I’m here, having achieved a fair amount of success, and having proven first hand that it does actually work.

Why Am I Telling You All This?

Well, firstly I want you to know that making money online is a reality, people have done for decades now, they are still doing it and I have personally seen and done that myself.

Want proof that this “making  money online gig” does happen? Check this out…

does wealthy affiliate work

How wealthy affiliate works

wealthy affiliate testimonials

You see it’s possible.

And you too can do it!

If you have been having the desire to start your own business online and you’re ready to put in the effort to make it work, then I can help you.

Here’s How I’ll Help You Succeed Too!

Before we get into things, I want you to understand that you can create a full-time business from just about anything, whatever you like in life can become a business and generate revenue for you!

And I’ll be showing you how you are going to get things to work for you from the very first step, identifying what you really love best all the way to your first few commissions and them fat paychecks every month.

But you need to note something,

you’ll be doing the work!

Without you putting into practice what I teach you, nothing substantial is going to come out of it, so be prepared to work!

Are you ready to work hard (45 minutes a day) to achieve online success?

Well, then…

Get Started With My Online Success Strategy

If you’ve got any questions or concerns, just drop a comment below or get in touch with me through wealthy affiliate, my favorite social expert marketers’ hangout, here is a link to my profile there I’ll be sure to get back to you soon. I’m waiting to help you.

Cheers. 🙂

10 thoughts on “About Dave

  1. Derek Marshall

    Hi there Dave,

    I hear ya buddy! loud and clear!

    Been there and done that myself as far as teaching career goes. Funny how many think it is such an easy job you know..lots of holidays, all public holidays and government ones too.

    What is not realised is, that is real hard work, sure 15-20 classes per week is hard work, lesson planning, homework marking, assignment, project and exam/class test writing planning and preparing (let alone marking) and before I knew it..working away during lunch break with sandwich at my desk and taking stuff home with me and working well into the evening on a daily basis!

    Good luck in freeing yourself from that work pile up!

    1. Dave Post author

      Hey Derek,

      I’ve seen you’ve crossed that river too. Just by the mere thought of it, many take it as it were a simple walk in the park when it is actually very demanding.

      But I like the fact that there are those who find contentment and complete joy in doing it, those that are fit for it!

      As for me, my thing has always been the “Net” and although the work load is pretty much the same as teaching, or sometimes more, this is the kind of load I’m glad working at, and I believe many others out there are, as well.

      Cheers to the hard work in all careers! 🙂

  2. Gary

    I’m a writer too and writing for yourself with your own website is definitely the way to go. All that experience with iWriter will serve you well. I’m sure it was great training and a confidence booster.

    As I’m sure you realized, you’ll never make much money writing for iWriter or anyone else. Writing for your own website can earn a very nice living.

    1. Dave Post author

      That’s true Gary,

      Iwriter did give me quite some confidence in writing the articles on my site myself. And Freelance writing is surely good to start with, but definitely not something you’d want to do for a lifetime.

      Running your own online business website gives more freedom and better revenue. That’s why I usually recommend that people build their own businesses as well.

  3. Vlad

    Heya Dave, How’s it going?
    Gotta say, I liked your truthful approach to online marketing. I am ready to put more than 45 minutes a day (and I have been, as well.) yet website isn’t even a month old by now.
    Asking about “how long does it take to make a living” is a redundant thing to do really, yet I can’t help but to ask you this.
    I’m 19, I want to spend my 20s doing things that I love and making some money to back that up, so I’m asking for some measure of success within a year.
    From your experience, do you think it’s doable?

    Cheers, Vlad!

    1. Dave Post author

      Hey Vlad,

      I see you’re just as enthusiastic as I was when I was your age. Well, if you’re ready to put in 45 minutes each day to implement what I’ll be taking you through, then be sure that you’re going to make some good revenue very soon.

      To be precise, if you will be taking immediate action on the lessons, you should be earning in less than a month or two. Some people have even started seeing some few dollars paid to their account in just a week!

      Ideally, within a year you will be making commissions daily as your site will have gotten much authority and trust from Google and will be well ranked to bring in more visitors.

      And more visitors means more clickthroughs, and more revenue!

      Typically, it boils down to what passion you’ve got.

      So, yes, you can make a decent monthly income within a year.

      I’m looking forward to helping you achieve your dreams and do the things that you like most.


  4. John

    Hi Dave nice to meet you and here a little bit about your story and where you come from.
    I like how you are not bull crapping anyone and are totally upfront with your experience online.
    It is great to see someone so young enter this field and help others make a success online.
    I am sure you will do well, at your age the sky really is the limit!
    Best of luck 🙂

    1. Dave Post author

      Hey John,

      I’m glad you stopped by. Well, I think it’s time the youth and anyone else out there stopped complaining about unemployment and start building their own online businesses.

      And am thankful you found my experience upfront. I believe telling people the truth sure helps to give them an idea of how the journey in this industry is actually like.

      It is exciting, paying and fun but it’s not always milk and honey. That summarizes everything. 🙂

  5. Anis

    I have also worked on Iwriter, it’s a great platfrom, they are very responsive and friendly, I think writing for companies like those help you alot to improve your writing skills and therefore be able to provide amazing content.
    It’s nice meeting you and I like your blog design it simply looks great!
    Have a great day

    1. Dave Post author

      Hey Anis,

      It’s thrilling to know that you’ve worked on iwriter too. It’s true that freelance sites help you improve your writing skills as well as give you great confidence in your tone and your message.

      And I’m happy you find my blog design great. I’m a picky guy and it took me quite awhile before I settled for this one. 🙂 Didn’t think I’d get it this way.


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